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Natalie Langston



Natalie Langston has merged her journalistic background, media expertise, and a passion for fitness and health, to inspire positive change in so many. BLUSHVancouver interviewed Natalie to find out more about the key that keeps her going day after day. This is a women who has taken her career by the reins, and is guiding it steadily with a deft hand. Beside’s being on every PR Agency’s media guest list, Natalie is sought after as an emcee, reporter, producer and more.



What ignited the spark in you to live a life with zest?
Growing up I was given many opportunities to try out a wide range of sports and activities to see where my interests and talents lie. I learned and participated in so many things that it really got me out there, broadened my perspective of the world and helped me to build up confidence and positive self-esteem that has shaped who I am today. I particularly loved the arts; performing arts such as dancing, music and public speaking. I was also fortunate to have done a lot of travelling growing up. I think that really ignites a zest for life and an interest for seeing the rest of the world.

What motivates you?
I’ve always been a high-achiever and I’m definitely a very A-type personality. So it is not that hard for me to be motivated with my life in general. Particularly in my work as a journalist, reporter, emcee and television host. I am always incredibly busy and I work very long days with a lot of time constraints and deadlines.


“It’s go, go, go all the time and I have no choice but to stay very motivated every day.”

How do you generate new ideas?
I generate new ideas from getting out and experiencing what’s new and happening. Fitness and fashion are my main passions. I also need to constantly generate new ideas to promote my own brands and productions so it is crucial to stay current, on top of things and informed about what is new and trendy. For example – Toronto Fashion Week, TIFF, VFW – are great for generating new ideas for fashion and I’m always checking out new gyms, fitness centres, clubs and yoga studios to stay informed and promote new fitness concepts and tips.

What has been your most satisfying moment in life?
Professionally – definitely interviewing Matt Damon and Johnny Deppduring the Toronto International Film Festival last year. I have admired their work for years and was impressed with how they stopped to talk to every single media outlet on the carpet. That doesn’t always happen with big A-list celebrities. Personally – when my best friend Natalia asked me to be the godmother of her child. That was a moment I’ll cherish always.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear? 
My greatest fear is probably being vulnerable and messing up publicly. I just have to remember that it’s my head creating a story that’s untrue. It’s never happened yet and I’m just being a little neurotic I guess. I’m my biggest critic…I gotta get out of my head and live more with my heart. So I’ll keep going with that and remember to not hold myself back.

“If you want a good friend, you have to be a good friend.” 

How do you build successful friendships?
We need to remember that no one is perfect so tolerance and acceptance are very important. We all make mistakes at times and for friendships to be successful and last we need to be there for each other. To be supportive, forgiving and non-judgmental a lot of the time is so crucial. Over the years we all go through many changes and face difficult times as well as the good times. I think successful friendships are the ones that stand the test of time. People that you can trust and depend on, and that are there for you.


What makes you happiest? What do you do in your non-work time?
I’m happiest out on the open water in Kits, doing some downward dog on my paddleboard. When life gets crazy, yoga and meditation help me to stay grounded and take a time out from life. I unplug, recharge, and refocus, so I can keep pushing towards my goals and dreams.



Natalie Langston is an upbeat, dynamic personality who has acted and danced both on stage and on television. You may know her as the Lifestyle Expert on JRfm, fitness and health reporter for BC Livingor host of Fitness On The Run but did you know in 2009 she became Novus TV’s youngest entertainment reporter to host and produce several productions? These are but a few of the the reasons why BLUSHVancouver chose Natalie to be this weeks ZEST Woman.

Natalie supports a wide range of philanthropic causes, including The Sparkle Project and is the Vancouver Spokesperson for Dress for Success.

Keep up with Natalie on her lifestyle blog natalielangston.com or watch her adventures on her  YouTube channel.

To see the original feature On BLUSHVancouver Magazine click here!

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