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The other day I was walking by the ocean and thinking about how LUCKY I am to live in Vancouver. As a Vancouverite, I’m definitely guilty of complaining about the rain and the wetness from our coastal weather. We all do it!! However, World Water Day is approaching and it’s made me realize how truly lucky we are to have access to clean drinking water in Canada.

World Water Day acknowledges the importance of freshwater and raises awareness for it’s proper management. In our world today, 663 million people have limited access to clean water. Brita Canada – in conjunction with WE – have been putting in a tremendous effort to combat this since 2016. I think it’s incredible that Brita Canada has committed to providing clean water EVERYWHERE. I love that their focus is on bringing potable water to each end of the globe – when we as human beings come together to support one another, anything is possible.

Starting in September of 2016, Brita Canada’s partnership with WE resulted in building a borehole in Irkaat – a Kenyan community who was in dire need of potable water. Like many of our fellow Canadians, Gary and I simply pull our Brita pitcher out of the fridge when we’re thirsty. Prior to the borehole, the citizens of Irkaat had to make a five hour long trek, simply to have enough water for one day… I found this story heartbreaking. Each and every human in the world deserves fast access to safe water.

World Water Day

The borehole in Irkaat was incredibly successful and because of that, WE and Brita Canada have commenced building a second borehole in Oloirien – another underdeveloped Kenyan Community. I commend initiatives that bring fresh water into underdeveloped areas immensely and I love being able to help contribute to these worthy causes. Little habits like leaving the sink on while brushing your teeth, or running the shower before you’re inside of it, are so dangerous to our planet. I’m grateful to have a platform that enables me to spread awareness on this very important cause.

Brita Canada

On World Water Day, I hope you take some time to commit to practices that reduce YOUR water. Below is a list of a few small things I like do to reduce my water consumption:

  • I like to have short showers
  • I never run my dishwasher until it’s full
  • I only water my grass in the evening. Well Gary does 😉

I’d love to see a conversation about water sustainability trending on instagram. Make sure that you post your photos with the tag #FilterForGood – and don’t forget to tag @brita.canada.

What are some ways you guys conserve water?

n xx

Thank you to Brita Canada for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.


March 22, 2018


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