Pierce’s Journey with Solids

Natalie Langston


Let’s talk about food! But not grown-up food, I’m talkin baby food. Pierce just turned ONE (which I CAN’T believe) and I’ve been breastfeeding him for a little over 13 months now. I had a goal of breastfeeding for the first year, and I’m so proud of both of us for surpassing that!!! At 6 months we started experimenting with solids, and it has been such a journey testing out all kinds of foods throughout the Baby LED weaning process. Although sometimes messy, it has been so rewarding watching him make his own decisions and develop a palette for taste!

A huge part of this process has been having the right setup. I like to think of it as Pierce’s own personal dining room set! Pierce’s high chair and all of its add-ons are from Buy Buy Baby, which had everything I needed for feeding time. The most important piece of course being the Stokke high chair. I love how it fits in perfectly with our décor and has so much opportunity for growth! I’m all about investing in pieces that will last and that Pierce will be able to grow alongside into his toddler years. 

Pierce has been trying EVERYTHING and anything. I started out with green foods and slowly worked my way into the sweeter vegetables in hopes that he would develop an appetite for all things green! And I must have done something right because he sure loves his avocado and steamed broccoli (my kid likes broccoli!? I’ll take it!). Other foods he loves are scrambled eggs, raspberries, strawberries, yams, oatmeal, watermelon, oranges and bananas. I’ve also been mixing us both up a green smoothie in the AMs with kale, celery, cucumber, spinach and broccoli. Recently he has been loving pasta, all sorts of pasta, penne pasta, pesto, spaghetti, he loves it all. The great part when he has pasta is that it is a slow-burning carb and sustains him longer so he sleeps longer periods at night.  Discovering his faves has taken a lot of trial and error. I like to choose a few different foods to put on his tray, which attaches to his high chair, and just let him start playing around!! Having him experiment while he sits with us gives him a place to feel included in family dining time and join us for every meal.

I know what you’re thinking… doesn’t most of the food end up on the floor? (and maybe we shouldn’t be wearing white) And the answer is: sometimes yes. Pierce has an amazing appetite which I’m so thankful for, but we for sure encounter our fair share of messes while playing with our food! At first, I was worried this would drive me nuts as I’m a littttllllle bit neurotic when it comes to keeping things clean, but it honestly doesn’t bother me at all! He usually feeds in his pjs or naked so he doesn’t ruin his clothes, and I always put something down under the high chair to catch all the fallen bits and pieces. I picked up this splash mat from Bed, Bath and Beyond and we find this works well to save our floor and furniture. And when Pierce has a nice outfit on we don’t want to get dirty I throw this long sleeved bib, we have it in hearts and it’s so cute and allows him to still be able to touch and feel his food without the mess. 

To go along with his chair, I got the matching straps which keep him secure while he stands up on the base board of the high chair all on his own! This helps him feel a little bit of independence during eating time which has really helped as he builds up confidence trying different foods! To make sure he’s super comfy in his chair I also added a cushion from Buy Buy Baby with the cutest little mountain print on it. My main goal in Baby LED weaning has been to make sure Pierce feels safe and comfortable to experiment, so he can start on the right foot with solids. Are you guys doing the Baby LED weaning process? If so, how are you finding it and what tips have you mamas picked up?

Natalie xx

Warin Marie Photography 

This post is sponsored by Buy Buy Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



January 29, 2020


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