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The change of seasons ALWAYS wreak havoc on my skin, especially moving into the colder months. Can you say dry, cracking lips?? LOL. Give your skin some extra TLC before the holiday season and I promise you will thank me for it. EXFOLIATION and HYDRATION are the names of the game. Your makeup will apply a lot smoother and your skin will adapt better to stress and sweet treats. All in the effort to make your photos look that much better 😂😉 It’s all about preventative healing and staying ahead of the curve.

Obviously, it isn’t always easy to get into the spa (or safe… #pandemic) so it’s great to have some at-home options. I am all over Comfort Zone this year for a few reasons: 1) They are committed to using high-quality ingredients and renewable resources, which is the kind of sustainability and ethical standard I like to support; 2) Their products work wonders on my skin; 3) Their packaging looks great so I can just leave it on my sink when I’m done, which also helps me to remember to use it regularly; And 4) they have scientific research about the efficacy of their formulas, which they publish on the product pages (on their int’l site especially.)

So… keep reading for my favourite tips for at-home facials!!

Set the mood!

Put on a favourite calming playlist, light a candle, and close that bathroom door!! This is YOUR time, Mama! Do it right.

Take off your makeup

First things first (okay, second), you’re going to want to start with a clean slate. I like to use something gentle to remove my makeup so I’m not being too rough on my skin overall. The Essential Miceller Water is perfect for this- it’s good to use on your face, eyes, and lips, and it doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Use a deep cleanser

A couple of options here. If you’re in a time pinch, combine this step with the one above and opt for their Essential Milk since it actually does double duty with makeup removal.

OR, more ideally, you do a double cleanse! I love the Essential Face Wash.


Again, a couple of options: Essential Scrub or Essential Peeling Mask. This kind of depends on how much time you have, how active you want to be, and what your day-to-day regime is like. A scrub is more gentle and can be used more frequently, but if you already have one in your routine go for the peel. That said, a peel is more aggressive and might leave your skin red, so make sure to leave a day or two to recover before being in any photos!  


Just fill a bowl with hot water, position your face over it, and throw a towel over your head to trap the steam. This will help open your pores and soften your skin so all the goodies you’re about to put on it get better absorbed! For bonus points, add a few orange slices in the water for a lovely touch.


If you’re more prone to oily skin, the Active Pureness Mask will absorb excess sebum and leave you looking mattified! If you need the extra hydration, the Hydramemory Mask is awesome and absorbs in 3 minutes (that’s super quick), so you can move straight on to the next step. Or if you’re SUPER dry go ahead and leave it on overnight! That’s what I’ve been doing and LOVE it, this one is my favourite so far!! 


Don’t skip the serum! This is when your skin will absorb the most benefits. If you need more moisture look for something with Hyaluronic acid like the Hydramemory SerumIf you’re prone to redness, try out the Remedy SerumIf you need plumping and firming, the Sublime Skin Serum is the way to go.


Hydramemory Cream Gel and Hydramemory Eye Cream Gel. Remember that your under-eye area is super delicate so always apply product with your ring finger (it’s the most gentle) and to PAT, not rub.


Show yourself some self-love by massaging everything in- always remember to massage your face in upward, lifting motions for ideal circulation, and bonus points if you’re using a Gua Sha

Personally, I LOVE using the spa as an excuse to get together with my girlies, but since that’s less and less an option because of #Momhood you could also set this up as a cute FaceTime date 🥰. Comfort Zone offers tons of cute gift boxes like the 24-Hour Kit which focuses on Hydramemory or the My Private Spa Collection for a little bit of everything!!

So there you have it 🙂 If you have any favourite at-home spa playlists PLEASE leave a link below in the comments, as well as any other tips you want to add!!


November 28, 2021


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