Refreshing Your Space for Spring

Natalie Langston


We’ve been talking a lot over the past few months about the positive impact of starting fresh. Whether that be starting your day with a fresh face mask and moisturizer, or starting your year with a new perspective, there’s always something positive to say about a refresh. Now that we’ve talked about health and fashion, on this week’s JRfm feature I wanted to talk about your living space which I’m also sharing with you here! Whether you have a limited budget or limited square footage, we have some ideas about how to update your home and make it feel fresh.

01 Update your artwork

This seems like a no brainer, but changing both the art and the LOCATION of the art in your house makes a huge difference to the space. For example, putting the bright yellow painting from the hall in the dreary grey dining room might be exactly what your space needs. I like to switch out my Minted prints every few months, I feel like it gives new light and new perspective.

02 Cut the rug

Okay, maybe I’m not talking about dancing. I’m talking about the living room rug. The old one that you’ve scrubbed red wine out of more times than you can count. I think a rug brings a room together and purchasing a new rug can totally transform your space. I love the Wayfair “View in Room” feature on the Wayfair app I have. It lets you see how a product will look in your space before you buy it. It means you can take a photo of your living room and place a bunch of rugs virtually to see which one looks best.

03 Invest in your perfect couch

A couch is a big commitment; it’s the centre of your home, a place where dinner, drinks, laughs and cries are shared. It’s also a big investment, but it’s important to consider that a good couch is something that you will likely use every single day for years to come. Choose one that’s good quality first, comfortable, fits yours style and fits your home. I love this couch from Article called the Triplo Milkyway Ivory sofa – it has a slim and elegant profile and the cushions are down-filled so that you can really get comfy.

04 The Accent item

In my opinion, the perfect accent item is always a chair. I like to keep most of my decor quite neutral, but I love a statement chair to elevate the space. If you’re looking to update your space with one foul swoop, I suggest purchasing an accent chair. Some of my favourites are from Mobilia, they have a real modern feel that could elevate any space. If an accent chair is outside of your refresh budget. Toss in some accessories like new couch pillows and throws to give your old furniture a new look. These don’t have to live in your living room, you can put an accent piece in your office, bedroom, or even dining room too!

05 Get some life in there

No, I’m not suggesting that you get a pet, or have a baby. I’m talking about plants and flowers. If you’re Vancouver based, you know that things are dreary and grey a lot these days. Adding some indoor standing plants, some fresh flowers and botanicals to your space instantly makes things feel fresher, can increase oxygen flow and filter your air! I recently added some fresh plants to my laundry room, which I spend a lot of time in folding clothes and getting out stains (PS. this Tangent GC stain remover is the best and has sunflowers). It has made my time in a starch white space so much more enjoyable.

New home, who dis? I hope you’re feeling inspired to revamp your space – it’s such a nice feeling to have a fresh perspective. If all of the above seemed too cumbersome, you can simply move around some of your stuff. The coffee table book can live on your bedside table now and your favourite candles might want to move to the bathroom. Simply rearranging your existing items is also a great way to refresh. While that makes a difference, I want to give someone the opportunity for a full on makeover.

Natalie’s Spring Refresh Contest

I’ve partnered with Mobilia to give you the accent chair of your dreams!!!! No, we’re not picking, they know it’s a personal choice, so they’re giving a lucky winner $600 towards their dream statement piece. Can you believe it guys?? I’m so so excited for you to WIN!!!  

TO ENTER: Click here to WIN!!


Good luck!!!

Xx n

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography 


February 22, 2018


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