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Natalie Langston


Comfort and style aren’t only relevant in fashion, wait until you get a look at this compact SUV. If you guys haven’t had a chance to check out the 2018 Lexus NX you’re seriously missing out! Thanks to the team at Lexus, I had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel for a little sneak peak in the breathtaking Okanagan- can you say ROAD TRIP!

My flight to Kelowna was bright and early, maybe a little too early but thankfully Air Canada has the most comfortable and spacious planes; I might have snuck in a little 20 minute nap – shhh. Once I landed in Kelowna I was greeted by the lovely Lexus team for a quick bite before hitting the road.

If you know me, you know I love a good road trip- whether you’re with a car full or friends or riding solo there’s something profoundly calming about getting into your car and going! I couldn’t think of a better place to clear my head and take this beautiful SUV than the windy picturesque roads in the Okanagan! The drive from Kelowna to Penticton is absolutely stunning, it felt like I was floating through the air as I wound my way around an endless lake surrounded by beautiful mountains. A lot of vehicles can be quite noisy on the highway, but not this one, I found it incredibly peaceful. As the sun danced off the water, I couldn’t help but turn my music down and reflect on all the good in my life. I was calm, grateful and felt the positive energy all around me!

After a few minutes I turned my music back up and searched for a station I could sing to – it’s not a road trip if you’re not singing as loud as you can at some point, right? Luckily for me Lexus has a technology system called Enform App suite 2.0, which gives you access to Slacker Radio which has hundreds of stations, GOODBYE voice… maybe I should have brought some lozenges. We had the most incredible lunch at The Backyard Farm, it was a fixed course farm to table lunch from Chef Chris Van Hooydonk, who previously worked at Burrowing Owl. We wrapped up the day with an amazing dinner, and a little more wine from Poplar Grove Winery. Poplar Grove will definitely be making an appearance on my new wine-wall.

I felt comfortable and in control, I swear I could have even taken the long way *cough* got lost *cough* and I wouldn’t have even thought twice! With the embedded or Scout GPS-Link cell-based navigation you’ll get to your destination no matter what turns you take and if you run into any trouble along the way Enform Safety Connect offers emergency assistance at the press of a button!

Have any of you driven the Lexus NX? What did you think?

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Photography by Janelle Photography 


November 27, 2017


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