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Natalie Langston


Thanksgiving always gets me thinking about what I’m truly thankful for. It’s easy to rattle off all the usual answers, but I like to take some time before jumping into the holidays and REALLY check in with myself. I personally like to express gratitude in a journal and then look back at my entries over the years. If you’re ever in a rut, there’s nothing quite like looking at a written page with all the things you appreciate most about your life. This year has been unlike any other…and I’m SURE I’m not alone in having felt a little hopeless, sad, and even frustrated at times. More so than any other year, I’m soso thankful for mine and my family’s health. 

I’ve been making lots of shifts around the house to keep everybody as healthy as possible, like cooking plant-based meals, going for long walks to get our steps in, and switching to all clean and natural products. It’s been a slow process but has been so worth it. The more I started researching how to make healthy shifts, the more I knew I couldn’t go back to eating and using all of these processed items!!! One of the changes I’ve made that I’ll never look back from is switching to natural deodorant. Drugstore deodorant is seriously bad news with so many health risks that have been linked to breast cancer! So scary!! I’ve been using I Luv It Natural Deodorant, which is made without ANY synthetic ingredients and actually works. I’ve put it to the test working out, running all around town with Pierce, and even on high-pressure work days. I’m obsessed with all the yummy scents, and it keeps my pits feeling so soft as if it were an armpit moisturizer LOL. My goal has been to get Gary on the natural deodorant train, and I just spotted some I Luv It in his toiletry bag. I’m hoping to toss out the Old Spice any day now. Woo! Such a win!

Making shifts for your health is all about small changes and baby steps. It can’t all be done at once, but to kick start some healthy habits and to show you how grateful we are for each and every one of YOU… I’m launching a GIVEAWAY with some of my absolute favourite local and sustainable brands. My friends at Nena Glacial Skincare, I Luv It Natural Deodorant, EO Healing, and The Sweet Life Apparel have teamed up to give you an amazing package with a $350 value!!

EO Healing is giving away $200 in products alone!!! I love that they have sustainable packaging especially the sunscreen as it is made from sugarcane. all of their products are plant-based and feel so luxurious. Made for women AND men to help them boost their confidence.

Nena Glacial Skincare is giving away some of my favourite products. I absolutely LOVE their cleansing cream, probably the best cleanser I’ve ever used. NENA is a natural skincare made with sustainably harvested and clinically proven Glacial Oceanic Clay from a pristine source in Northern British Columbia. Rich in over 60 minerals and botanical extracts, it helps cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin. Vegan-friendly, EWG-verified, no harmful chemicals and you can only expect full transparency with their ingredients.

The GIVEAWAY package includes:

$200 in products from EO Healing

Clay Mask, Moisturizing Cream and Hand Sanitizer valued at $50 from Nena Glacial Skincare!!

Two full size and one sample natural deodorants from  I Luv It Natural Deodorant. Scents include Natural Trailblazer (Baking Soda Free), Naturally Fresh (Lavender and Orange), Naturally Sensitive Sweetheart sample tin (Also, BS Free) valued at $50!!

$50 gift card from The Sweet Life Apparel!!

Package valued at $350!!! 


How to Enter:

Tag a pal and leave a comment on my Instagram give-away post. For 5 bonus entires comment below with what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!!

Good luck you guys!! I seriously can’t wait for the lucky winner to give all these amazing local brands a try. I’m so thankful for all my partnerships in our community and I absolutely LOVE sharing them with all of you. Let me know what you guys are thankful for, I’d love to hear!

Natalie xx 



October 10, 2020


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