Mom-On-The-Go Outfits

Natalie Langston


GOOD MORNING, Moms that never stop moving (read: all. of. us.) 

You know what’s difficult? Getting a toddler IN jeans and STAYING in them until we’re out the door. You know what’s even harder? Mustering up the will and brain power to get yourself in a pair of jeans, much less an outfit that looks even remotely put together, LOL. 

Cue: The Outfit Equation. What’s that? Having one outfit that you know works, and just swapping out a key piece for something similar so BAM, you have one more outfit that you can fall back on. What’s worse than going to get out of the car and realizing that you’re wearing sweats and slippers? 

I’m going to give you THREE easy, comfortable ensembles that you can pull on within seconds of the school run, and feel together enough to say YES to a last-minute coffee date or errand. 

1. Something Casual

Ripped jeans + T-shirt or sweater + Vans = ❤️ 

NOTHING is easier than jeans.  They pair with literally everything and are basically always clean (save for stains, spills.. okok I said basically always, not always always LOL) 

I hope you all have at least one pair of jeans in your closet that show off your personality!! If you don’t already have ONE pair of jeans that you love to wear, IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Seriously! I love a ripped jean since it adds a little detail, and blue is always classic. You can practically throw any shirt on top and shoe on bottom and you’re good to go! Other fun details could be exposed buttons or a fringed ankle. The world’s your oyster!!

Need something warm? Just swap out a sweater or a sweatshirt and……. #EasyModeAF

2. Something Dressy

Dress + Shoes that match = DONE 


Monochrome: Sweater + Pant + Shoe = SO EASY

One of the best things about summer are summer dresses, but who says that has to stop when the temperature drops?? I’m a fan of anything floor-length and I looooooove that pairing sneakers with dresses is on trend. Honestly, throwing on a dress a) is so fast and b) makes me feel effortlessly fancy, which can really put a pep in your step! What’s not to love?

Need something warm? It’s leather jacket season, so you’re in luck!! They’re SO CUTE with dresses. I’ll say it now: When I’m wearing a cute outfit like this I’m practically begging the moms in the drop-off line to ask me out for an impromptu coffee catch-up 😂


Cut down the need for decision making by limiting yourself to one colour!! Pick a pant, match a top, match a shoe, and BOOM you’re out the door. Who knew looking so put together only needed like 3 brain cells of energy? Screw an impromptu coffee, on outfit days like this go out for an impromptu business meeting!!

3. Something Uniform (Your Go-To)

Oversized sweatshirt + Leggings + Leopard print vans + Lambert Diaper Backpack = MY go-to this Autumn 🍂

What do you feel the most comfortable in? What do you throw on for late-night trips to the grocery store? Make THAT your uniform for the days when you only have ~1 brain cell to spare, haha!

For me, it’s a cozy oversized sweatshirt, stretchy leggings, cute printed vans, and my Lambert Diaper Backpack since it ALWAYS has my essential mom tools pre-packed (NOTE: link ‘Mom Essentials’ here). I love this outfit because physical comfort is so key for mental comfort, and because I have so many sweatshirts and leggings and sneakers in my closet that I can throw together a different variation every day of the week without even breaking a sweat!

So there you have it! A few easy, staple looks that you don’t have to think about but will have you feeling prepared for a day of unexpected everything! Because it’s always the days we expect to come right home that something comes up and suddenly it’s 3pm 😅 I really hope these tips stick around in the back of your mind for the next time you need an errand outfit, STAT!!

What kinds of outfits make you feel your best on your days on-the-go?? I’d love to hear what your personal “uniform” is in the comments below!!


November 28, 2021


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