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Natalie Langston


If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve found my new and IMPROVED website!! I’m SO glad you’re here because that means it’s been 5 years in the making that has finally come together. And make sure you read until the very end of the blog as we have a very special GIVEAWAY happening to celebrate our BRAND NEW SITE!! 🎉

And please, please, please SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER!! – That’s where you can find the deets about all my favourite products, exclusive content, upcoming partnerships, and more. It comes out monthly and is delivered STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX to keep you in the know. I promise not to be spammy and only send the goods!! 

I’m BEYOND excited to share this new platform with you- We’ve been working on it SO hard for SO long, doing all the updates to make it super user-friendly, easily accessible and PACKED with all my best tips and tricks. And it’s so pretty I want to cry 🥺 the team did such an amazing job of incorporating all of my favourite colours and tones. All with the intention of making our new website basically an extension of my home for you to feel comfortable and welcome. 💗

This all came about when I reached out to Tonic wanting to work with them because their site templates are SUPER pretty. After assessing my needs, they recommended Tessa from BellaMaven to create a completely customized site- basically, the website of my dreams.

I want this space to help you feel EXCITED about your lives and what you’re absolutely able to accomplish. I want to help you feel INSPIRED to go and act and do!! Not just hope and dream… but don’t get me wrong, daydreaming about my next big projects is definitely one of my favourite activities too!! 😂

Two of my major goals in this phase are:

  1. To help busy Moms live a life they have always dreamed of
  2. To instill happiness by inspiring Moms to live an easier, more attractive, yet affordable lifestyle. Using my effective tips, tricks and examples, along with my 6 Essential Items for the “On the Go” Mom, I am here to help make the overwhelming simple so that YOU take control. 

A lot of you have been asking me about how I decorate my home, or what I was wearing, or wanting to see what my kids are up to and how ADORABLE they are and what they like to play with, or what I use to make my life easier, and how I TRY to find a work/life balance. So WELCOME. It’s all here (or on its way). THIS is where you can find all of that in ONE PLACE.

These are the specific site features that I really wanted to include:

I really wanted the menu to be user-friendly and include what I wanted to share with you. It was also really important for the site to include a search feature at the top since that’s how I like to use sites. I usually know what I’m looking for!! Like… hello, I’m a Mom-On-The-Go here!! Don’t have a lot of time to diddle about! Let me get to what I need to know in an effective way.

The Design – I wanted the site to reflect a lot of my personality and reflect beautiful, layered elements- which is what you’ll see in the beautiful, hand-drawn florals throughout the site. There were a LOT of conversations around getting the design elements just right, and our logo developments with BellaMaven completely brought them to life.

The Blog – Here we cover everything from lifestyle to fashion to home decor to mom essentials and getting out the door in a rush. Basically, there are way too many things to do so I try to turn them into a formula whenever possible!! Like redecorating the front porch seasonally- if you completely rethink it every time, it’ll become too big of a task and you’ll eventually give up. OR you can buy pieces that are long-lasting and are easy to rearrange, and only include a few seasonal pieces to swap out. BOOM: a cost & time effective way of keeping your front porch looking fresh. I can’t WAIT to share more of this magic with you.

The Shop Page – I’m pretty proud of this page as we have curated a collection of everything I have in my home and what you guys have been asking about the most!! I also have lists of my favourite brands and small businesses to support 💞

Press and Media – If you’ve ever wondered where you can find me on TV or in which magazines or articles I’ve written, all of that can be found here! This is my collection of collaborations with media, like  ‘What Women Want’ issues with Concierge Magazine and other clips of Christmas Entertaining Idea demonstrations with Global News. I SO miss being in the studio ❤️

Philanthropy – I’m super passionate about working with these 4 businesses and providing my time and energy to helping SUPPORT and GIVE BACK to my community.

E-Newsletter – This is the FIRST time I’m doing a newsletter and I could NOT be more excited about it!!! Tessa has done an amazing job in Flodesk and it looks soooo pretty. It’s such a great way to update you guys monthly. You’ll be the FIRST to know about any campaigns or partnerships I have coming up, and all the other exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you!!!

So you’ve made it to the bottom. Know what that means?? Bum bum bum….


With the launch of my new site, I really wanted to do something to thank you all for your support and for coming here for all of your lifestyle and mom-related needs… so Comfort Zone Skincare has supplied 20 packages worth $55 each!!! Here are some details about what you can expect: 

Sublime Skin: Ideal for mature skin and all skin types. Innovative Archi-Lift and Cell Support Technology TM, re-densifies and plumps the skin, ensuring a visible lifting, brightening effect.

Tranquillity: Features a unique signature blend of essential oils (Amaranth, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Geranium and Vetiver) to instantly reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Specialist: Care, nourishment and protection for the feet, hands and nails – ideal in the winter months!

Natalie’s Website Launch Giveaway

The Gift of Luxury Conscious Skincare for 20 Newsletter Subscribers!!  

TOTAL APPROXIMATE GIVEAWAY VALUE: $55/each for a total of $1,100.00 CAD

This incredible prize from Comfort Zone Skincare includes the following:

  • 1 x Mini Sublime Serum 8ml: Intensive re-plumping, firming serum formulated with ARCHI-LIFT technology to skin compactness and luminosity.
  • 1x Mini Sublime Cream 8ml: Replumping and firming cream moisturizer with micro and macro hyaluronic acid to visibly define skin contour.
  • 1x Trial Size Tranquillity Lotion 30ml: Smooth, light-textured aromatic emulsion for hydrated and velvety-soft skin.
  • 1x Trial Size Specialist Hand Cream 15ml: Fast-absorbing, nourishing, non-greasy protects hands from external aggressors, leaving them soft and hydrated.
  • 1x Vegan Beauty Bag (with the products packed inside)


All you have to do for a chance to win one of them is to sign up for our newsletter at any opt-in you see on our new site (linked here)!! 

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I am BEYOND happy to have you here with me, and am so excited to be a part of YOUR journey as well. We have SO MUCH exciting stuff in store for you, but I want to know what YOU guys are craving for!! Is there anything I haven’t addressed that you want to know? Whether that’s tips for a particular challenge you’re facing like making healthy lunches, or something you want to know about me… That’s, like, what the comments were made for!! Haha. So leave a question or a message down below, and I CANNOT WAIT to hear from you ❤️❤️❤️


November 28, 2021


  1. Sarah Kilborn says:

    Looks beautiful, congratulations and great job Natalie and team ❤

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