My Fave Small Shops to Support this Season

Natalie Langston


I think it’s fair to say that we all need a bit of extra support and love this year (hello, almost 2 year anniversary of quarantine) and that ESPECIALLY goes for all the small shops. I know that Amazon is easy and reliable, but is it really? I feel like all the time spent scouring reviews and looking for best-priced items is negated by the a) price gouging that it requires of other shops, b) poor working conditions Amazon offers to its below-the-line employees, and c) honestly, poor quality of items that you’re likely to receive. I mean, you get what you pay for right? And not to mention d) the fossil fuels and resources all that shipping uses up….

So now more than ever, I’m promoting PATIENCE and SUPPORTING LOCAL. Patience in giving yourself time to really find the right gift, and in waiting for it to arrive to you (two-day shipping is a luxury we honestly don’t really need!!) Supporting local means buying from Canadian brands, visiting their storefronts to say hello and pick things up yourself when you can (you know that free shipping = they take the hit, right?), and remember those extra dollars that you’re spending are going directly into the pocket of your community… Which is a really good thing!

I LOVE supporting and helping small businesses wherever I can. In this season’s gift guides you’ll notice that I’ve tried to include lots of details about the brands I’m referencing. Right now, I’m especially focused on boosting brands that are LGBTQ+ and Minority inclusive 🙂 Here are some of my favourite things to check out!!

What are some of your favourite Canada, BC, and Vancouver based shops? I always love finding new places to source my goodies from, so PLEASE share yours in the comments below!! Bonus points if you have your own small shop- MAKE SURE to mention that so we can all support you 🙂


November 28, 2021


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