Day 11 of Natalie’s 12 Days of AMAZING Gifts for YOU! The Gift of Wellness!

Natalie Langston


Day 11!!! How are we at Day 11. I can’t believe we are ALMOST at the end of our 12 Days of Giveaways!!!! But I have to say TODAY and TOMORROW’S gifts for YOU are the BEST yet!!!!

Speaking from experience, the holiday season is one of my favourites but it can also be very stressing and taxing on your system. We often don’t take the adequate amount of time for our own self-care. So this is a gentle reminder that YOU need to take a few moments to slow down and relax a little into wherever you are at the moment. Whether your baby hasn’t slept in days because you are transitioning to one nap a day, hint hint Pierce… or the dishes need to be done or the laundry is piling up, or the emails and texts aren’t getting answered, that’s ok. Take a step back to breathe and take a moment for yourself.

So what is better than a relaxing wellness package with EVERYTHING you need this holiday season to take time for yourself. Our GIFT OF WELLNESS package is valued at $1000 from some of my favourite Wellness Brands we’ve worked with over the years!!!!!

For those of you just joining us here, Natalie’s 12 Days of AMAZING Gifts began several years ago as an effort to thank and reward all of you for following and being so supportive all year long. And with the select, favourite brands I chose to partner with we like to share some of the best, most wonderful surprises that I KNOW you’re going to LOVE as much as I do!!!

The Gift of Wellness 

The Daily Palette

First off let’s get you and your family fed with some of the most nourishing and healthy food. The Daily Palette is giving YOU their Holiday Nourish Box that is the perfect wellness gift to pamper you and your loved ones this season!! It’s also a great way to pamper your hostess, because what’s better than the gift of healthy food? The holiday season is all about balance – and don’t worry this Nourish Box covers all the bases with their nourishing handmade dips that are packed full of nutrients along side an assortment of sweet treats!! Their Winter Dip Line Up is to die for, including their seasonal hummus, white bean dip, red pepper jelly, chunky applesauce, pecan pie dip, orange cranberry goat cheese spread, local preserves, lemon thyme ricotta and creamy beet & dill dip.

This is the perfect gift for clients, or a nice addition to bring to a corporate meeting or family gathering. The Daily Palette has a special on for $145 per box or if you purchase 4 or more it drops down to $98 per pox!!

You can find my top 5 tips on how to make the PERFECT Holiday Nourish Board here.

Canvas Candle Co.

Another item that I have been LOVING this year and makes such a great gift in terms of wellness is this beautiful soy candle from Canvas Candle Co. They use essential oils and smell absolutely amazing!! With all of the busyness of the holidays, taking a moment to light a candle and meditate, or treat yourself to a candlelit bath if you’re feeling drained is such a wonderful experience and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the holiday madness. We are giving away a BEAUTIFUL package from Canvas Candle Co. valued at $100 of some of my favourite things including the beautiful 8oz Heritage Collection candle in Woodland, the signature candle in Fireside, the 6oz Gold Travel Tin in Best Coast, a a set of glass vial matches and a matte black wick trimmer!!

I love Canvas Candle Co. because the ladies behind this brand stand for connection within all aspects of life, whether it is taking a moment out to reconnect and align yourself or creating a beautiful ambience to enjoy your time and space with your loved ones this package will help you to recreate this in your home!!! FYI the woodland and fireside are my absolute FAVES!!!

This Works

Another item I love to use to unwind and help to destress are the Deep Pillow Spray and Beauty Sleep Kit from THIS WORKS!!! The international bestselling and fast-acting pillow spray that helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. For nights that require more help staying asleep, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray contains a slow release scent to help you stay asleep for longer and wake up feeling more refreshed. We are giving YOU a 75ml Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and This Works Beauty Sleep Kit valued at $50!!!

Goldwell Dualsenses

Another way to destress this holiday season is with the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Holiday Kit perfect for dry, frizzy winter hair. The Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair products instantly reconstructs and reawakens the shine of natural hair. As gentle as water, the unique FadeStopFormula minimizes colour fading with every use, ensuring that your hair will be in tip-top shape come the holidays. This limited edition holiday collection includes a 300mL Shampoo and 250mL Conditioner. We are giving YOU the BLONDES & HIGHLIGHTS!!!

Dualsenses packs also available in: Color, Color Extra Rich, Blondes & Highlights, + Just Smooth.

k’Pure Naturals

One of my absolute FAVOURITE local brands that I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about is known other than k’Pure from Mission, BC!! I love k’Pure because they are all about natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free products for everyone. They believe what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body and that all natural can be just as effective, if not more effective than the usual commercially formulated products!! k’Pure only uses the highest quality, non-toxic and natural ingredients. Their essential oils are pure and certified organic. If that’s not the epitome of wellness, I don’t know what is!!!! We are giving YOU the Next Level Skincare Package valued at $100 that includes the Clean Slate cleanser, Settle Down toner, Lighten Up serum and Go Getter antioxidant balm, my FAVOURITE that I use every night!!!

Aura Nutrition

Last but not least, is one of my newest favourite wellness brands AURA Nutrition which is a line of all natural, sustainably sourced nutrition product made for women in Vancouver, BC. Their vision is connecting women + wellness globally, and we are here to spread some of that wellness with you locally ! What could be better than gifting that mama, entrepreneurs or active female with something that will nourish their body, support cognitive health and overall wellness? Or of course keep it for yourself!!
AURA has a number of products, and over the Christmas holidays, ALL products are BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF online. They are also launching two unique holiday bundles that are major deals on Dec 26th… We can’t give the full details yet, but check out their IG or Website for a sneak peak soon!
AURA products are all natural, no added sugar, gluten free, keto friendly and low carb.
The Elevated Collagen Creamer is truly a miracle product… it helps strengthen your hair/nails, nourish your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, provide energy for your brain, boosts your metabolism AND is the perfect creamer for your daily coffee, tea or add it in a smoothie.
Women’s bodies naturally depend more on healthy fats (specifically for hormonal function) than men’s bodies do. With this in mind, AURA Elevated Collagen has the right fat and protein profile.
It’s a GREAT alternative to dairy and if you are avoiding shelf stabilized plant milks (i.e. guar gums). AURA only uses the highest quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

AND their plant based protein is formulated SPECIFICALLY to alleviate digestive bloat sometimes associated with vegan proteins. They use a unique blend of four fermented, organic and sprouted protein sources: blend of organic pumpkin seed, organic fermented sprouted brown rice, fermented pea and organic quinoa.

AURA Plant Based Protein has all essential amino acids, BCAA’s, and it blends so well giving you a creamy, smooth shake, even just with water! We are giving YOU a $500 package with all the items from Aura Nutrition you need to stay healthy and well this holiday season and setting yourself up for success going into the new year!! See below for a list of ALL of the items you will receive!!!

You will receive

The Holiday Nourish Board from The Daily Palette valued at $145

$100 package from Canvas Candle Co. that includes 8oz Heritage Collection candle in Woodland, the signature candle in Fireside, the 6oz Gold Travel Tin in Best Coast, a set of Glass Vial Matches and the Matte Black Wick Trimmer!!

k’Pure Next Level Skincare Package valued at $120!!

Deep Pillow Spray and Beauty Sleep Kit from THIS WORKS!!!

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Holiday Kit BLONDES & HIGHLIGHTS!!!

1 x AURA Gym Bag $34.45
2 x AURA Shaker $25.00
1 x AURA Protein Sachet Box (10 pack) $48.99
1 x AURA Vanilla Plant Based Protein $48.89
1 x AURA Chocolate Clean Whey Protein $44.55
1 x AURA Energy MCT $35.95
1 x AURA Collagen Generator $39.75
1 x AURA Wild Ocean Marine Collagen $46.35
1 x AURA LENTEIN Superfood $49.95
1 x AURA Elevated Collagen Creamer $38.95
1 x mixed pack travel size 1 serving products (15 total) $52.50
Total Value $1020



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GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! Make sure to stop by at 9am PST tomorrow as I’ll be revealing all of the details for DAY TWELVE!!!

Santa Natalie xx


December 19, 2019


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