We’re Having a BABY!!!

Natalie Langston


We have been waiting to share some news for quite some time now and we’re finally excited to say … we are having a BABY!!!! I still can’t believe it! He or she will be making their appearance November 2018, which will be exactly one year from when we moved into our new house together. November seems to be our month haha. This blog is more honest, open and emotional but also super special to me and I’m so glad we can share a little more of our lives with you!!

I always knew I wanted to be a mom… but I just never knew how it would come about. It was when I met Gary that for the first time in my life I could picture a family. The last two years have been the most amazing years of my life but also the most crazy with many overseas trips for work and completely moving cities. But sometimes beautiful things happen in all the craziness and as fate would have it we conceived in February. I totally knew I was pregnant the minute it happened, but Gary wasn’t so sure. He just couldn’t believe it could happen so fast. I think he was hoping to keep trying a few more times haha. We know how much of a blessing our baby bear is and feel so lucky to be able to experience this little miracle together.

Even though I knew I was pregnant, from the 55 million trips to the bathroom I was taking or how super sensitive I was (Gary can tell you he even looked at me the wrong way and I was in tears), and the severe nausea and morning sickness I was experiencing, the pregnancy tests were still coming up negative. So it actually wasn’t until we were back from California, a day AFTER my birthday, that I did another test and it finally came up positive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

I can’t wait to share more about how this pregnancy has been going and how we’ve been feeling (because apparently Gary has pregnancy symptoms as well HAHA) so stay tuned for our next blog! It has a lot to do with my placenta and I would love to talk to you guys about it and maybe a few of you can relate that have had similar experiences or are going through it alone and need some comfort in knowing you are not alone. AND a lot of funny stories in there too, like Gary’s reaction and how he’s managing his own symptoms LOL.

In the meantime, I want you all to know we are ALL doing great, very healthy and super excited to meet our little GJ (Gary Junior) as we have all been calling baby, and I’m sure you can guess who came up with that one haha.

I have to say though being pregnant is definitely NOT what I expected AT ALL. It’s been a lot of weird feelings and a lot of firsts for me. We are constantly googling, is it normal to feel this, is it ok to eat that, and a lot of navigating through this whole process. I am honestly still in that phase of is this really happening? Am I really having a baby? I just can’t get over the fact that I’m growing a tiny little human in my body. I just find that concept wild!! And at the same time in awe of how amazing our bodies really are.

Every Friday, we wake up and check my Ovia App to see how big the baby is, this week GJ is the size of a corn on the cob!!!  I get so excited to check each week and I like to read all about what is new that has formed in it’s little body and I can’t help but peek at what is coming next. I am 22 weeks now, and part of the reason we have been putting off this announcement is that I wanted to actually FEEL like I’m pregnant. I finally have a good  bump (not just a bloated look) and have really started to feel the baby KICK!!! And THAT is the BEST feeling I’ve EVER experienced in my life. I have to say that is SO special when you feel your baby kick inside you and you are able to share that with your partner.

It feels so surreal but at the same time I have so so so much joy, love and gratitude knowing that this special little one will be joining our family. We can’t wait to meet you baby bear and keep you all posted along the way!!!


Photography by Brooklyn D Photography 



July 28, 2018


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