Ten Thousand Villages Fall Accessories

Natalie Langston


Fall fashion is right around the corner and with that I’m taking a hard look at my closet. What do I have, what do I need and most importantly, how am I going to pull it all together?

A new season calls for new accessories and since I’m always looking for unique and fun ways to dress up (or down!) my wardrobe it only makes sense to look in store!

In a recent trip to Granville Island I rediscovered Ten Thousand Villages. Now many Vancouverites know this store, it’s been around for ages, in fact the company itself has multiple locations and while I’ve popped in from time to time, I don’t think I had even remotely considered them as a place for accessories! Well, happy to say, I hit the jackpot! Here are my top three finds:

Brass Geo Cuff– $16

Crazy affordable and pairs easily with anything! I love that this piece is big, chunky yet the geometric cut outs make it quite simple and clean. I love the contrast of the brass against that end of summer tan. I’ve paired this cuff with both jeans and a t-shirt as a well as a more formal dress and heels!

One thing you’ll LOVE about Ten Thousand Villages is the origin stories of each piece. This cuff came from the makers at Tara Projects. Tara Projects works with adults in craft-making and helps to develop schools and health services in communities where government aid is unavailable.

Silver Fan Drop Earrings– $70

I can’t get over how gorgeous these earrings are. I catch myself starring at them in the mirror. I love these earrings for an outfit that has a fair amount of detail to it—be it pattern, texture, color etc. These earrings are that added ‘oomph’ that make the outfit complete. They’re intricate and subtle all at the same time!

These earrings come from Mahaguthi in Nepal. The Mahaguthi markets are home to the handicrafts of over 1,000 artisans from 150 workshops throughout Nepal. Most of which live in remote mountainous areas, an amazing 85% of whom are women able to use their traditional craft skills while working in their own homes. 

Eco Leather Messenger Bag— $169

If the Vancouver smoke-out has taught us anything it’s that our air quality matters to us! Not seeing the mountains for just one week was devastating and such an eye opener that other countries live in smog like that 24/7. It makes you want to do what you can to never reach that state again—it’s a big task at hand but it starts with making small changes. The products at Ten Thousand Villages are not only ethically sourced but environmentally sustainable. Arguably my favorite addition is the Eco Leather Messenger Bag. It’s a great everyday purse with lots of storage and a clean, simple design.

The eco-leather is crafted without using hazardous chemicals in the tanning process. Instead of azo dyes, formaldehyde and other substances, eco-leather is tanned using materials derived from sustainable tea bark extracts and waxes. This “vegetable tanning” was used in ancient India to tan leather.

Medallion Carved Bookends– $40

While not an ‘on body’ accessory, these Medallion Carved Bookends might be my favourite home accessory I’ve added to my collection in YEARS! Something about September has me reaching for fresh reads that carry a bit more weight than my favorite summer beach reads. These stunning pieces were crafted from an Indian soapstone, palewa, sourced from the village of Agra.

Natural Cork Wallet– $59

Handcrafted from cork, this wallet is as versatile as it is eco-friendly! It fits all of my cards, it fits into all of my purses or is stylish to wear on its own and the bark renews itself after harvesting. Trees are left standing ready to grow the next harvest. How great is that?!

With thirty-five stores Canada wide, Vancouverites can pop into their local shops on Granville Island, Langley, Abbotsford or shop online! Happy hunting!   

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Thank you to Ten Thousand Villages for Sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own. 


September 13, 2017


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