The “Do Everything” Shoe **CONTEST POST**

Natalie Langston


I think it’s every girl’s dream to have a closet full of shoes for every occasion, but the reality is we need our shoes to do double or even triple duty. I’ve officially found my everyday ‘summer shoe’ and I can’t wait to share!

If you’re a proud Vancouverite you’ve probably heard about SKYE Footwear. They’re a local company based in Richmond that made a big splash when they announced their shoes would be biodegradable. How cool is that?!

While being biodegradable climbs close to the top of my ‘why I love my SKYEs’, I’m equally, if not slightly more, in love with the design. They’re a minimalists dream! Very often you find that the shoe makes the outfit—from flats to heels to sandals and shoes, your outfit and your style statement immediately shifts—it’s a fantastic way to accessorize but sometimes it’s nice to have your outfit still do the talking regardless of your shoe. I especially find this to be the case when I’m on the run for a day of meetings, workout, family, photo shoots etc. My SKYEs make me feel polished and my outfit complete no matter the 3-4 wardrobe changes that are bound to happen. A shoe that can take me from morning to night—and comfortably too I might add—was well worth the wait!

I took my SKYEs for a ‘test drive’ earlier this week to see how well they’d do on a day around town.

The morning started with waking up after a good night’s sleep (finally!) and feeling rested (yay!) to a text from my sister saying she was running a bit behind. I knew I wanted to take some pics today so the extra bit of time to pick out a summer outfit was pretty perfect. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to wear and really show you guys how the SKYE shoe—in this case the storm grey Lons—would pair with a casual summer outfit. I’ve paired it here with this black dress and denim vest from Fine Finds Boutique and my go-to chapeau I picked up at the airport a few years ago on my way to Mexico. I love this outfit because it’s easy going and can happily go from brunch to beach!

After dusting off the cobwebs and pumping up the tires, my beautiful cruiser bike and I were ready to meet up with my sister to take on the city! We had a bike route roughly planned out– knowing we wanted to explore more of the Arbutus Corridor, do some shopping on Granville Island and of course, bike the Seawall. These puppies were going to be put through the ringer!

I kid you not, the minute we started biking we both had a ‘whoa’ moment when we realized just how airy the shoes felt. The difference from a casual sneaker to an ergonomic shoe is huge! Your foot feels supported in a way that makes regular activity feel effortless. The foam outsole made every step feel just as good and bouncy as the last– decreasing the impact of force and immediately reshapes before the next movement!

After a full-day of constant activity I’d typically be pleading for a foot rub but the absorbent rebound insole helped a great deal in absorbing shock throughout the day. It was the most ‘stress-free’ my feet have felt in a long time! Not to mention, after a full-day, you’d think there would be a slight hint of ‘feet’ smell but these shoes were MADE for moisture—they literally have an ‘anti-stink layer’ to prevent bacteria from growing!

My SKYE Lons are my new wardrobe staple with a permanent home by my front door—especially as the temperature continues to rise and the days keep getting longer!

Try SKYEs for yourself at and use the promo code langstonnatalieSKYE until July 15th for 15% off your pair! Tag #feetintheskye and show us how you style your SKYEs!

Or better yet why not WIN a pair!!! I’m giving away a pair of SKYE shoes to one lucky reader. All you need to do is:

    • Follow @skyefootwear and @langstonnatalie over on Instagram. 

    • Tag a friend in the comments below whom you think would look good in these shoes (unlimited entries)

    • Hashtag: #feetintheSKYE

Contest is now closed. Our Winner is Karla Sceviour! 

Natalie xx

Photography by Allison Kuhl Photography 

Clothing provided by Fine Finds Boutique

Makeup by Huda 

Thank you to SKYE Footwear for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


May 30, 2017


  1. Kristina says:

    Following both on IG 🙂
    Hey @jdanielscott how fun are these? #feetintheSKYE

  2. Jacqueline Watters says:

    I think my son’s girlfriend @kimroxsrsly would look great in these! Thank you for this contest!

  3. Jacqueline Watters says:


  4. Austyn Soolsma says:

    #feetinskye my sister @baileysools would definitely love

  5. Tava says:

    @natalievana – I’m sure you’d love having the feel of #feetintheSKYE… I know I would wear the heck outta a pair of @skyefootwear…

  6. Karla Sceviour says:

    Following both on instagram as @ksceviour #feetintheSKYE
    Not sure how we are supposed to tag here in the comments.. but I told my friend Brenda Penton on facebook about it. Going to tag on instagram as well.
    Love the shoes!

  7. Brenda Penton says:

    Thanks for telling me, Karla! I followed as @newfiechic and tagged some friends.

  8. Tammy says:

    Following on instagram as @tammykayv #feetintheskye tagged friends on instagram as well.

  9. Carole Dube says:

    Following on instagram. My friend @bedfifi would love #feetintheSKYE Thank you so much for the chance! I do need a pair of do everything shoe!

  10. Natalie V says:

    Followed everyone on IG! (@natalievana) My friend @atsixes (Tava!) would love these as well. Tagging on IG because this isn’t pulling up people for me. 🙁 I would love love love these!!! Thanks!

  11. joy says:

    great looking shoes! following on instagram as @joykellymills — tagging @silverweave on Instagram! thanks for the chance!!

  12. Samantha Lenz says:

    Oh gosh I would love these so much! Walking and running after a toddler I definitely need something for my feet. And a new pair of runners is on the “to get” list.

    Following both on ig. @babettewesner how cute are these?! #feetintheskye

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