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Natalie Langston


I don’t think Levi Strauss would have ever guessed how big of an impact his little invention, Jeans, would have on the world. In 1853 Levi Strauss & Co. came up with the first pair of jeans, which is now a timeless staple in fashion. You can wear a pair of jeans with almost anything making them extremely versatile. My aunt tells me a story about how her mom would never let her wear jeans as a child, it was skirts or trousers. Did that stop her? No, she would pack jeans in her bag and change into them when she got to school because that’s how much jeans impacted people.

A huge trend hitting the streets now, and has been for a while, is the Boyfriend Jean. The exact opposite of the skinny jean, the boyfriend jean is loose fitting and doesn’t hug those beautiful curves. There are so many amazing ways to wear these jeans and I’m going to give you my top 7!Shop the look: Aritzia – Kitimat Body suit, Motto – Authentic Mom Jeans, Payless – Black PumpsZara – Emboidered t-shirt, Topshop – Blue Cheeky Rip Boyfriend Jean, Zara – Leather Ankle Boots

Aritzia – Cunningham Shirt, Topshop – Bleach boyfriend jean, DSW – Leather Pump

Zara – Leather biker jacket, Topshop – Ripped Boyfriend Jean, Rebook – Vintage sneaker

Aritzia – Lawson Trench Coat, H&M – Cotton t-shirt, Topshop – Super Ripped Boyfriend jean

Zara – Reversible coat, Aritzia – Huet T-shirt, Topshop – Busted knee jeans

Topshop – Blue Cheeky Rip Boyfriend jean, Zara – Lace up ankle boot

Now get out there and buy yourself that staple jean that will never go out of style! Leave me a comment explaining how YOU wear your boyfriend jeans!!

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November 13, 2017


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