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Natalie Langston


After several long months of scrapping the frost off our cars, cancelled public transit, and days upon days of below zero temps; I don’t think any other city will be more relieved to see spring finally arrive than Vancouver. What we’ve experienced wasn’t so terrible compared to our other Canadian cities, but we’re just not use to this kind of winter. We’re not prepared for it.

As much as we can anticipate something, we should be equally prepared for it. Being prepared for the upcoming seasons is definitely a big ‘must-do’. I don’t mean have your tires rotated or cleaning out your gutters—although definitely do that, but focusing in on how to live each season as your healthiest and preparing for that in advance is a way to ensure your success.

While there are millions of things you can do to set your health on the right track this Spring, like start a vegetable garden, enroll in a new boxing class or train for the Vancouver Sun Run, the best of intentions can be completely derailed by one thing: allergies.

Prevention is essential to a congestion-free Spring, once the sniffles starts it becomes more about managing symptoms than actually treating the problem. If you’ve suffered allergies in the past, I don’t need to tell you how debilitating it is to be congested and groggy. It makes everything above simply breathing a laborious event, putting a serious halt to your springtime activities.

As many of you know, monthly visits to The IV Wellness Boutique are a must for me– busy schedules demand fast and effective treatments! Among the many IV treatments they offer—energy, weight loss, immune boost, their most popular for this time of year has to be their Allergy IV. The naturopathic team at The IV Wellness Boutique helps to prep and balance the immune system to prevent allergies from even starting. They use vitamin C, a natural antihistamine to strengthen the immune cells that release histamine; magnesium which opens airways, reduces histamines in the blood and also reduces inflammation; zinc, selenium, vitamin B6 and B12 which are other big contributors in supporting immune function and preventing allergies.

If you’re already an The IV Wellness Boutique regular, be sure to ask for the Allergy IV at your next visit and if you haven’t tried vitamin IVs then do yourself a favor and book in an appointment for the ultimate in ‘self-love’.  A spa like ambience with real, healthy, happy results is as kind to your body as you can be! The naturopathic team at The IV Wellness Boutique are phenomenal. They love answering questions and making you feel comfortable is their number one priority. Whether it’s the hour of downtime or the IV of goodness, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed and recharged!

If your allergies have already started to flare, a must-have in your arsenal is the Saje Nautral Wellness Seasonal Shift kit. It contains their popular Allergy Release in a soothing mist, soothing remedy rollerball and a diffuser blend—perfect for the car diffuser. Allergy Release has lemon, myrrh and peppermint– a great decongestant and provides instant relief to flu and cold symptoms.

With what looks like a late start to the sunnier days, you’ll want to make the most out of the ones we do get! And if Saturday is any indication, spring may truly be just around the corner. Be prepared and enjoy a happier, healthier and allergy-free springtime!

What are some of the ways that you keep yourself healthy and allergies at bay? I’d love to hear them in the comments below…

Natalie xx

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Images by Allison Kuhl Photography

Thank you to The IV Wellness Boutique for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


March 27, 2017


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