How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Natalie Langston


Hello! Today I want to let you know ALL ABOUT how I decorated our home utilizing key pieces from Luxe Loungers!! It really helped to create a fresh holiday look that’s comfortable and inviting while also remaining festive and, most importantly, FUN. Luxe Loungers’ pieces are super texture-heavy, and if you know me you know that I love to play with texture. Let me walk you through how easy it is to incorporate items like this into YOUR home to keep things looking fresh, fun and COZY.

This was for a holiday-themed shoot so of course I had to incorporate red for a festive approach. It’s classic, it’s simple, it doesn’t clash with much…. Hello I’ve been so busy that anything that can save me a little effort but still look good is a YES. 

Luxe Loungers have so many styles of bean bags and poufs that are not only stylish and comfortable AF, but they’re DURABLE which means I don’t have to worry about the boys jumping around and accidentally popping one (omg, I would cry.) Also they have styles for everyone- they’re eco-friendly and offer vegan leather options 💞

Okay, before I get into the pictures and specific styling for each item let me grace you with a few style tips:

A system of pillows, throws, and accessories (like prayer beads, candles, and a tray with books) is how I like to style. This allows me to throw in meaningful objects that I hold close to my heart when I can, but also keeps things organized and makes it easy to swap things around when I need to look at some new scenery 😂 (hello, WFH.) This time of year (or whatever season you’re in), I like to add a little pop of colour with a plain red throw or a festive pillow.

Use Something Unexpected as a Table

We chose to use The Boho Ottomon in Cream Wool (Large) as a coffee table and styled it with a tray and beautiful plush red throw with pom poms 😍. I love the texture of this and how well it matches with our area rug and the neutral colour tones in this space. 

Add a Pop of Colour

The Posh Faux Fur Chair is just so relaxing. I think it’s the faux fur? It’s just so soothing to the eye but also so, so soft to the touch… and it’s perfect in the space of our bedroom (where the children are least likely to spill things on it LOL.) And a bright red throw on it just seems extra festive. Maybe it’s the colour/texture pairing reminding me of snowfall? Anyway, I love it. Throw in a cute baby to boot and I’m obsessed haha.

Create a Family-Favourite Spot to Cozy Up

I can’t get enough of The Pear Vegan Leather in White. We have one in our entertainment room. This piece is staying in our home while the rest sadly will be returned (we just wanted to show you how I’d style them in my home for the holidays) but this one is HERE TO STAY and I’m so grateful that it’s this one of them all!! It fits our aesthetic and vibe perfectly. Everyone in our family just loves it here… especially ME. I can sneak down here and relax for a minute in silence until someone finds me haha (hiding in plain sight really works lol.) It’s also leather which fits the space and vegan which I love of course- so good without being bad. 

And An Unexpected Cozy Nook

We put The Boite Ottoman (Bamboo/Wool in Beige) in such a great little spot at the top of the stairs. So you can just collapse if you need a break after climbing the stairs after all that holiday eating LOL. I styled it with a leopard print throw, which I thought looked lovely with a couple of festive red pillows that I picked up from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Set Yourself Up for Fireside Reading Success

The Luxe in Sheepskin so LUXurious (they named it perfectly haha) and perfect to enjoy a drink by the fireplace and get cozy with a book. I hate when I want to cozy up and just can’t find the right spot, or just end up sitting on pillows in front of the fireplace and can’t find the right angle you know? All that shifting around can really interrupt your flow. So setting up something ahead of time means you can slip into that story with ease 🥰

Keep on a Colour Theme

The Genus in Cotton Denim is so perfect for Pierce’s room in both size and colour. He LOVE this addition to his new big boy room (!!) I love the denim and the unique texture it lends, and was amazed by how well it looked next to his wallpaper!! It’s like they were meant to be. And I love that he can climb all over it and I don’t have to worry about him falling or breaking it.

Add in Some (Durable) Texture

The Boho – Cream Wool Small is PERFECT for the boy’s playroom. Its size and colour are so great, and it adds the right texture to this space. So comfy yet stylish… so perfect to have in the background when I want to grab a candid of them for my feed 😅. And it not being a piece I have to worry about them playing around is SO ideal. No sharp corners or anything to break!!

It was SO FUN to shoot these pieces from Luxe Loungers and scheme up all the fun ways to incorporate them into our home. I hope my tips help you to restyle your space!! It’s so helpful to brainstorm this stuff ahead of time, and make sure you’re buying items that are cohesive so when you’re ready change things up that doesn’t become another headache 😂 Luxe Loungers truly has SO many great options to keep your home cozy and stylish!!

So there you have it!! I’d love to know what style tips YOU have in your go-to arsenal. Let’s talk all about it in the comment section ☺️

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