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I swear my life is all about laundry these days. It. Never. Ends! JUST when I think I’ve finally caught up, somehow the entire laundry basket is full the next morning. How?!!!!!!! Maybe because I have three boys in the house? LOL. And that’s including two toddlers who make suuuuch an incredible mess. They really take a toll on their clothes!!

All this means is that I’m going through an incredible amount of wash cycles. Our washing machine sure does get a workout! But while I’ve been trying to make our house as green as possible, I haven’t been feeling great about the amount of plastic I was seeing go into our blue bins from all the detergent. And my back was getting TENSE from lugging those huge bottles in from Costco…

Cue the introduction of Nellie’s cleaning products into our home. Nellie’s is a planet-friendly cleaning and laundry brand, with detergents in powder form so they’re not shipping water all over the country (and, their packaging is almost all tin & glass– minimal plastic!!). Their products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, AND free of harmful toxins, phosphates and synthetic fragrances. So you can see why they immediately became my favourite laundry brand!! And to boot, their products are tried & tested so you can be rest-assured that their products WORK.

Give Nellie’s products a try (they’re a total game changer, I really can’t recommend them enough) using code NATALIE20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase (excluding bundles, sets and sales items). The code will be active until June 30th, so get shopping! There’s plenty of time to get a huge order for Father’s Day, LOL!

Nellie’s got their name from the founder’s Mother (you guessed it, Nellie), who believed in honesty and simplicity LONG before the colour green was cool 😉. Nellie was such a believer in green cleaning that James Roberts (‘Mama’s Boy’ extraordinaire) created an entire line of cleaning products free of toxins and phosphates: all of which are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and highly effective; helping to keep our planet as spotless as our clothes! What a beautiful legacy to be carrying forward. Bence & Pierce, I hope you’re taking notes!!!

The product that I was first introduced to and that I highly, highly encourage you to try is their WOW Stick. It’s a portable natural stain remover that works WONDERS on all types of stains in and out of the washer. The boys literally stain their clothes, my clothes, bedding, everything, EVERY day. This stick has saved me soooo much $$ from having to replace things I thought were hopeless!! You can use it for literally everything- from oil stains to makeup, wine, grass… and everything in between. And you’ll feel great knowing that Nellie’s is Leaping Bunny Certified, which means the product was NOT tested on animals (❤️) and the ingredients are completely plant-based (❤️❤️.) Plus it doesn’t leave any icky chemical smell in our clothes, which I’ve definitely noticed from some of the non-natural big brands!

My laundry room is also stocked with their Laundry Soda for standard washes- hot or cold!! But. The Oxygen Brightener stain remover, which uses the power of OXYGEN to safely strip away dirt, odor and grime, is my other serious game-changer. What’s great about it being in a powder format is that YOU have control of how much potency you need!! For a standard wash just throw in 1-3 tablespoons depending on the size of load; or use it to pre-soak your whites; or use it to handwash; or create a more concentrated 1tbsp per 16oz (500ml) solution for upholstery, fabric, kitchen floors, counters, etc etc etc (put it in a spray bottle so it’s super handy); OR you can use the same concentration for spot treatment on carpets. Checkout the tin for more thorough instructions ☺️ I LOVE that it’s all-natural and multi-purpose.

Their lines range from laundry to kitchen & bathroom (I have my eye on one of their WOW Mops) to floors to pets to baby. They REALLY have products for the whole home and family!! Baby Laundry Soda is Laundry Soda plus a little bit of Oxygen Brightener to help remove stubborn baby stains while still being careful on their sensitive skin. 👶

As you can see, Nellie’s has QUICKLY become my favourite laundry brand. And my family loves them too because they can tell I’m a little less psycho about stains now that I have an easier time getting them out!!! LOL. There are so many reasons that I recommend introducing Nellie’s into your home, so make sure to use my code NATALIE20 at for 20% off your purchase (restrictions apply – see above; code active until June 30.) I can’t wait for you to fall in love with them just like we have ❤️

Do you have any secret “old wives” tricks for getting tricky stains out? Let me know in the comments below!

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Images by Teryn Lee Photography

This post is sponsored by Nellie’s Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



May 25, 2022


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