How to: A stress-free Holiday Season

Natalie Langston


This morning I’m popping in to visit my friends at Global BC to chat about a stress-free holiday season on the morning show. If you missed me, no worries, i’ve included all the secrets here. Every year we all look forward to the holiday season, from gifting to entertaining and holiday decor, it’s a magical time of year. However, the holiday season can also be very busy and our lives are filled with even more chaos and deadlines. The key is about taking time for yourself while making something to enjoy with friends and family.

We know baking is powerful because it creates lots of goodness, like everyone’s favourite classic Holiday sugar cookie. But not everyone knows baking is powerful because of what the baker gets out of it. The opportunity to feed a friend and create something special brings mindfulness, fulfillment and reduces stress.

Baking does not need to be stressful. The Becel® Anything Goes Cookie Dough recipe makes it easy to make a batch of these delicious cookies from start to finish in as little as 18 minutes! The new Becel Sticks make it easier than ever as you can mix them in right away and you don’t have to wait for softening. It’s also great for when you’re baking with kids. I love baking as a therapeutic way to relax.

One of the other things that makes me feel calm during the holiday season is using my five-minute journal on how to be mindful. I find it really helps me to reflect on what I’m grateful for instead of stressing about Christmas shopping or how long the line ups are. I ordered this one online at and it arrived ahead of schedule! Another tip if you find decorating stressful, try hosting a decorating party. It’s always easier with a glass of wine and friends to make the experience more fun. I also find taking a nice hot bubble bath is very de-stressing and it’s a moment where I’m forced to put the phone away and just relax. So I always like to set myself up for success before guests start to arrive and the madness begins.  

In terms of entertaining, charcuterie boards are very hot right now. Believe it or not, they are easy to make at home using local items. I usually pick- up some meats and cheese from Hopcott Meats, and make sugared cranberries for colour (that literally takes 10 mins to make) you can add figs, nuts to personalize and add texture. Sweet and savoury mixed together is always nice. The sugared cranberries can be a little bit sticky, make sure you use a good pot – I swear by these All Clad soup ramekins, they’re so easy to clean!

I always love to serve my guests a little bubbly as they walk through the door. I recommend Moet & Chandon. It’s a nice way to greet your guests as they arrive. I love Appleton Estate – is a great option as an after dinner drink it’s $40 and also makes a great hostess gift. I would recommend sipping this neat or on ice after dinner. Another favourite is Grand Marnier – is also great to incorporate into a themed cocktail for example and is $43. You can find both at your local BC Liquor Store. If your guests aren’t bubbly drinkers, my go-to is Taves Farms Apple Cider. It’s delicious, local and a fan-favourite.


I also love this Winter Cocktails Table Book from eBay for when it comes to choosing a cozy winter nightcap. I found this one on for $24 and it’s brand new. A lot of people don’t know that about 80% of the items on eBay are new products! I love personalizing my table-settings, i’ll tie a name-tag and some fern/botanicals on to a cute napkin. I found some festive napkin rings from The Cross Decor and Design



I also love these wood and marble coasters that lend a subtle sophistication to any bar or side table also from eBay. I can tell you I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping since buying a new home, especially with all the furniture and holiday decor we needed and it’s a great alternative to battling those crazy lines.

Do you guys have any holiday entertaining tips? How do you maintain a stress-free holiday?

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