Six Tips for Home Office Bliss

Natalie Langston


As most of you know, I run my own show—between photo shoots, campaign meetings, media events and keeping up with my blog and all of YOU, I am ‘entrepreneurial spirited.’ Being an entrepreneur means so many things… no set schedule, making my own calls, working with brands I truly care about and of course, building something with your own name on it undoubtedly comes with an overwhelming sense of pride! What also comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur are the countless hours spent on-the- go to and from meetings, a serious slavery to your phone, knowing the best places to order take-out dinner and loving what you do so much it almost never feels like work (but quickly becomes a true test
of willpower to stop and separate it from real life). There are a gazillion and one hacks to making life as an entrepreneur ‘easier’, read: more efficient so you can spend even more time crushing goals; but today I’m sharing my favourite ‘Home Office Tips’ that make working from home not only productive but actually quite enjoyable.

1.) Stylize your Sanctuary — one of the reasons I love my home office so much is that I’ve taken the time to create a bit of an oasis, it becomes a treat when I get to work from home. I have inspiring artwork, comfy chairs, cozy blankets, a beautiful desk and my Saje diffuser pumping out Liquid Sunshine. Not only does my space encourage me to get down to business even on the Mondayist of Mondays but it also inspires me to do my best work. I’m loving Wayfair or Home Sense for furniture finds and Urban Walls to help add a little extra to your walls without committing to a new paint color or wallpaper! If you’re looking for office inspo, look no further than Pinterest. Tons of great ideas for every style!

2.) Queue the Lights — if you’re splitting your time between an office building and your home office, you’ll know one of the biggest annoyances of an office building are the overhead lights! I don’t know about you but they totally strain my eyes! By the time I get home my eyes are dry and I feel like I’ve added half a dozen new wrinkles from squinting so hard. At home I use the Philip’s Hue A19 to give me optimal lighting for all scenarios. Long day of writing? No problem. Office selfies? I’m covered. Impromptu dance party? Check, check and check. You’ll wonder how you ever did without lighting like this.

3.) Master Distraction — it’s no joke how distracting it can be to work from home, at any given time there are a bazillion and one things to be done and when you’re at home, they’re almost all within reach. It’s tempting to just blow off work and get down to business so on days where I’m at home, I start my day by sipping on my coconut milk latte and making a list of non-work related things that need to get done. I usually limit myself to 3-4. Then I grab my kitchen egg timer and I head to my office. I set my timer for an hour and then I break, spending 10-15 minutes completing a task from my list. This keeps me moving, keeps me focused on my work and I feel like a total superhero accomplishing so much in one day! More chores done during the week means less errands to run on the weekend! If you’re sitting there thinking “what chores can she possibly get done in 15 minutes?” Well, let me tell you… I order groceries online at, fold laundry, prep dinner, run a vacuum through the living room, pay my bills, book my eyelash appointment and even call my mom for a quick catch-up! The list goes on, just make it small, digestible pieces.

4.) High-Tech Headphones—When your entire day is spent on the phone, you’re going to want to have a fantastic set of Wireless Bluetooth headphones. I have the rose gold Beats Solo3 and I absolutely love them. Great for listening to tunes, catching up on the latest PRIV Talks Podcast and even conference calls! Plus the added bonus of being able to walk around without carrying my phone makes those 15 minute chores that much easier!

5.) Go Big or Go Home — or do both in this case. The bigger the monitor the less strain on your neck and shoulders from glowering over your laptop. This is one of my biggest reasons I have ‘work from home’ days. It gives my posture a much needed break from that life on the go and let’s you work twice as fast without having to toggle back and forth between open windows on your laptop! Pro tip: if you’re using your phone for e-mails all day, I suggest a phone or tablet screen to provide some protection for your eyes. I got mine from Telus, I’m always surprised by all of their innovative tech tricks that i’ve never even heard of.

6.) A Personal Assistant — Wouldn’t that be great? I’ll end my list of Six Tips for Home Office Bliss with ‘get an assistant’, right Natalie (queue eye roll)! While not exactly an assistant Google Home comes pretty darn close. When you have a million and one tasks to do, notes to keep, fleeting thoughts and balls in the air Google Home takes down your notes, sets alarms, adds to your reminders, creates shopping lists, reads back your schedule and even gives you details about your commute—should you dare leave your home office! Definitely a luxury product you’ll love so much you’ll want to gift to everyone this Christmas! If you order the Google Pixel 2 right now on Telus, you get a free Google home mini! Double the Christmas gifts, or you can keep one for yourself.

I am always looking for little ways to make work and home life that much easier. If you have any tips or tricks, share in the comments below!

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Photography by Brooklyn D Photography

Thank you to Telus for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own. 

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