My 2021 Winter Bucket List

Natalie Langston


Ok, man have I ever been busy!! 

I probably have TOO much on my plate to be honest with: launching a brand new site on the SAME day we are launching our 6th Annual Natalie’s 12 Days of Christmas Giving Campaign, while planning Pierce’s 3rd Birthday that’s in early December, working on the gift guide content, putting together partnerships and sponsored content, filming and shooting content, taking care of a newborn AND trying to make this season magical and happy while working my butt off to keep the house spotless and stay on top of housework so it isn’t a huge project getting ready for when we have company over…

Then ALSO trying to take care of myself so I don’t get sick and rundown… which probably WILL happen if I keep going at this rate. Guys, I’m up every night until basically 2am after I finally get both kids to bed so I can work in peace and make the season magical. Plus trying not to be on my computer or phone all day and spend time with them and do my Mom thing… and then up multiple times in the night and turn around and be up at 6am or 7am whenever Pierce is ready to go… It’s a LOT. It’s too much. We women work SO HARD. I’m honestly EXHAUSTED just typing this let alone… but hopefully by the time this blog is up you are reading it on my new site and that means I might have had a moment to rest. 🥵😴

Haha ok anyway LET’S TALK WINTER BUCKET LIST because I have some things on my list this season that I want to share and that will hopefully inspire you to do the same. Also just quickly, I want to show you something that came across my feed and has REALLY been resonating with me:

Christmas is my favourite time of year but sometimes I feel pressured, especially with little ons (hello first Christmas for Bence over here!! AND first Christmas for Pierce when he actually knows who the hell Santa is lol), to make it as magical as possible and do ALL the things. But quite honestly, I’m giving myself a PASS for anything that doesn’t get done or that we don’t do. I’m just trying to be in the moment and enjoy the time with them and the season of Christmas instead of doing ALL the Christmas markets and making up for lost time. So without further ado, this is my *self-care & life enjoyment* 2021 Winter Bucket List ❤️

  1. Remind myself to take it easy and ENJOY!!! What is life unless we’re LIVING it??? I’m going through all this stuff now but it’s EXCITING things and major milestones– I’m always going to look back on this time, so I should at least be present while it’s happening! Allowing myself to do that will also help me to truly enjoy time with my boys, Gary included!! 
  2. Prioritizing Gary because he sometimes feels left out. I really want to focus on making him feel loved and appreciated. As a mom to two very little ones, time can be tricky because it is NOT your own, lol, since it’s taken up with them SO much. Sometimes, frankly, I just don’t want to be touched, you know? I mean I want them to have a good childhood, but I need to have a life too and that means making sure I am my own priority as well!! Like you gotta put your own mask on first. And with Gary, I’m trying to remind myself that the more effort I put into our relationship the better it is! I mean we’re here to support each other, and the first steps towards that are being honest and vulnerable and open ❤️
  3. Prep prep prep… I started decorating on Christmas on NOVEMBER 1 hahaha (we had a shoot on the 3rd so I needed to get things squared away early) but I actually LOVE that everything is done nice and early so we can enjoy the Christmas decorations instead of stressing about it right now when everything is so chaotic. It’s really helping me try to get into the festive spirit. I’m TRYING (trying being the operative word, LOL) to get everything else prepared early, especially with work this month so when December comes, 12 days can go out and I can enjoy the season instead of working through it. BUT this will definitely be easier said than done with a new site haha. Hopefully there aren’t too many kinks to be worked out… (Please tell me all your thoughts in the comments!! That would really help)
  4. Take the pressure off… see above LOL 
  5. Eat healthy and exercise more… or start exercising again haha. Basically, I’m definitely going to be getting rundown soon. Sooo I’m trying to stay on top of my prenatals, drink enough water, workout when I can…. okay my workouts have pretty much gone out the window… So that’ll be a priority when all this has calmed down a bit. Something to look forward to for sure! I can’t wait to get on a bike or get moving in some classes!! I try so hard to get out on walks but sometimes there just isn’t time! When I do manage to get out, though, it feels AMAZING, so I just need to remember that and enjoy them when I can.
  6. Relax …. What is relaxing? If you asked Gary he would tell you I have no idea how to relax… and there is probably some truth to that.. But by golly, I’m going to relax this holiday, dammit, and enjoy our time!!  AND be present and make some truly memorable moments. I also want to get better at creating boundaries around my phone and really putting it aside and being with my kids to enjoy them all I can ❤️ 
  7. SLEEEPP!!!!! Need I say more…
  8. Catch up on some of the very few shows that I never have time to watch. This is selfcare 101 AF. Like Greys Anatomy- I have like 5 PVR’d. OMG and the Adele special I really want to watch but still haven’t yet. Plus SO many Hallmark Christmas movies that just feel gooooood and are EXACTLY  what I need right now… Bring on all the cheese 🙂 
  9. Spend time with my girlfriends, who I love so much and feel like I haven’t seen lately. I’m SO excited for the launch of my site… I’m having a little girls’ get together to celebrate with some ladies I haven’t seen in SO long. I can’t wait to bring them all together for a fun night to celebrate! 
  10. Give back to our community ❤️ With all of the heartbreaking and devastating floods in our region, I am supporting and donating to Mamas for Mamas and that same group of girlfriends and I are putting together a package for those in need! I wish I could do more to help. Please please please ONLY take what YOU need and leave the rest for those that need it!! So many shelves are bare because of people hoarding. It’s a scary time but shipments are just delayed, not gone and there will be more. Relax! 
  11. CELEBRATE MYSELF!!! With my new site launch and everything we’ve accomplished this year, I have so much to congratulate myself for!! From our brand partnerships to our gift guides and everything in between,… I CAN’T. WAIT. for next year to be EVEN better than ever!! We’re going to really take this new site for a spin and give you guys everything you need for a busy life on the go!! 

Ok what’s on your bucket list for the remainder of 2021? I’d love to know!!!

BUT FIRST I also want to add that I heard this from Jenna Kutcher and I LOVE It… I’m slowly melting like a happy little holiday candle into this time of year. LOL. I definitely am. It’s my FAVOURITE time of the year. 

Jenna Kutcher said: It’s about this anticipation of getting to be more present with the people I love. This sums up EXACTLY how I’m feeling. I just want to fast forward through all the deadlines to when I can let my hair down and just relax with the ones I love. 

I really want to be intentional with my time this winter and holiday season as I’m working on creating better boundaries. 

I want to stay in and enjoy the longer evenings. Eat some good food and have LOTS of laughs and make some memories. Cozy up and just be together… isn’t that what it’s ALL about? 

I know that this can also be a really hard season for many of you and that really hurts my heart. It’s not as easy as when we were little kids and everything was a little less complicated and a lot more magical. 

But I think the thing I want you to take away is find the simple constant as the seasons of life change and the world turns, this remains the same. What are those things, moments, people, experiences, little pockets of pure peace—that will let you turn your face to the sky and smile, take that big breath in and out and say, “yes, this, thank you for this.” 

For me, it’s watching Pierce understand Santa and the taste of candy canes in a hot chocolate and how he says “this is really good mommy, really good” with a cute little sly smile on his precious face haha 😂 And it’s those tiny, quiet moments in the middle of the night while the rest of the world is sleeping.

Now is a great time to prepare your heart and soul for everything that’s ahead of you—even all the good times!

Alright, let’s put these new comment boards to good use. I want to know what YOU’RE excited for for the rest of the year. How are you getting through to the end of the holiday season?? What little hacks have you developed to make it all easy and smooth? Let me pick your little brain my pretties, LOL, please spill all the deets down below!!


November 28, 2021


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