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Natalie Langston


With Christmas sneaking up quicker than ever (one week away), what better time to share another one of my holiday gift guides!? This is one of my favourite holiday posts because I get to share all the amazing brands I’ve been obsessing over and most importantly emphasize self-care and the importance of positive well-being. Whether you’re picking out items to put on your own wish list, or getting ideas to treat those special people in your life, these picks will have you (or your giftee) feeling ready to take on the new year in no time! I’ve listed them all below for you, but I’ve also linked to the segment I recently touched about this topic on Novus TV. 

  1. Bedding from QE Home | Quilts Etc.: One of my favourite items to put on my own wish list is bedding. Bedding makes such a great gift because it gets used year-round, and you think of the gifter every time you lay your head down! A good night’s sleep is sososo important when it comes to wellness, and the right sleeping setup is integral to that deep sleep. My favourite place to shop all things bedding right now is QE Home | Quilts Etc. who is revolutionizing sleep with innovative & affordable luxury bedding. I love how all of their items tie in nicely with one another which make for some beautiful gifting sets! For the luxe lover on your list, their silk pillow cases are 100% pure, natural Mulberry silk, which helps to regulate temperature and are of course gentle on your hair and skin. I also love their new Eucalyptus Luxe sheet set which make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud! You know the super silky-soft fabric Tencel? Well these sheets are currently the finest that you can experience in Tencel and keep you at optimal sleeping temperature. Perfect if you have any hot sleepers in the house! 

  1. Flowers from Maple Ridge Florist: Florals are a classic and always-appreciated hostess gift.Maple Ridge Florist (my go-to florist) has holiday creations at 3 different price points to accommodate any budget. Florals always make a space feel full and inviting, and are ALMOST as fun to give as they are to receive! There are very few other gifts you get to see your hostess put on display right then and there! Bringing flowers and greenery into my own home is an extremely important part of my own wellness ritual, and I love giving that to others.This is an arrangement I had made up which featured beautiful textures and hints of gold to incorporate some holiday glam. 

  1. The Daily Palette Holiday Nourish Box: Another HUGELY important part of my wellness routine involves healthy, clean food. The Holiday Nourish Box from The Daily Palette makes a perfect gift for clients, something fun to bring to corporate events, or even a family gathering! Because what’s better than the gift of healthy food? The holiday season is all about balance -and don’t you worry this box covers all the bases with their nourishing handmade dips that are packed full of nutrients alongside an assortment of sweet treats! This special is priced at $145 per box or if you purchase 4 or more it drops down to $98 per box.

  1. Candles from Canvas Candle Co: Another item that is a great gift in terms of wellness is a beautiful soy candle from Canvas Candle Co. They use essential oils and smell absolutely amazing! It’s a lovely gift to give someone that needs a little reminder to relax and take time for themselves, and also a beautiful gift to give yourself. With all of the busyness of the holidays, taking a moment to light a candle and meditate, or treat yourself to a candlelit bath if you’re feeling drained is such a wonderful experience and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the holiday madness. 

  1.   Weighted Blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond: A cozy item that is perfect for this time of year is this weighted blanket from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is a great option for the wellness-conscious person in your life and makes for a beautiful gift. It creates the feeling of being held or hugged in your sleep and helps you to feel secure and decreases anxiety levels. Bed Bath and Beyond has so many gift options for your wellness conscious loved ones this holiday season.

  1.   Diffuser and Essential Oils from Saje: A Saje Wellness diffuser is the perfect gift for any wellness lover and the holidays are the perfect time to show your loved one you care about their health. Diffusing has so many benefits including purifying and humidifying the air you breath. Adding a few drops of the Deep Forest diffuser blend not only supports your mood but is like forest bathing right in the comfort of your home!

  1. truLOCAL: For the meat-loving foodie in your life, the gift of truLOCAL is an amazing choice. A sustainable and eco-conscious meat subscription, truLOCAL brings the farm to your door with a variety of high-quality meats produced at local, small farms across BC. I love that truLOCAL sources its meat from small farms which is not only better for you but also better for the environment! They have a variety of holiday boxes that make a perfect gift for your fave foodie, or as a present to yourself if you are hosting and want to offer some sustainably sourced meat on your menu! Check them out at I can’t wait to make the wild-caught sockeye salmon for our next holiday get together. 

  1. AURA: Last but DEFINETLY not least are AURA nutrition products. AURA is a local Vancouver based company that creates nutrition products specifically for the female body… they truly connect women and wellness. One of my favourite products which makes for a great gift is the collagen + MCT non-dairy coffee and tea creamer. Any wellness buff knows that collagen is a buzz word of the moment, but I’ve been loving the results from this! I use it in my coffee in the morning because it helps strengthen your hair/nails, nourish your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, provide energy for your brain, boosts your metabolism AND is the perfect creamer for your daily coffee, tea or add it in a smoothie. It’s also a great alternative to dairy. The full package!! Another great gift is their vanilla plant-based protein which is the PERFECT protein for vegans or those avoiding dairy. Their plant-based protein is formulated specifically to alleviate digestive bloat sometimes associated with vegan proteins. What I love most about this protein is the lack of grit or chalky aftertaste like I’ve experienced with other proteins.

Hopefully you have some ideas to get started on the gifts for those wellness conscious in your life or those that might just need a little reminder to take a break for some self-care this holiday season. Happy Holidays! 

Natalie xx


December 19, 2019


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