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Natalie Langston


This fall looks a little different… A lot of us are still working from home, sometimes coupled with homeschooling… which means, you guessed it: more time at home lol. It doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon, so I’ve been trying to get into a routine like I normally would for fall to keep some sense of normalcy. The temptation to stay in PJs all day can be especially hard to fight when you have a 1-year-old, but I’ve noticed that putting in the effort to get ready in the AM really kick starts my day and makes me way more productive. So with that in mind, I’ve been super excited to incorporate some new fall styles into my WFH wardrobe!!

At first, it was a struggle to find something that was comfortable enough to run around the house taking care of Pierce in (he’s so fast now!!!) but also makes me feel put together if I have to hop on a zoom meeting. But THEN, I had a total aha moment! I’ve been a fan of Smash + Tess rompers forever (I lived in them pre, during, and post-pregnancy) but I recently realized just how versatile they are for my lifestyle right now!

My go-to is the Sunday Romper in Midnight Black because it literally goes with everything. This romper has seriously been a lifesaver and has been more like my Monday to Sunday romper lo!! I try to get most of my work done early in the morning while Pierce is still sleeping so I love popping a blazer over my Sunday Romper. It keeps me feeling totally put together while still being super comfy — business up top and cozy down below haha. Zoom meetings I’m ready for you!

Usually, as soon as I hang up my first call it’s time to rush over to Pierce who’s ready to get going and have breakfast. If I have any more meetings, sometimes I’ll put Pierce in his matching Sunday Romper. It’s so cute when he makes a little cameo in my zoom meeting and we’re matching!!! Pierce loves it because the Smash + Tess’s signature bamboo rayon and cotton blend is soooo soft and cozy. He wears the 18-24 month size and which thankfully has little snaps on the back for easy diaper changing. It’s even unisex so I can tuck it away for my next little one (when the time comes). 

I’m obsessed with the Shay Romper right now. This is probably my FAVOURITE because of the drawstring waist, the zippered collar and the beautiful Navy colour!! It is stylish enough for meetings yet comfy enough for working from home!! Oh and there are pockets which are always a win in my books. Hello mom on the go here with way too many things in my hands all the time. Anyone else? 

When my meetings are done, I’ll usually whip off my blazer and throw on a sweater now that it’s a little cooler. If I have the Shay Romper on, that’s all I need. Then the real work begins… Now that Pierce is moving around, playtime has been taken to a whole new level. I can’t help but think things were a little easier when he couldn’t move around? LOL! Once Gary is home and I’m able to sneak off to the grocery store or run some errands, I usually layer a jean jacket over my romper and head out the door! When I’m back home it’s time for a sweatshirt and cozy socks while I cook dinner. Somehow I’ve managed to transition from work to play to errands to downtime all in my romper. 

I’ve also been eyeing some other pieces to spice up my fall WFH wardrobe, so I figured I’d share my shopping list with you!

  1. Underwear from Allbirds. I love sustainable brands and am so excited to try Allbirds’ new sets! 
  2. Loungewear from Club Monaco. I’m obsessed with their elevated loungewear basics and feel like they’d be good to have in the rotation for when my Smash + Tess is in the wash lol.
  3. This delicate necklace from Mejuri. It’s nice to put on a little jewelry even when you’re just at home, it makes me feel so much more put together!
  4. Oversized Sweatshirt from Reformation This is perfect to throw on for playtime and running errands. I love the Champagne colour because it looks super luxe even though it’s a sweatshirt!
  5. I recently discovered Pure Balanxed which is a Canadian made basics brand. I love anything made locally and am so excited to try one of their jogger sets!!

I’m all about versatility when it comes to getting dressed right now. So anything that takes me from day to night while looking put together gets an A+ in my books. I’m really trying to be thoughtful about my wardrobe for fall and only purchase things that I actually get to wear (aka dressy loungewear and basics, maybe no new heels this season lol). If you have anything on your fall shopping list, I’d love to hear about it! Maybe I’ll need to add your reccos to my own!!! Let me know in the comments! 


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