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Natalie Langston


Hello my lovely readers and welcome back to my monthly book club! As always, read the book and then comment on my posts, e-mail me, or DM me to let me know what you thought of the novel. If you do all of this, you are entered in a draw to WIN a $50 gift card! I can’t think of a better way to indulge your inner bookworm. 😉

Now that we’ve taken care of the contest details, grab a large mug of tea (earl grey for me please!!!) and get settled down in your coziest reading nook. Get COMFORTABLE, because you will not want to move until you finish this latest Indigo recommendation.

Educated was a novel that shook me to the core. Tara Westover’s describes her journey to overcome adversity in beautiful prose; the entirety of her memoir is intertwined with moments of both elation and despair. Although Tara grew up in an environment that was rampant with misogyny, she overcame each of her obstacles with grace and wisdom beyond her years.  Educated is gripping, heart-wrenching, and BAFFLINGLY admirable.

Tara Westover grew up in the secluded mountains of Idaho in a Mormon polygamist cult. Her parents were paranoid survivalists who did not believe in traditional schooling. Instead they taught her – and her 6 older siblings – how to prepare for what they called “the days of abomination” or “the end of times”. Her parents distrusted the outside world to such an extent that they didn’t even register her birth. Legally speaking, Tara didn’t even exist until she was nine years old – when she finally received her delayed birth certificate. Westover’s minimalistic existence consisted of helping her mother stew herbs as well as, at only ten years old, working with her dad in his junkyard salvaging scrap metal. Although her life was fraught with peril, Tara was never taken to the doctor when injured – even if her abusive older brother was to blame. At the age of fifteen, Tara began educating herself by learning math and grammar from the books that she read. She eventually learned enough to pass the ACT at seventeen and she was then admitted to Brigham Young University.  A new world opened up for Tara as she, for the first time, learned of events such as the Holocaust and The Civil Rights Movement. Later furthering her education, Tara continued at Harvard and Cambridge, ultimately earning a PhD at the age of 27. In this unforgettable memoir we learn that being educated is not merely about learning a subject in school – it is how to think for one’s self. In some cases, awareness is not only fulfilling – it is blindingly painful.

Educated taught me about finding light in moments of complete and utter darkness. I was absolutely captivated by Tara’s journey – I wept with her, I celebrated with her, and I resonated with her. I am gifting this novel to each and every one of my girlfriends. As Tara gracefully shows us, there are lessons in life that simply cannot be learned by book.

Did this novel resonate with you in the way that it resonated with me? I can’t wait to hear your own opinions of this incredible book. Indigo you have done it again, what a spectacular read.


And for one lucky follower we want to give you the chance to WIN a $50 gift card to purchase either this book or the book of your choice!!

ENTER: Tell us what YOU think is the most important subject taught in high school today (and why) in the comments below!


UPDATE! The contest is now CLOSED!!

Congratulations to Nadia Carrar for winning this month’s contest! She entered through Instagram! Stay tuned for more contests! xx


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

N xx

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March 6, 2018


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    Heck yeah this is exclaty what I needed.

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