Our Mission Statement

Natalie Langston is your resource sanctuary for moms on-the-go seeking to find that work life balance.

With a community built around our favorite motto  “work smarter not harder” it’s time to ditch the overwhelm and step into the best versions of yourself.

Core Values


Canadian, female owned and operated

Small shop, compassionate and empathetic towards employees

Support cruelty-free, environmentally conscious, sustainable manufacturing practices, products made with sustainable materials, and natural, eco-friendly ingredients

LGBTQ Inclusive

Creating easy and effective solutions for moms on the go

Hard-working, honest, authentic


Meet Natalie Langston



In a previous life, Natalie Langston was a dancer and Canadian Television Personality, Lifestyle Expert on JRFM and Fitness & Health Reporter for Canada Wide Media. Now she’s a mother, and has allowed herself to slow down a bit and take time for herself, but her competitive edge and entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive.

In a previous life, Natalie Langston was a dancer and Canadian Television 

Personality, Lifestyle Expert on JRFM and Fitness & Health Reporter for Canada Wide Media. Now she’s a mother, and has allowed herself to slow down a bit and take time for herself, but her competitive edge and entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive.

Natalie’s career has always demanded that she stay attuned to her body and mental limits, and motherhood has only reinforced that importance. She thanks her lucky stars to have met such a helpful and supportive partner-in-crime and husband, Gary, with whom to raise a young family: Toddler Pierce and Baby Bence.

Both of her pregnancies came with unique challenges, but maintaining her business and brand throughout it all has taught her a LOT about balance, when to take a break, and how to hack getting out the door without forgetting anything-- all while looking ready for an impromptu coffee-date-- without breaking a sweat.

Natalie’s eager to share her journey and continue to grow, with you, here.

Fun Facts About


I craved chocolate peanut butter with my first baby and caesar salad with my second (never ever had it before) and they both kind of stuck. 


I’ve danced since I was 3, competitively since I was 4 and for a few years professionally with Ballet BC and Pacific Northwest Ballet.


I have the energy of the Energizer Bunny. I can run on very little sleep, but who wants to is the question?


I have always been a bit of a picky eater and I’m a big texture person when it comes to eating or trying new things.


I’m an Aries sun, Virgo moon and Leo rising.


Meet The Team

Sierra Wilson-Furr


Sierra  is a Screenwriter, Actor, and all-around people mover who is passionate about reshaping expectations for modern women. She takes care of most of the blog-writing and helps to keep things moving when Nat is busy being a mom. Sierra is always thinking 10 years ahead and challenges herself and her collaborators to make a true change.



Stephanie is a wonderful addition and crucial member of our team. She wears many hats and gets creative during shoots setting up the best flat lays and product shots, assists with set design for photoshoots and broadcast segments. She also has a keen eye for fashion and styles our shoots beautifully using the right colour themes, look and feel.



Camilla Hrytzak is a published Vancouver photographer, working with clients across the lower mainland and Sunshine Coast on projects ranging from brand campaigns and editorials to family sessions and events. She also dabbles in small graphics for Natalie Langston such as the gift guides, Moodboards and 12 Days of Christmas. 


How does someone get started working with you?

If you think your brand is the perfect fit for a collaboration or partnership with Natalie, we would be happy to chat! If you’re interested in working with us, be sure to complete the form here. If you’d like to book Natalie for an upcoming TV Appearance or Media Tour you can email us here.


What are your Mom Essentials?

Do you ever feel like your days need a pause button so you can get it together? Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s always go, go, go around here. That’s why I compiled a list of my favourite items for moms on the go.




Where do you like to shop locally and how can I support local small businesses?

It is so important to me to shop locally as much as possible and support our small businesses especially right now when they need it most. I’ve rounded up my favourite most loved items from all of my favourite local shops!

If you’d like to support some of my favourite small businesses you can check out our blog here with everything you need to know!



My Favourite Small Shops to Support This Season

Where can I shop your home decor, for your kids and what's in your closet?

Decorating our home, especially for the different seasons and on a high/low budget is something that I love, along with finding the cutest and affordably well-made clothes for my kids and of course sharing all my latest finds in my closet with all of you. You can check out my SHOP page for everything I am loving right now. And if download the LiketoKnow.it app to get all of my favourite finds right to your inbox!


How did you get started in broadcasting?

For as long as I can remember Ive always wanted to work in broadcasting and television. Born and raised on the west coast I earned an Arts degree from SFU; then graduated from the BCIT Broadcast Journalism program with numerous accolades and an internship with the national entertainment program Entertainment Tonight Canada in Toronto. This brief stint in the east came loaded with exciting opportunities, including celebrity interviews on the red carpet at TIFF, and an interview with Elton John for Fashion Cares.

Heading back west I arrived to the experience of a lifetime, when I was chosen to interview Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics for Global BC Sports. This experience also gave me the opportunity to work with longtime friend and mentor Squire Barnes, of Global BC Sports, who has literally taught me everything I know about interviewing. I really love interviewing people because I enjoy learning about other people and I like making them feel comfortable.

I then went to work for Novus TV on a variety of shows, becoming their youngest entertainment reporter. I like to wear many writing and producing hats, along with reporting and hosting.

I’ve worked a number of high calibre red-carpet events, (ET Canada TIFF, LEO Awards and Global Television’s 2010 Olympic O-Show) Emcee of many corporate accounts, (BC Hospitality Foundation, De Beers, Creme de la Creme Wedding Show) as well as Co-Host for various prestigious fashion events (Miss World Canada, Miss Universe Canada, CBC’s Fashion’s Night Out), while earning a well-respected reputation for making my audience feel comfortable, entertained and engaged. I’ve gone on to do segments for Global TV, CTV, City TV, and many more.

You can find more about me  here.


What is your advice for someone getting into broadcasting?

Network, network, network and when you think you’ve worked hard, work harder. I interned for 2 years straight while not earning a dime for the experiences, contacts and networking I was able to make. I hustled so hard that I made sure I knew the people that I needed to in every city I wanted to work and that they knew me. It’s a grind, and after 10 years I still have to hustle but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you’re going into this business be prepared to work your butt off before you see any return.


Where can I watch your TV segments and read your magazine articles?

You can find all of my latest TV Segments and magazine articles or features on my PRESS & MEDIA page for you to peruse. Lots of tips and inspirations surrounding home decor, lifestyle, fashion, holiday decor and entertaining tips, red carpet coverage and charity initiatives. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, sit back and relax.


How do you get your photos so bright and airy?

Our Team Photographer, Camilla is AH-MAZING at creating those bright and airy images you see all over our site and on my Instagram page. She has such a good eye at making things look beautiful and on brand.


How do we enter Natalie's 12 Days of Christmas?

We put all of our 12 Days of Christmas content in one place to make it easy for you to enter any or all of our giveaways. To further make things accessible for you, the announcement bar at the top will notify you when we have an exciting campaign, partnership or giveaway we want you to take note of!



Looking to get your brand out there?

If you’re a brand with like-minded goals, we might just be the perfect fit! If you’re interested in pursuing a partnership or collaboration, please reach out to info@natalielangston.com. I love working with brands that share my passion and values, and look forward to hearing from you! 



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