Our Gender Reveal Party

Natalie Langston


Gender revealing, a perfect excuse to have a party right? We had planned to not find out the gender of the baby early on but unexpected things happen and we decided to have one. I like planning and getting things organized ahead of time so knowing the gender will makes things easier.  

Since it was going to rain we had to move the party inside to our house and decided to have either blue or pink balloons burst out of a box that my sister arranged. We were so happy we decided to reveal our baby’s gender this way and it was such a nice surprise and pretty easy. I picked up some of the decor items like the cute baby bottle frames, girl and boy balloons, matching napkins and plates and the boy/girl game from Party City. All of the balloons were also from there and I advise anyone to go there for whatever party you’re planning because they literally have everything you could think of as far as parties are concerned. 

The table was divided down the middle with half boy things and half girl things.  My favourite part was the centre piece which was a beautiful cake I had made by Ashley Rose. She took my vision and all of my ideas and brought it to life. The flavour was chocolate peanut butter, one thing I can’t get enough of this pregnancy, so we managed to get it in the cake 😉  GJ – Gary Junior on the cake, what we’ve been calling him before I was even pregnant and it seems to have stuck… don’t worry this won’t be his actual name but hey it’s a fun nickname that just might stay long after he’s born haha.

We had macarons in blue, pink and white: Kira from Kizzy’s Macarons is the master when it comes to macarons and she made us a ton of blue, pink and white ones for the party that tasted absolutely delicious in some of our favourite flavours (cotton candy, cheesecake, dulce de leche, vanilla bean, and many more).

The chocolate strawberries supplied by The Black Orchid Co, were a crowd favourite, absolutely stunning and tasted like heaven!!

And of course I love having fresh flowers in the house and it just made sense to have some pink and blue ones for the occasion. 

I really wanted to add a special touch to the whole arrangement so I added the ultrasound photo of our little baby and a photo from our pregnancy shoot to share with all of our friends and family!! If you’re thinking of having a gender reveal party I highly advise it even though its been done many times before and older people will roll their eyes. As long as there are drinks, food and games the people will have a good time!

We could not have been more thrilled to have seen those blue balloons and knowing that a little baby BOY will be in our near future!! For me it was just confirmation because I had a very strong feeling and now I can continue referring to the baby as he/him as well as Gary Junior, for the time being. 

n XO


Thank you to Ashley Rose, Kizzy’s Macarons and The Black Orchid Co for such beautiful treats for our guests!!! 

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography.



August 29, 2018


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