Getting Back Into Shape During a Pandemic With a Kid

Natalie Langston


I don’t think I’m alone in saying that getting back into shape has been even trickier than usual. I had the best of intentions to find my routine and get active at the start of the year (which can be hard enough as is with a 1-year old) but throw in COVID, and it’s felt especially unachievable. I had started taking a weekly dance class (pre-quarantine), which was something I REALLY looked forward to. I danced competitively and professionally for years before I got into broadcasting and eventually had Pierce, and it’s been a goal of mine to get back into it, even recreationally. The impact that those classes (and few hours to myself lol) had on my overall outlook made it super clear that I needed to make time for movement again. But then BAM! No more dance classes, no more workout studios, and no more childcare… how was I supposed to get back into shape!?!? 

I’ve done a little bit of running when Gary has been able to look after Pierce, but the only thing I’ve really gotten into the habit of has been walking. I’ve always been super active and just haven’t felt like my most authentic self without a solid workout routine that I can use to reset and get those endorphins pumping. It’s been difficult not to feel guilty for taking some me-time, and I’m trying to reassure myself that it’s necessary and actually allows me to show up better for my family in the long run. So this fall, I made it a TOP priority (I mean it this time) to find a routine that’s actually achievable (and enjoyable) during these crazy times especially heading into the holiday season. If you’re feeling the same, follow along for my top 5 pointers to get moving again.

Get the Right Gear

The best way to get me excited about ANYTHING is to get some new gear. Not to mention that any workout stuff I buy right now doubles as my go-to daily wardrobe with how much time I spend at home LOL. When I first started getting back into working out, I wasn’t setting myself up for success. My thought process was: I’m at home, nobody is going to notice if I wear my PJs and have a little post-workout sweat stink haha. BUT, I’ve found that feeling good when I’m working out has made a huge difference in getting me excited about moving my body. I switched to I Luv It natural deodorant not too long ago and was so amazed by how well it holds up during workouts! I’m constantly (and pleasantly) surprised by the fact that I don’t have to sacrifice smelling fresh for natural, clean product with I Luv It Natural Deodorant. They make all their products locally in Abbotsford and use all natural ingredients. Ever since I started digging into typical deodorant ingredients, I decided I was never going back! Those little sticks pack a ton of harmful chemicals that I don’t want anywhere near my pits or little Pierce (when he was still breastfeeding). Did you know that when your baby is breastfeeding if you are using a toxic deodorant the aluminium in it can be carried over to your newborn baby through your breast milk, yeah no thanks!! I love the scent of all the amazing essential oils I Luv It Natural Deodorant uses, and I actually get a little excited to put it on… is that weird? So go grab yourself a new pair of leggings and prep your pits with some amazing smelling deodorant. You just might find the idea of working out a little more exciting. 

Find a Class Online

While you might not be able to hit up your favourite barre class with the girls just yet, there are some really great online workout platforms that have come out of this time! I’ve found it really important to have a good rotation of classes that I know I enjoy and can rely on. It can be hard to hold yourself accountable to showing up for online workouts, so I like to schedule a virtual workout date with a girlfriend. It’s nice to know that somebody is sweating with me and we can talk about the class afterwards!! Some of my favourites include:

Make a Schedule

Unless I literally schedule my workouts, they usually don’t happen. And I don’t mean mentally scheduling them, I mean putting it right into my iCal and setting an alert!! This is a reminder to myself that the time I’ve set aside for movement is just as important as any appointment or zoom meeting (if not more). I’m really trying to prioritize my health and mind this fall and winter season, so this has been a big one. And it’s OK to move that appointment around, life happens!! I just make sure I’m not hitting that delete button and carve out the time to reschedule like I would for anything else in my calendar. I’ve found the best time to schedule my workouts has been in the mornings before Pierce wakes up. I’ll set my alarm nice and early (if we’ve had a good night) and sneak in a class or some movement. I’ve absolutely loved having this quiet time to myself and it sets me up for such a great day. 

Slow and Steady

For anybody that knows me… you know I am not the slow and steady type. I like to go 110% with everything from the get go (where are my type As at!?). And I usually don’t stop until the moment I hit the pillow.  I’ve always been able to dive right into the deep end with any kind of resolution or goal, but that all changed when I had Pierce. I had to make peace with doing things at a new pace. Everytime I created a huge workout schedule for myself and didn’t get to it, I felt defeated and it would derail all my plans. So starting fresh, I decided to approach things a little differently. I started by setting aside 1 workout a week, and once I was sure I could keep that up I bumped that up to 2…and so on. I’ve found that by slowly increasing my workouts over time, I’ve not only had the strength and given my body enough time to rest, but I’ve also been way more consistent.

Find Your Support System

Getting back into shape all on your own can be next to impossible, especially as a new mom. You’re already so mentally and physically stretched that even the idea of taking time to yourself can feel overwhelming and even a little guilt-ridden. While I try to sneak most of my workouts in during the mornings, I do love to catch the occasional IG live workout which doesn’t always line up with that schedule!! Having Gary to watch and play with Pierce while I take my yoga mat into the other room has made a huge difference. I also try to make (socially distanced) walking dates with my girlfriends so we can catch up and get in some movement at the same time. It doesn’t quite fill the void of a post-spin glass of wine, but hey… I’ll take what I can get at this point!!!!

Hopefully these tips will help you jump-start your fall and winter fitness routine. I know I’ve felt the pressure to have one nailed down before we get into the swing of the holidays, or there’s no hope! Then it’s straight back into New Year’s resolutions (crazy how quick the year goes by). I’m full on holidays…. maybe some I Luv It natural deodorant for my girlfriends so they can smell as good as I do while we walk?? LOL! Let me know if you have any other tips for getting into shape!!! 

  1. Colleen C says:

    These are great tips. Early on during the lockdown my husband and I were walking an hour plus per day…and then he went back to work and it just stopped. Thanks to pandemic baking I have popped on a few pounds that I need to get back off. I’m working out a schedule with a friend right now so that we can get in one good walk per week – and we will increase from there. And I agree with you on the deodorant – no one needs those nasty chemicals!

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