Which Booster Is Right For You?

Natalie Langston


Summer is full of long days followed by even longer nights. You start at the gym, move to the office, try to squeeze in a seawall walk and then you move to dinner and drinks with the girls… soon enough you aren’t home until 1:00 am. Weekends mean waking up early in the morning because you have already planned a hike or coffee with a friend, and somewhere amongst enjoying the sunshine you have to fit in your job, cooking, cleaning and being the best girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining about summer, but it takes a toll and there comes a time when you need a little boost. This is where the IV Wellness Boutique can cater to all your recovery needs.

The IV Wellness Boutique is a full service wellness clinic located in Yaletown, that specializes in IV Vitamin therapy. IV vitamin therapy is used to deliver high amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help with certain conditions. These IV boosters are perfect for fighting stress and anxiety, hormone imbalance, hangovers, sleep deprivation, headaches, mood swings and weight gain. A couple months back, I wrote about their allergy booster (which did wonders for me). Now they have six other boosters that are perfect for the end of summer, snapping back into reality, which is going to come fast… only a few weeks away.

ENERGY BOOST- If you need an energy change in minutes! This booster will leave you feeling recharged and refueled..

IMMUNE BOOST- Fight that end of summer flu and feel great heading into fall!

HORMONE BOOST- If you are feeling irritable and just not yourself, hit up this booster to feel like that bright and bubbly self you’ve been missing.

WEIGHT LOSS BOOST- Trying so hard to get into a workout routine and need a little help on the metabolism side?? This booster is perfect for you.

MOOD BOOST-  Fall blues? Give this booster a try.

BEAUTY BOOST- Breaking out because of all that junk food from last movie night? This booster will help your skin make a comeback.

BRAIN BOOST- If you’re anything like me, my brain is at full speed 99% of the day. This booster will help with brain health and clearing that “fog”!

IV therapy was definitely a concept I had to get used to. Normally when you see IV’s, they’re in the hospital and you’re hooked up to them for all the wrong reasons. Now that I am a regular at the IV Wellness Boutique, I realized that IV’s are not just for hospitals they are for helping you feel better at ANY point and time in your life. The IV Wellness Boutique makes the whole experience amazing. The staff are impeccably kind and make you so comfortable you almost forget about the whole needle thing (which can be a little scary!!). They provide you with more than enough information leaving you confident in your decision to get that well needed BOOST!

Every single time I have left the clinic, I’ve noticed an immediate change in myself. The following days after the infusion your body is left feeling energized and your mind cleared. Excuse the cliché, but you literally feel brand new. If you are in the neighbourhood or desperately need to prevent the sniffles you feel coming on, please pop in and try it out. You will not be disappointed!

Has anyone tried any of these boosters? Which were your favorite?

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