2021 Gift Guide: Favourites ‘For the Home’

Natalie Langston


The holiday season is back again and I am OVERJOYED to be sharing my gift guides again. I love seeing what goodies have been carefully picked out by opinions I trust, and having them sorted into categories honestly just makes the process so so easy!! I L.O.V.E. putting these together, getting to showcase some of my favourite brands and local small businesses, and imagining these beloved items wrapped up and under your trees waiting for your loved ones 🙂 AH it brings me such joy <3 <3 <3 Alsoooo, the gift guides miiight just give a sneak peek into what’s on my list of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways… 😉 More details to come soon!

So, without further ado, let’s break down some of my favourite gifts of the year for sprucing up your home!! Obviously, we’ve all been spending WAY more time in our dwellings over the past 2-ish years, so having new stuff to look at will be super refreshing! So this year I’m focusing on decor, comfort, and little things that will help to keep your mind clear when you need it the most 🧘‍♀️

1. Calluna Wall Mirror | 2. Small Flocked Tree with Jute Base | 3. Bean Bag Chair  | 4. Primrose Haven Side Table | 5. Standing Carved Deer  | 6. Cheetah Print Throw Blanket  | 7. Pink Cadillac | 8. Winter Cottage | 9. Heart Mug | 10. Fraiche at Home Digital Prints | 11. PomPom Wreath | 12. Pink Coupe Glasses | 13. Pillow


Art & Decor

Tiffany Reid is SUCH a talented artist, and she’s working on a custom painting for my office as we speak, that you can read about here! Check her Linktree for all her links ☺️

A framed print from Poster Jack for a special keepsake or to spice up a wall in an office.

The Cross has so many super cute ornaments!! A few of my favourites are: the Snowflake, the White Countryside Truck, the Pink Cadillac, and the House in Cloche.

OMG how GORGEOUS is this Calluna Wall Mirror??? It’s got such beautiful texture. The Arched style is my favourite.

This super cute winter Pompom Wreath for some plush wall deco ☁️

This little snowy Winter Cottage (it’s teeny tiny, don’t worry LOL) gives me The Holiday vibes hahah I need it!!!

Print and frame some digital prints from Fraiche at Home that pair with a pack of cards – I’m thinking cards that match the “Eat Drink & Be Merry” decor in your kitchen would be such a beautiful subtle reminder of all the cherished memories shared there.

Alllll the twinkly lights... cause honestly you can never have too many 😂

This Small Flocked Tree with Jute Base looks SO realistic and perfectly snow-dusted.

Obsessed with all these variations on cheetah print haha put it on anything and I’ll take it!! Sometimes you need a blanket that matches your outfit HAHA am I right??

 I love this delicate muted tone on The Heirloom Quilt by Flax Home for a soft and relaxing decor that will leave you in total comfort.

More holiday accents…. This Standing Carved Deer is precious!!

A side table from Primrose – they’re solid Cedar and have so much room for versatility!! Having a few of these in different sizes and stains would make it so easy to change up your living room without having to do much at all, and THAT my friends is the goal.

For the Foodie

I CANNOT get these Pink Coupe Glasses out of my head!!! I feel like having a wide selection of drinkware is a MUST during Covid to keep your Instagram looking fresh.

Ditto dishware!!! Fable Home has so many beautiful, modern options that come in eco-friendly packaging, and sustainability is just core to their brand in general. The Serving Ceramic Set and the Dinnerware Set are staples and you can use LANGSTONNATALIE10 for 10% off ❤️ Fable Home also donates a meal for every set of dinnerware purchased, so this is a great way to give back

I actually need this Retro Kettle hint hiiiint Gary.

I would die if someone gave me a matching heart mug and spoon … obsessed. I love everything on Primrose Lifestyle.

There are so many WONDERFUL recipes to be found in the Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook by Fraiche Living. They’re all plant-forward, including a tons of healthier variations on Ukranian childhood favourites. Tori Wesszer is a nutritionist and embraces the philosophy of “moderation without deprivation”. I absolutely stand by this! And of course, every cook needs a cookbook stand.

A subscription to Fraiche Table Meal Plan, a digital platform with Dietition approved and DELICIOUS meal plans, would be a GREAT gift (or even something to buy for yourself LOL. Meal planning can be so hard to maintain.)

A subscription to Fresh in Your Fridge is so perfect for anyone’s that’s too busy to REALLy focus on their health. Honestly, if it’s between taking the time necessary to prep healthy food for a limited diet (like FODMAPS) and or having a terrible stomach ache the next day, SO many people will pick the stomach ache because they just DON’T have the time!! Fresh in Your Fridge includes mealplans all specifically catered to YOUR diet by nutritionists!!

A Defrost Slow Cooker makes dinner sooooo much easier – just prep then set it and forget it! Try making a Slow Cooker Herb Turkey, Slow Cooker Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, or Slow Cooker Holiday Simmer for some favourite holiday-season recipes to get you in the groove.

A TableTop Compost Bin is a SERIOUS asset to any kitchen. If it fits, throw it in your freezer during the summer if your fruit flies get bad!!

Office & Organization

Photo albums are honestly one of the best gifts and they are SO fun to make. I love Chatbooks and you can use code NATALIES12DAYS for 20% off all products, good for 1 use per customer 🙂

OMG how relaxing does this 24 days of wellness calendar from Saje look??? I love the idea of having multiple advent calendars… because of course you need a chocolate one and can build from there LOL. 

I love having a diffuser like the Aroma Nook Kit in every room, especially the office, help to set the tone (scent matters!!) It can really help your brain to get into the “focus” or “sleep” grooves if you have one scent in your office and another in your bedroom/living room and are diligent not to bring your work into the bedroom (or vice versa 😉😂)

Give the gift of organization! NEAT Method will come into your home and help you to establish long-term organization habits. They also have a virtual option!!

The Self-Emptying Shark AI Robot will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. This is another “set it and forget it”, except that it sweeps and vacuums your floors sooo I don’t know about you but that’s like 15% of my week freed up pretty much LOL.


Pillow from Tonic Living – these are super high quality, Canadian, and are in our new nursery
(which I can’t WAIT to reveal!!)

Luxe Loungers is THE PLACE where style and comfort come together. They have so many beautiful & luxury bean bags and poufs, and there’s a little something for everyone including a ton of eco-friendly options and vegan leather!! They’re super comfortable and durable so they’re also great for kids. The Pear Vegan Leather in White is my absolute fave. 

There are never too many candles…. & I’m aaaallllllll over The Holiday Collection by Cat & Tae. I also love their Horoscope Collection!!!

Sugar Plum Fairy Duo from Saje because you can never have too much body butter!!

Isa & Mattinee Balloons for some extra-special event styling!! OMG if I had a standing credit with them I’d probably build my event around the balloons 😂😂

1. Calluna Wall Mirror | 2. Small Flocked Tree with Jute Base | 3. Bean Bag Chair  | 4. Primrose Haven Side Table | 5. Standing Carved Deer  | 6. Cheetah Print Throw Blanket  | 7. Pink Cadillac | 8. Winter Cottage | 9. Heart Mug | 10. Fraiche at Home Digital Prints | 11. PomPom Wreath | 12. Pink Coupe Glasses | 13. Pillow


Et voila, the “home gifts” list of your dreams (I hope!!) I also hope you had as much fun looking through this as I had putting it together. I LOVE browsing for new decor because the smallest thing can really make the biggest difference!! Plus having splashes of your personality around your house can be so reassuring on down-days, and having new arrangements to look at in your space can be MAJORLY helpful to maintain the “new you” you’re defining whilst going through a period of personal change/development 💡

Did anything from this list strike inspiration for you? Or do you have any other fave finds, or favourite shops(!!), that you want to add? Let’s talk all about it in the comments below 🙂 See you there!! ❤️


November 30, 2021


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