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Natalie Langston


I love rugs. They’re the perfect mix of design and practicality. With two young boys running around my house, I need both!! Area rugs offer warmth, style and can really bring a room together but they also protect floors and carpets from spills, dirty little feet and anything else that ends up on my floors these days! Also, with young kids I find myself down on the floor A LOT. Cuddling, playing cars or even soothing a tantrum, if I’m down on the floor I want to be comfortable. Rugs make a house a home and can be a lot of fun to style with! 

Rugs USA is a favourite rug vendor of mine. They offer a huge variety of rug styles, materials, and sizes to suit every type of home, design esthetic and budget. We have their rugs in almost every room of our home. Here are a few of my favourites. 

Master Bedroom 

I wanted something big enough to make an impact in this space but neutral at the same time. I knew I had high expectations for a master bedroom rug so I was thrilled to find the Ivory Withering Medallion Fringe Area Rug. We went with the 9×12 size and I think it’s perfect for our master bedroom. It has a vintage countryside feeling with a light, modern floral pattern to brighten the space. The fringe is just beautiful with the fibers reflecting a different sheen from every angle. It’s also so soft on my feet and easy to clean which is a must with two little guys running around every morning! 


My office is a work in progress. It’s the only room in the house that is exclusively mine so I’ve given myself free license to switch it up and refresh things as often as I like! Right now I’ve got a few rugs on my mind…

This Gray Coraline Leopard Print is amazing. I love how unique and bold it is and I can see this working really well against some of my softer accents. The Silver Cowhide Herringbone option is also a bold one.I love the chunky herringbone pattern. Of course, I have to have an option in my signature pink! The Pink Jewel Medallion style is classic and so elegant. These pinks would tie in so well with some of my other florals and details. The Light Gray Striped Hourglass is really playful and I love the texture and strong pattern. It almost looks a little bit zebra-y which I really love! This will be a tough decision, they’re all so different! 

For a look at my current office check out this post on my home tour! Let me know which rug you think would look good in here! 


For Bence’s woodland theme nursery, I was looking for a rug with a bit of a boho vibe. The Ivory Diamond Textured Trellis Tassel Area Rug was a great find. It’s so soft and cozy. The cotton and wool fabric is set on a handsome base which is perfect for Bence to sit, lie and play on it for hours. Despite the texture it’s also easy to vacuum and keep clean! The 6’ x 9’ size is perfect for our nursery and I love the generous braided tassels on either end. That little detail finishes the rug so nicely and is a clear indicator of the high quality. I have a feeling this rug will be around for many many years! 

For full details on Bence’s woodland nursery check out this post on my home tour! 

Entertainment Room

I envisioned a trellis type pattern for this space with a casual vibe and welcoming texture. The Ivory Shaggy Diamond Trellis Area Rug hit the jackpot! I love how the rug centers the room in the 6’7”x 9 size and brings the coffee table and sectional together. A neutral cream was perfect alongside the brown tones. We often have friends in this room so it was important the rug be made of hard-wearing, resilient materials, long lasting and easy to clean. I can’t guarantee there won’t be a drink or some guacamole spilled on this rug at some point so I was sure to mention that while we were choosing it! 


The rug in the boy’s playroom was not an easy choice. I debated over fun, sensible, coloured and neutral before landing on the Beige Hive Fringed Area Rug. I love the yellow and cream and the fringe detail but ultimately I made the decision to go a bit more neutral as so many other things in the room are bright and stimulating. I figured it might be easier to find things and keep the room looking tidy (HA! Wishful thinking) with a more neutral tone. The 6’ x 9’ size fit the room well and didn’t take over. This rug is also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and the constant running of tiny feet back and forth. Oh and don’t worry, I made sure this choice was easy to clean, that’s essential in this room!! 

For full details on The Boy’s Playroom check out this post on my home tour! 

Living Room

I get asked A LOT about this rug. I totally understand why as it’s a stunner. I love the texture, the colour and that it creates a neutral base for our living room decor. The Off White Veronica Wool Braided Area Rug is handcrafted in luxurious knits, felted cotton and wool which makes it super soft. I have to be honest though, it’s hard to clean. I find myself vacuuming it more than I’d like to. Probably better in a space that’s not as well used or possibly different to the 9×12 size that we went with. She’s high maintenance but my goodness is this rug beautiful! Good trade off?! 

When I bought the Off White Macchiato Faux Cowhide Area Rug I wasn’t sure where to put it but when I layered it in the living room I knew I’d found it’s home. The lighter colour is just beautiful on top of the braided rug. I love that it’s modern yet feminie with the flecks of gold giving a whimsical feel to the space. In the 5’ 9” x 7’ 7” size, it’s inviting and feels a bit edgy. It’s, of course, cruelty-free and so soft underfoot.

Rugs can be a hard thing to shop for as not only are the look and style so important, but the feeling you get underfoot has to be just right! And then there’s the durability factor. There’s a lot to weigh up when making your choices! What do you lean towards for rugs? Do you have pets that make durability a must? Or are you a sucker for something soft and fluffy between your toes? OR does it all depend on the space. I think it’s the location for me, a bit of everything in its right place! 

Images by Teryn Lee Photography 


November 24, 2022


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