Goldilocks & The Three Bears for Pierce’s First Halloween

Natalie Langston


Happy Halloween everybody!!! I don’t know about you but I love Halloween and always have. It’s so great to get out of your daily routine and have some FUN. Going way back to when my mom used to take me trick or treating I was always on the lookout for which houses were the spookiest, which were giving out the tastiest treats, and most of all seeing everybody’s creative costumes. Over the years in mine and Gary’s home we’ve loved seeing the cast of characters that show up at our door. A witch? Count Dracula? A Princess Elsa (or three). I can’t wait to see who we get this year! This Halloween is especially exciting because it’s Pierce’s first. As a year of firsts comes to a close for Pierce (I can’t believe how fast time has flown!), I couldn’t wait to get him all dressed up and take our costumes out for a spin.

I had such a great time putting these costumes together. Since Pierce is and always will be our little baby bear we thought it would be fitting to dress him up as one. And what better to go with a bear than Goldilocks and some adorable bear companions?!

Spirit Halloween was a huge life saver when it came to assembling our costumes. As I’m sure you all know I’m a huge advocate of ANYTHING that saves me time with my hectic schedule. Spirit Halloween had everything from my goldilocks dress and basket to Gary’s bear suit and paws. It only pops up once a year around this time and I will definitely keep it top of mind for next year’s Halloween shop.

I try to use items that I already have for Halloween costumes whenever possible so they have a bit of a story to them. Pierce was gifted his bear suit from my mom (so sweet) before he was even born, my wig is a Sandy wig from a past costume that gave me the perfect ringlets and my heels have been in my closet since high school! Not to mention our extra teddy friends we brought along which as I’m sure you guessed belong to Pierce. I then topped off the looks by giving both Pierce and Gary some bear-like features using face paint and VOILA! Goldilocks and The Three Bears!

Halloween is far from over but I’m already brainstorming about ideas for next year… Pierce will be fully walking (or running from house to house in search of candy) and I can’t wait. What is everybody else dressing up as?

Happy Halloweening!

Photography by Paige from Community Photography!

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