5 Nourishing Masks You NEED to Try

Natalie Langston


As moms, we don’t exactly have a lot of spare time in our days to pamper ourselves or give our skin the special attention it needs, so whenever there’s an opportunity to maximize a few spare minutes, I JUMP on it. I’ve been LOVING Comfort Zone for exactly that- clean beauty with simple ingredients, that are free of artificial fragrances and don’t need anything extra to be effective. Plus their packaging is really beautiful on your bathroom counter!

So once the kids are asleep on a cold, rainy day there’s nothing better than putting on a face mask and stepping into a hot bubble bath that’s steeping with benefits for your skin. I’m talking about afternoon bubble baths at naptime… It’s not like you have to be in there for an hour, just the act of getting in the tub and soaking for five minutes is enough fodder for steamy self-care flashbacks throughout the rest of your day 🥰. Even if you do get pulled out early and your soak ends up being a short one, these masks are no-fuss and will be happy to carry on in your afternoon with you! I’m sharing 5 nourishing makes you NEED to try NOW!! 

1. For Hydrating

The Hydramemory Mask is actually formulated to be leave-on and is super fast-absorbing. It’s super hydrating, immediately effective, and made to restore dry skin in cold, harsh weather. Tis the season! This will be my go-to during the upcoming Winter months.

2. For Firming

The Sublime Skin Lift-Mask, a rinse-off mask, uses Tapioca Starch, Macro Hyaluronic Acid and Illipe Butter for quick firming and restoration of your skin’s natural glow. I love this as prep for photos, like on those occasional nights out with the girls, or just on days when I need a little pick-me-up!

3. For Exfoliating

The Sacred Nature Exfoliating Mask is a certified organic peel mask, formulated for delicate exfoliation, instant glow, and enhanced skin resilience and vitality. It uses 9% gluconolactone and an antioxidant Scientific Garden ExtractTM and has super impressive smoothness & brightening efficacy results (I love that Comfort Zone includes these on their product pages!!) 

4. For Overnight Hydration

I love the Renight Mask for hydrating- it’s nourishing and packed with antioxidants to help your skin restore its natural barrier. This is perfect for sleeping overnight in. Gimme all that organic Gogi Berry Oil, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, please and thank you!!

5. For Overnight Anti-Aging

The Skin Regimen Night Detox was made to regenerate stressed and tired skin. It uses Gluconolactone and Alpha-Glucan Yeast, which help to boost your skin’s elimination of toxins accumulated during the day. I love that it’s cooling and massageable, so once it’s on and I’m in bed I can make use of a few meditative minutes to close my eyes, massage my temples, and breathe.

Comfort Zone has become such a staple in my skincare line and I’m so looking forward to having these to reach for this winter!! I definitely don’t manage to get in the bathtub every day (or even every week), so having deeply hydrating and detoxifying options for overnight is IDEAL- it really saves the “oh shoot, I forgot to do X for myself today, will try to squeeze that in tomorrow” cycle that’s so easy to get stuck in.

I hope this helps you find some time to pamper yourself and that you love Comfort Zone as much as I do!! Let me know in the comments below if there are other Comfort Zone products that you love– or the craziest time of day you’ve taken a bubble bath 😂


November 28, 2021


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