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Natalie Langston


Let’s talk hair!!! I think we can ALL relate to the struggle of bad hair days. Although I’m blessed to live in an amazing coastal city, (#visitvancouver!!!) I often find myself fighting to combat dry, sometimes limp hair that comes with living in a rainforest. YOU GUYS, I have purchased countless oils, serums, and hairsprays that promised to keep my locks in check – only to discover that the effects of the product wore off midday. When you’re on the go like I am, there is 0 time allotted for a bad hair day. 😉

However, after many years of trial and error – so, SO much error – I have found a product that keeps my hair in check. Drumroll please….. allow me to introduce HAIR EXTENSIONS FROM ABANTU. Blondes like myself are naturally prone to having fine hair strands – I love being able to get a bit of thickness back with the hair extensions Abantu offers.

Nicole from Abantu was fantastic and helped me match my hair extensions perfectly with my natural hair colour. She added in depth and highlights where my natural hair picks up the colour; the final effect was a REALISTIC and GLORIOUS head of hair.

On shoot days where I need to be looking my best, I love to add the clip-on extensions; they add a fullness to my hair that makes me look and feel SO put together. There is no such thing as a bad hair day with Abantu. ALSO, can we take a second to recognize how quickly I get ready now?! I can practically hear Gary thanking me from here. 😉 I’ve become so quick at putting them in – it’s just an easy part of my morning routine now. Once my extensions are securely in place, I don’t have to stress about them throughout the day. My natural hair also holds the curl so much better when I am wearing the clip-ins. We all have lots of things to worry about, our hair shouldn’t be one of them!

Abantu has so many colours and options to choose from – there is truly something for everyone. I have tried many different brands of hair extensions but I prefer the variety Abantu offers over their competitor brands. With these extensions, you can wear so many hair styles AND make your braids look more thick with clip-ins.

I’m so grateful to have discovered Abantu, they have helped me to achieve my #hairgoals every day. I recommend checking out their Have any of you guys tried out hair extensions from Abantu? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

N, xx


Thank you to Abantu for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own. 

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography


March 13, 2018


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