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Natalie Langston


WOW!!! Finally revealing my home office and I couldn’t be more excited. This is one of my favourite rooms in our house and one that I probably get the most compliments on. I love having a place to hide away from all the chaos and get work done like emails, partnerships, campaigns. When you have two little kids under 3 (or any age) you need a place you call your own to go to when you need some space! My office is that for me!! When we were shopping for our home it was definitely at the top of my list of personal priorities. 

The little bit of peace and quiet I get when I come here to work is SO revitalizing, and being able to take that time to myself both helps me to recharge and feel connected to my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love living the #MomLife but it’s just as important to have our own thing going on too, don’t you think?? I think (hope) that when Pierce and Bence are older they’ll appreciate that I have my own hobbies and don’t track their every move 😂 

1. Designate a space that your family- and your brain- know means that Mom’s in #WorkMode 

While location is definitely key with your office space, we don’t all have a room that can be strictly an “office” in our homes. What’s most important is to have a designated work area with a desk. Maybe this is in the corner of your room or is at your kitchen table, and if that’s the case try positioning yourself away from where you usually eat. Just try to give yourself an area that your brain knows switch to #WorkMode in when you sit there… our homes get so busy with purposes (office, yoga studio, etc) during this new normal, but our brains really like having defined areas for each activity!! For example, if you’re having trouble falling asleep and have been working in your bed, try retraining your sleep routine by only (or almost only) using your bed for sleeping!!

In my house, I do have my own “office” room which is located right off the front door foyer area. I’m SO proud of this space and am happy it’s the first room people see when walking into our home. It’s also wonderful to have it a little removed from the rest of the house so I can have some quiet to get inspired or focus on the many tabs I have open in my brain (and my computer LOL.)

2. Use modular pieces that can be interchanged with furniture around the house when you need a REFRESH

Think of the space as an extension of your home. If you know me, you know I like to design within a similar colour story to create a flow between everything I do. It honestly brings me so much peace of mind when I just NEED to look at something new and can change out something from one room to another without too much fuss since the colours always just WORK so well together!! 

Local artist Tiffany Reid is currently working on a custom piece for us like the one below because my office is all soft pinks and whites, which evoke this kind of beautiful and romantic ambiance. 

For our version she’s going to soften the blues and pinks to suit my colour palette, so more greys and soft pinks. I absolutely LOVE the story behind the original piece– I feel like that is exactly how I felt about Gary when we first met!! When I read that I just knew I needed that on my wall 💘

Every desk needs a chair (unless you’re into standing desks LINK), so I went with a beautiful pastel suede accent chair that could just as easily sit at my dining table. We’re seeing more and more dining chairs in work spaces now because a) #WFH, duh, b) they can look good at surprising places in the house or as a mixed set at dinner, so it’s easier to keep things looking fresh and c) there are SO MANY PRETTY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. 

I finished mine with a beautiful cream, blush pink and beige throw. It is the blush of this style!pid=4312. My desk is from Mobilia and I LOVE how it lends a sophisticated, modern look to the space while also being timeless. 

While figuring out YOUR colour story, fresh florals in your colour tones are ALWAYS a good idea (and are my go-to.) You don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact. Ours are from Maple Ridge Florist and I asked her to do them in what have become my theme colours!! My new website just happens to match my home AND serves as a nice pop of colour in my office! It feels so good to me to have flow from one space to the next.

3. Maximize available storage by a) going vertical and b) creating an organizing system

A well-organized office, from desk to drawers, is key to productivity and creativity. Maximize the available storage space by lining walls with bookshelves and other shelving. Vertical displays are so space efficient and a fun way to add extra display area!! In our case we went with a built-in wall unit from Stor-X Organizing Systems and I have the cupboards organized with stylish office boxes. The drawers have filing systems that took me WEEKS to do but I’m SO glad it’s done. I used file folders with pull tab labels from Staples so they’re easy to organize in sections and find what you need in a split. Aaand they’re colour coded (#SecretlyMonica LOL.) I can totally do a blog just on how I organized my filing drawers if that’s something you would like to read… Let me know below!!

I feel like this would be AMAZING on a desk or office shelf where you don’t want any cords.

4. Create a calming ambience with LIGHT and SCENT

Ambiance makes or breaks a space!!!! There is nothing worse than trying to get cozy and comfortable after a long day and turning on a harsh light. I’m SO easily affected by light and if you’ve ever been over you’ll notice how I have carefully selected the light and make sure that there is always soft lighting. I love our standing lamp from Mobilia (LINK). Having lots of lamps and lights around is such a great way to change up a space with just the press of a button! I hate being totally dependent on the overhead light… but if you want to keep things super simple try finishing the space with a light fixture. I personally love pendant lamp (LINK)- a hanging light gives so much room to play with depth in a space!

Gary actually just installed this chandelier from Kichler for me and I’m SO SO SO happy with how it turned out. I feel like this piece was MADE for my office. The polished nickel perfectly compliments my desk and the silver accents in the shelving. It feels like a modern update to the classic chandelier, light and airy and still a statement piece but with much more hidden in the details. I especially love the subtle shadowy texture it adds to my walls at certain times of the day. 

Try replacing all your harsh light bulbs with soft, yellow light. Better yet, I’ve heard such great things about the Philips Hue Light Bulbs!! They connect to an app on your phone and you can set them to mimic the day’s natural light ☀️

Back on the topic of routines, you could totally do something similar with scent 🙂 try something invigorating like citrus when you’re starting work and switch to something calming like lavender when you are ready to peel yourself off the keyboard! You can use essential oil diffusers like this one from Saje, for example, sip tea, and have music on in the background – all ways of making your workspace and your headspace a little more serene.

5. Design a flattering and interesting- but not distracting- background for Zoom calls

Tie it all together with a beautiful, no mess background for your Zoom calls!! I love having my shelves behind me, and because I know things come up last minute and I don’t want to forget something like a coffee cup is behind me I know not to fuss with them LOL!! Unless it’s time to make things look new, which can be as easy as swapping out colours or incorporating a new plant. Honestly, sometimes I just find a pretty pair of scissors that I like and it adds a whole new flair!

Try to set up your lighting based on where you’ll be sitting- It honestly works WONDERS. For daytimes, be sure to incorporate as much natural light as you can by sitting as close to a window as possible. For evenings, do a test run ahead of time and pay attention to how the lights in your space cast shadows and arrange as necessary, or have an assistant help while you watch how things change on your screen!

I LOVE that I have this room as an extension as our home. I get to show off elements such as stylish shelving decor, wall art, standing lamp and pampas grass. AND because it’s my space I only have my mess to clean up 😂 When I have zoom calls or someone pops by for a quick meeting about one of the rooms we are designing (hint, hint!! I can’t wait to show you our new playroom which should be done soon!!) I love using this room as the fall-back for surprise guests- all the more incentive to keep it in good order!! Plus, it’s SO MUCH easier to focus and stay calm when you walk into a clean workspace in the morning 🧘‍♀️ 

While so far this room has turned out sooo beautifully, there is a bare wall across from the window that still feels like it needs finishing…  I’m thinking either an art piece, an accent mirror or painted as a feature wall. What do you guys think would look better? I’d love to hear your thoughts!! And let me know if you want to read about my organizing systems 🤓




Product Details

Printer – HP DeskJet 3752 All-in-One from Staples 

Prayer beads – from The Cross Design. I have Full Heart, Wood Heart, and Tassel Pink Heart 

Plant – My sweet mother-in-law made the white knitted plant cozies that goes around the plant. She’s taking orders if anyone is interested in buying one just let me know! ❤️

Built-in wall unit – Stor-X Organizing Systems 

Janette Ewen Desk, Stools, Area Rug, Throw and Lamp – Mobilia is Canadian founded and based and brings SO much creativity into all of their designs. #HeartEyes

Florals – Maple Ridge Florist 

Juju Hat – Juju Boutik (check out their Instagram here

Drapery from Q Design Drapery Centre 

Most of the shelving accessories are from HomeSense Canada 

I have stacked a bunch of Iconic Concierge magazines with my past What Women Want features inside. 

I custom framed both of my degrees at Michaels! I also framed some family photos as well as the cover of the feature we did with I Like Her Style Magazine where Pierce’s Nursery was revealed (pp. 33-37 🤫) 

 Coffee Table Books – Indigo 

And see the photo with the new Munchkin swing from London Drugs next to my desk?? This is the real life way I’m able to get work done while Pierce is napping if Bence is up. 

I also have some artwork on the wall from Minted both in a brushed silver frame

Que Sera Sera (“Whatever will be, will be”)

Consider what you would do if you knew you could never fail and pursue that as if your life depended on it – Debbie Millman 


November 28, 2021


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