3 Secrets to a Better Sleep

Natalie Langston


One thing we can all agree on is there are never enough hours in the day—what with family, friends, careers, fitness etc. it leaves little time to do what we’re all severely lacking and oh-so desperately needing: sleep!

There are many reasons I suffer from poor sleep and to be perfectly honest, I think you’d be lying if you said that at least one of these didn’t affect you too! Everything from too much screen time before bed, an overstimulated mind, too much caffeine too late in the day, an exceptionally hard workout and not finding a comfortable position are the top of my blame game.

This year I decided I’m done ‘just dealing with it’ and I’m ready to tackle this like I would any other health problem. Starting with an ‘elimination’ diet, adding in a few supplemental fixtures and ensuring I have a supportive environment to set me up for success.

Step 1: The ‘Elimination’ Diet

While this isn’t a traditional diet, I am putting harsher boundaries on myself in terms of screen time and caffeine. I allow myself my usual morning cup of coffee and once in awhile a 2pm pick-me-up (if I’m desperate) but come 3pm I don’t so much as fill the coffee canister! I’ve noticed a huge difference so far!

Half an hour before bedtime I power down all electronics and I reward myself with 30 minutes of reading a book. This part was definitely the hardest to detox, but when I keep my library fresh with can’t-put-down reads, it’s easy to forget about checking your Instagram feed! Next on my book list is Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing. I get my reading recommendations from Indigo Chapters.

Step 2: Supplement the Sleep

While I don’t mean actually taking supplements—although melatonin works wonders—I mean adding in a few holistic elements that can really help induce a deeper slumber. It’s no surprise, I love Saje Wellness, for daily stress release but it also does incredible things for my bedtime routine.

On nights where sleep is imperative to the next day’s success I add a little extra to my sleep routine. I start winding down earlier, drawing myself a bath with Saje Lavender Soak Bath Salts this is usually where I’ll sneak in a few chapters of my book.

Then I head to my bedroom, fill my diffuser with the blend Tranquility — the lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile help ease my mind. I give my face a quick mist of Sleep Well and turn on my Philips humidifier— when you have a career based around your voice, it’s essential to keeping my throat and sinus’ feeling their best and this humidifier keeps everything in tip top shape 365 days a year!

A few (hopefully!) short moments later and I’m drifting off to the sound of the diffuser and humidifier working in gentle harmony. The perfect white noise to soothe me to sleep!

Step 3: A Supportive Environment

A mattress that suits your sleep style is about as ‘supportive’ as it gets! I ordered my Casper Mattress a few months ago to see what the hype was about and have completely fallen in love. Not only is it super easy and makes mattress buying a breeze—hello, you can order it online while you’re laying in bed at 3am replaying the day like the true insomniac you know you are, but it comes in a BOX—no pleading with your one friend who has a truck to meet you after work…before the store closes…to fight through rush-hour traffic…just to get it home in time for bed! Did I mention it’s only $850 for a King? I’m fairly certain $850 was only the deposit I put on my last mattress. All great reasons why to buy—cost and convenience– but the real reason I’ll keep it? The open-cell top layer uses convection and conduction to reduce the flow of heat away from your body. This is a MUST if you share your bed with someone who runs on the warmer side.

After a few weeks of being blissfully cocooned in my new mattress, I jumped on to their site to discover the also do sheets and pillows!

I can’t say enough about the sheets! They’re so so so soft and made of sustainable cotton. They don’t pill in the wash and they actually get softer. I’ve just purchased my second set so I never have to lose a day of rest to laundry!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to pillows—I like having a firm pillow that supports my neck. It’s the only way I can sleep comfortably. These pillows are both supportive, soft and surprisingly firm. I’ve gifted a few pillows to friends and family and their reactions have all been the same—they’ve loved it! Everyone has different comfort level needs but somehow Casper seems to have struck a perfect balance!

Whether you find yourself an easy sleeper or need a complete detox, I can’t encourage you enough to make quality sleep a top priority. It effects everything from disease prevention, concentration to our emotional wellness. Similar to how I work on my fitness, I am always looking for ways to improve my sleep. If you have your own tips and tricks, send them my way!

Natalie xx

Photography by Allison Kuhl Photography 

Clothing provided by Fine Finds Boutique

Makeup by Huda 

Thank you to Casper for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


May 25, 2017


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