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We love storytime in our house! With two high energy boys that love to run and jump off furniture all day it makes slowing down with some books extra special. I love it so much when they snuggle in and we read together. Books really captivate their attention and I can see their little brains processing all the characters and storylines. I love the questions they ask afterwards  – or during – who am I kidding, there are always interruptions! And I really enjoy the conversations the stories spark. I know that reading and storytelling with young kids promotes brain development, imagination, language and emotions but it’s pretty incredible to see it in front of my eyes. 

While there are definitely some classic favourites in our house, I love refreshing the boy’s bookshelf every few months to get some new stories in there. We recently picked up some real goodies and I wanted to share some of the books that we’re loving right now! 

UnWrap Your Dreams

by Amy Beeman

This is a favourite of the boys and mine! It is a perfect story to wind them down for bedtime as it’s all about unwrapping dreams. The book explores all the places dreams can take you and that you get to choose, perfect for anxious sleepers. The pictures and the soft rhymes are relaxing and soothing and definitely get the boys ready for the transition to bedtime. I like saving this story for last as it’s a great one to end on and then turn that bedroom light out! 

What does it mean to be your best? 

By Kelly Shuto

I just learned this book is actually a finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards! This is an ideal book for Pierce right now as we spend lots of time chatting about doing our best. This story really explores what that means and how it’s important to be YOUR best, not comparing yourself to others but being the best version of who you are. The questions in this book are so significant, like, does being your best mean winning the race? Confidence is so important and I love stories that encourage kids to be themselves. The illustrations are so great as well, so bright and fun! 

Josie’s Busy Calendar 

By Jenn Wint 

This is the perfect book to have as Pierce starts preschool and also there are a few lessons in there for me, LOL! The book is an intro to self-care for kids. The story goes through a little girl’s anxious feelings as she goes back to school after spending lots of time alone in summer. She gets super overwhelmed with all of the commitments on her calendar (can anyone relate?!) and her tummy starts to hurt. The story describes anxiety which I think is so valuable. It’s so important to call feelings what they are, with young kids, so that they have the vocabulary. The book shows that when sweet Josie listens to her feelings and puts her own needs first, she’s able to be a better friend to everyone. 

Penelope and the Monsters

By Sheri Radford 

This book in the super funny Penelope series, is another good one for Pierce as he’s starting to ask questions about monsters and feel scared about things he never was before. I love the comical way Penelope looks at dancing drawers, creaking closets and bouncing beds. It’s also quite funny how she tries to get her Dad to believe her monster theories. This book is a great conversation starter to help littles understand that bedtime can actually be a bit scary but that there’s really nothing to be afraid of. 

It’s Following Me 

By Sheri Radford 

This is one Bence is always bringing over to me. I love board books because they’re so short and sweet. I can almost always stop for a minute and read this one, making Bence and I both happy. The snuggles are unreal at his age – don’t grow up! I love the little rhymes in this book as a little kitty tries to figure out what’s following close behind. 

Mama’s Reading List

As much as I LOVE reading to the boys, I also love when they are finally asleep or the rare time they’re playing quietly and I get time to read for myself. That is one thing I really miss about being a busy Mom is that downtime I used to have to get lost in a book. I have a few on my nightstand I haven’t been able to open yet so I wanted to get your input on where I should start! 

Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Dr Becky Kennedy – Every parent should pick up this book. Dr. Becky is amazing at breaking down parenting tips and using real life examples to hit it home. The way she offers tips to be a conscious parent and her focus on raising humans, not children is so important.

The MomBabes Anthology 2 by Christina Walsh and Carolyn Turkington – I LOVED the first MomBabes Anthology so this feels like a no-brainer, must read. I love that it’s a collection of short stories so it’s really easy to read on the go or between other books. 

Declutter like a Mother by Allie Casazza – If you’ve been following along you know how OBSESSED I am with what NEAT Method did for my kitchen so I’ve been inspired to tackle some of the clutter in the rest of the house one room at a time.  

Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body by Kate Hudson Kate Hudson is such an icon. I love her unapologetic way of life. I really want to dive into this book and hear her perspective on “healthy” living and hopefully pick up some good overall wellness habits. 

The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos – This book covers tips on getting organized (told you I’m obsessed), succeeding professionally, fitness and health, style and more and I’m here for all of it! I love these books I can pick through and take the tips that work best for my lifestyle, and leave the rest! 

Have you read any of these or the ones on my kids list? Any I should add to my pile and where should I start!? Let me know what you’re reading to yourself and with your kids, I love book recommendations! Also any tips from busy moms for making more time to read, send them my way!!  


November 23, 2022


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