How to Get Out the Door More Efficiently with Two Kids by Yourself 

Natalie Langston


Ok so this is something I’ve been working on since Bence was born and Gary went back to work. It’s a lot harder by yourself trying to pack both kids up and get out the door when they are both screaming or one is ready for a nap and cranky and the other is dumping baskets of toys out while you’re trying to leave. UGH!!!! I know what you’re thinking: get me out of here… 

Precisely. And I’m going to help you get out the door more efficiently! Less whining, more vibing!! LOL 

  1. Prep snacks/food to take with you the night before. I make a smoothie, cut up fruits and veggies, and bag up some Annie’s bunny crackers so they are ready to go in the morning. I like having a few different options to keep Pierce happy when we are in the car 🙂 Make sure everybody’s water cups are in the fridge ready to grab and go- including yours!!
  2. Lay out clothes and shoes and pre-pack the diaper bag. I always make sure to bring extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes and- get this- pjs for naps. That way when we’re out and about I can throw on their pjs if they want to get cozy in the car, and then when we’re home I can easily transition them into their beds for naptime.
  3. Make use of the time while they’re occupied, like when they’re eating. Pierce is much easier to manage when he’s eating and contained in his highchair 😂. I’ve gotten in the habit of packing things up in the kitchen while he’s eating breakfast! That way when he’s done, I’m pretty much ready to go and fewer things to distract him = swift exit. And I can always eat on the run. Gone are the luxurious days of sitting to eat my meals LOL #MomMode
  4. Pack 1 bag, yes ONE bag for all your kids. They don’t need as much s*it as you think!!! And that way you can easily run out the door with one bag or backpack. Throw it over your shoulder and you’re out the door! 
  5. Once the diaper bag/backpack is in your trunk, throw in the stroller and your water bottle. Bonus points if you packed the diaper bag and stroller the night before, which I sometimes do or Gary does for me (😍). I always need water with me, especially since someone is always needing some “wa” wherever we go and it’s a great backup in case we lose a water cup here or there. 
  6. I do everything while the garage door is shut and put both kids in the car before I open it. We live on a busy road and this is the safest way I’ve found to get the kids safely out the door by myself. Plus- is it just me or do kids turn on a bit more when there’s daylight? All the more reason to keep them contained in the garage until they’re contained in the car. Then they can have all the daylight they want LOL
  7. Turn on music, sip coffee, sunglasses (to hide the bags under your eyes from no sleep… Because #momlife…. What’s sleep anymore) and you’re off!! 

Does anyone remember what it was like before kids when you could just walk out the door and that was it, you didn’t need all this other s*it…. Hmm must be nice, must be nice… 

Has your morning routine spilled over into night prep? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!


November 28, 2021


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