The definitive Guide to Vancouver Coffee Shops

Natalie Langston


As I’m sitting here, sifting through e-mails and planning some upcoming projects… I think to myself; where is one place I can completely focus on my writing?  Which environment allows for the perfect distraction when my brain needs a break from staring at the computer screen a little too long. For me, this place is a coffee shop. Maybe its TV shows like Friends that have ingrained the idea in our heads that all good things happen at coffee shops. Maybe it’s because when I’m home there are always a million chores I become preoccupied with, or when I’m at the library the silence becomes almost deafening. Whatever the reason, I’ve found my go-to, and it happens to come with delicious drinks (maybe that’s part of it). I am a nut for cool new coffee places but also have a couple favourites that will never get old.

One of my absolute favourite places is 49th Parallel. The layout of the store is beautiful, it’s open and airy, giving it such a fresh feel. It’s on West 4th Ave, making it a great stop before an afternoon at the beach, or heading to the Lululemon Flagship store. Also if you haven’t tried their donuts, you need to treat yourself! They are to DIE for. They also have a great enclosed outdoor space which makes work feel extra fun.

Another one of my favourites is Timbertrain in Gastown. They put a lot of love, passion and science into their roasts, they source their green beans meticulously and have created a very methodical brewing technique. They named the shop “Timbertrain” to signify how trains have the ability to bring people together, they want their coffee shop to do the same – I love that concept! Their love for their craft is evident, you know the second you take a sip. The whole vibe is perfect for putting your head down and getting thing’s done, or for catching up with an old friend.

If you think latte art is stunning, you HAVE to go check out Taste & Circle located in Gastown. It has taken the selfie game to a brand new level. Similar to toasters that can burn images into the bread (which I thought was cooler than cool back in the day), your latte sits under a 3D printer where coffee extract is used to print your selfie onto the foam! If that’s not the most “2017” thing you hear all day, I don’t know what will be.

My next must-hit-spot is located on an island about 20 minutes off West Vancouver. Bowen Island is a quick twenty-minute ferry ride making it feel like a mini vacay! In the summer there are loads of amazing hikes, beaches and of course, coffee shops!! My favourite is Artisan Eats, which is about a 15 minute walk from the ferry terminal. Its rustic yet modern feel makes it one to remember. The sandwiches are amazing as well as their Lavender Latte! If you ever venture over to this beautiful island, you don’t want to miss this place.

Coffee is no longer just a drink to give you that kick start in the morning, it has turned into a culture. And health wise, recent studies have shown that 2-4 cups a day can fight diseases such as melanoma, liver disease, prostate cancer, heart disease and more. Knowing coffee flip flop health history, who knows when those facts will change, but for now drink away!

Let me know where you enjoy your favourite cup of joe in the comments below!

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