5 Ways To Update Your Fall Decor

Natalie Langston


Is it just me or is it hard to wrap your head around the fact that October is past its halfway mark? It feels as though fall has completely crept up on me, yet I’m more than ready to wrap myself up in the coziness of the season. Time to whip out the chunky knits and woolly socks! This got me thinking that it was about time I make some fall-centric updates around the home. With the change of each season I always like to do a little refresh and bring in elements that really accentuate what it is I love about this time of year. In case you were thinking about making some seasonal updates too, I’ve listed the five things I’ve updated this fall to give you a head start.

1. Cozy accents

As soon as the temperature starts to drop I love to fill my home with all things cozy! I like to make sure there’s something to curl up in at no more than an arm’s length away in almost every room of the house. That means blankets, throws, and all things soft. 

I started in my dining room because we spend so much time in there once the holiday season gets going. I’m always the first to volunteer as host! I used sheep-skin throws to add some warmth to my dining room by placing them over our dining bench (which is from CF Interiors). They can also be draped over just about any chair in any room of the house to add texture and a touch of hygge.

I also love the idea of playing off the sheep-skin throws with some matching accent pillows. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up next to one of these?

2. Pumpkins!

Nothing says fall quite like a pumpkin or gourd. I bought mine from Taves Family Farms and brought home an assortment of shapes and sizes to scatter all around! My favourites this year are the mini white pumpkins which really brightened up the overall assortment. Who knew pumpkins could look so chic? I started by placing some of the larger more colourful pumpkins up and down the stairs outside our front door. Then I filled out the arrangement with complementing smaller pumpkins. We also kept the party going and brought more pumpkins inside! These were dotted along the mantle and placed among other objects on our shelves and tabletops. This really ties in the décor from the outside creating a more cohesive feeling throughout our space.

3. Rugs and drapery

While I don’t update my rugs and drapery EVERY season, I do like to do a refresh once a year to make sure everything flows and reflects my design aesthetic. I am completely obsessed with my new Gabriella Rug from The Cross. It has that perfectly lived-in look and really ties in all of the blush tones I have accented throughout the room. I’m also having Stylit Window Design come in to fit all of our main level living spaces for custom drapery next week. This is really going to freshen up our space and I can’t wait to see the finished product! It’s amazing how such small changes can completely transform your space and the way you feel about it.

4. Update your planters

I had Garden Works come in to give my planters some much needed TLC and a fresh take for fall. I decided to take advantage of their green thumb and gather some tips to share!

1.  Now that annuals have bloomed and gone, try replacing them with some fall annuals like Ornamental Kale or fall foliage perennials like Heucheras. Heucheras come in so many gorgeous colours and can really bring a planter to life

2.  Mixing annuals and perennials is always a great way to extend the life of any planter. Once the annuals are done for the season you can replace them with the new season’s annuals or other seasonal accents.

3.  Any perennials you no longer want in your planters can easily be transferred into your garden or other planters so they don’t go to waste.

4.  Planting evergreens in your planters is also a trick of the trade because they show colour year-round. Ferns are a great option for this because they add texture as well as colour.

I always make sure to give just as much attention to my space outdoors as my space indoors. It can be easy to neglect as the weather gets gloomier, but it makes such a difference! And with these crisp fall days we’ve been having in Vancouver I find myself outside all the time!

5. Scents of Fall

Probably the easiest way to transform your space for a new season is with scent. The smell of anything spiced and warm immediately makes me feel like curling up with a big cup of tea and a good read. In fact, I might go do that as soon as I’m done writing this post. My current favourite fall scent is this adorable pumpkin candle available at The Cross and Indigo. Infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and pumpkin to name a few, it hits ALL the right fall notes. And bonus: it tucks right into all of my décor displays nestled beside my little white pumpkins!

Ok guys, I hope that this has inspired you to create some inviting and cozy changes around the house to celebrate the new season. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other favourite updates you like to make as the leaves change! As I mentioned, I have a date with a big cup of tea and a cozy blanket so that’s all for now!

n xx

Photography by Better Sweet Photography & Brooklyn D Photography


October 17, 2019


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