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Believe it or not, Pierce is old enough for a Big Boy Room and it’s finally time for me to reveal it to you!!!! I’m SO excited to finally show you what we’ve done to this room… We worked with designer Maria DeCotiis (here’s the link to her social), who lent her expertise and insight to pull my vision together… and boy, did she bring it to life. Read more about Maria and her company in Bence’s Nursery Reveal Post!!

It’s been a TON of work transitioning from nursery to now, but so worth it. If you want to know more about the before, Pierce’s nursery was actually featured in Global BC and I Like Her Style Magazine. You can check it out starting on page 33!! But for now, keep reading for the 6 categories you’ll want to keep in mind while designing your toddlers new room… and our very own Big Boy Room Reveal….!!


For his new Big Boy Room room, we focused on a theme of “Busy Cars and Trucks” with accent colours of Navy Blue, Cream, and White. That theme made the most sense to me because cars and trucks are Pierce’s favourite things right now and I just knew it would make him SO happy. And I was right. When we revealed the space to Pierce he just hugged me and I said I love you mom 🥺. My HEART!!! Melting!!! I love everything we chose and had custom created for this space, and hope you do too!! 


We decided to keep the wallpaper from his nursery and work with it to transform the space into a big boy room for Pierce. It’s the Cannes Wallpaper from Urban Walls. I love the blue and grey stripes and really feel that this will grow with him as he grows up (wahhhh 😭😭). But if we decide to leave, which we probably will, then it would be a great backdrop for any space as it’s neutral enough. 

We ended up leaving the drapery as is too and I’m SO thankful for the beautiful very creamy white blackout curtains from Stylit Window Designs. Maria also recommended we keep the area rug (Salsa Rug from CF Interiors). I looove the creamy, neutral backdrop it brings to the room.

Bing, bang, boom… Going the route of retaining the more structural elements saved us sooo much time and money to focus on other aspects!! And since they’re pretty neutral colours to begin with, it didn’t feel like any of this stuff was really in need of a big change and it was a no brainer to let them lead our colour palette for this transition. GODSEND. Wallpapering can be such a mess (literally). At least Urban Walls makes it so easy for those times that you do need that change-up!!

Big Boy Bed

Giving Pierce a big boy bed happened a LOT sooner than I had expected…. It was probably the most emotional transformation for me since it means my baby isn’t really a baby anymore!! Here we are, one step closer to being a teenager :(((( Okay okay we’re still a little while away but you know how the mind of a Mom works, LOL!!!

Maria suggested a bed either in white from Pottery Barn or a navy upholstered headboard with neutral bedding (also from Pottery Barn.) Now I’m usually all for white everything but with delivery times being super long at Pottery Barn and I really wanted a pop in this space, I decided to go with the Navy Blue Upholstered Bed in Twin XL that we found from Wayfair

For the bedding, we partnered with Haven Sleep on Pierce’s new bed and pillow. Haven Sleep is Canadian-quality with zero-off-gassing and they’re non-toxic and plant-based/vegan friendly. All qualities that I am VERY much behind. For the mattress, we got their Haven Jr Twin XL and for the pillow…. Omg the pillow. We got their IceGel pillow and I’m telling you, it’s so comfortable that when I lie next to him at bedtime sometimes I straight up fall asleep and Gary has to come get me. Lol. #MomProbs

Pro Tip: Always have 2 options for sheets. It makes laundry day SO much easier… I hate it when I forget bedding in the washing machine or it just isn’t dry enough in time and someone has to stay up or I have to find a makeshift that I’m just going to have to remake tomorrow.

So for sheet option #1 (drumroll please), we’ve got the comfy cozies, The Flax Sleep Bundle in Cloud (Twin), which includes the Sheet Set and The Duvet Set. And these are really the MOST comfiest sheets. I want some for our bed to be honest haha. I combined it with an UGG Quilted Comforter from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it’s like you are sleeping on a CLOUD, the combination is literally heavenly!! 

For option #2, I got the cutest truck sheets ever from HomeSense Canada. Who doesn’t love a good HomeSense find?? HomeSense items can be notoriously difficult to track down online, though, so here’s something similar from Pottery Barn: Busy Trucks Bedding

A few other pieces of bedding that made it on to my list:


For lighting, we have a beautiful light fixture from Kichler Lighting with gold and black elements. We also have bedside table lamps that we got from Bed, Bath and Beyond that have black elements… They were a bit of a splurge but I LOVE them and everything feels really cohesive since the side tables have gold hardware. I’m super super happy with how all that worked out, especially because I wanted to keep the side tables clean with just a few decor items like the motorcycles and a few choice trucks and styled books. 

I swear we have a Saje diffuser in every room… Scent just adds so much depth with barely any effort, and I love being able to use it subtly to set a mood. For example, if Pierce is having a hard time falling asleep a few drops of lavender can work WONDERS!!

The Denim Ottoman from Luxe Loungers was a last minute addition that I just LOVE in this space. The colours and texture work so perfectly. We had photographed it for a holiday shoot in this space and fell in love with it so decided that it would make for a beautiful piece year round! Pierce loves to play with it and it provides another place to sit when we read him one of his favourite books during the day. We definitely do a lot of snuggling at night as Pierce likes to stay in his comfy bed for our bedtime routine (and 3 books of his choice 🤓) but like I said, that bed is so dang comfy that if I got in it in the daytime it would be lights out at 2pm, LOL. 


Lovely Maria found a gorgeous white oak dresser and side tables, both of which we partnered with Style in Form on. They work SO BEAUTIFULLY in the space. And that gives Pierce lotsssss of room for his clothes and books and whatever toys he wants to keep in his side table drawers. Right now it’s mainly books and some special coloured eggs from his Aunt at Easter last year. 

We had leftover shelving from our master bedroom from our project with Stor-X, so Gary completely customized the closet. Now we have WAY more storage solutions plus more space to hang Pierce’s coats, jackets and his fancy outfits and rompers. We even decorated the inside of the closet with wallpaper that we had leftover to really elevate it. I’m so happy with how it turned out!! 


I wanted to keep the decor clean with only a few key elements. 

Maria thought baby blue Pehr Baskets would look lovely in the closet, but I ended up going with a more neutral Pom Pom Basket that I found from HomeSense Canada. This was mostly another cost saving measure, because our budget from Pehr was maxed out in the playroom and nursery 😂. 

I did follow her suggestion of adding accent pillows, though, (you know I LOVE an accent pillow). I found a really cute Dump Truck Pillow from HomeSense Canada… and since I can’t post the exact link for it, here’s something really similar from Pottery Barn Canada!

For obvious reasons, I decided to keep the custom sign from Carly of CannFoster Creations that was in his nursery. It’s such a beautiful reminder to slow down and cherish the precious time I have with him ❤️ I layered it with a beautiful print Amy took of Pierce and I, which was printed and framed by Posterjack, and a vintage brushed bronze bicycle from HomeSense Canada. 

Posterjack is an AMAZING all-Canadian company based in Toronto. They make everything in-house for total quality control and are one of the few remaining photo printers in Canada!! Crazy. I’ve used Posterjack for a few different projects now and can totally attest that they genuinely care and are committed to providing you with high-quality prints and frames!! Because BOY does it make a difference to have great photos of your little ones around while you watch them grow up 🥺❤️

We kept the Homemade Dreamcatcher from Jenny Evelyn Dreamers that was a gift at my Baby Shower from my good friend Tara ❤️ and added a big Pehr basket with all of Pierce’s stuffed animals. Here’s a link to something that’s similar to what we bought!

We left the shelves but changed up some of the decor to tie in with our busy trucks and cars theme, adding in some model cars and some custom art. Kathy from Little Splashes of Colour, who I found on Etsy, was INCREDIBLE to work with. She did the smaller train piece on the shelves along with the 3 featured trucks on the wall. Those are VERY special to Pierce as he chose those 3 specifically and are his absolute FAVOURITES. We had Kathy customize them to the colours in the room and she painted them with watercolour and we had them framed at PosterJack

Kathy completely blew me away with these pieces and I would HIGHLY recommend her for any art in your little one’s rooms!!! She’s incredibly talented and SO lovely to work with. A joy in this world to say the least. I will definitely have her do more art for us in the future. 

A few other pieces of decor that we styled with:

Can you BELIEVE Pierce is ready for a big boy room?? He’s already 3 years old, which is just boggling to my mommy brain. Thankfully Bence will still be a baby for a few more years!!! Watching the little ones grow up is so gratifying and yet so strange… it feels like just yesterday that I was tearing it up on the dancefloor 😂

How do you help your little ones transition their rooms as they grow older? Or do you have any questions on how to do so? That’s what the comment section is for!! I’d love to share any specific tips you need and learn from you as well ❤️


Images by Janis Nicolay 


Product List

Wallpaper: Urban Walls 

Creamy White Blackout Curtains: Stylit Window Designs 

Salsa Area Rug in Cream/Beige 1: CF Interiors

Navy Blue Upholstered Bed in Twin XL: Wayfair 

Haven Jr Twin XL Mattress: Haven Sleep Co.

Haven Icegel Pillow: Haven Sleep Co.

Bedding: The Flax Sleep Bundle in Cloud (Twin)

UGG Comforter: Bed, Bath and Beyond Canada 

Busy Trucks Bedding: Pottery Barn

Heirloom Quilt (Fog): Flax Home

Everly Chenille Throw in Atlantic: Urban Barn

White Throw Pillows: The Cross Decor and Design

Armstrong 3 Light Flush Mount Black: Kichler Lighting

ADESSO Emmett Desk Lamp in Brushed Steel: Bed, Bath and Beyond Canada

Aroma Om Diffuser: Saje Wellness

Denim Cotton Luxury Ottoman: Luxe Loungers

Hara 6 Drawer Dresser in White: Style in Form

Hara 1 Drawer Accent Table in White: Style in Form

Closet Shelving: Stor-X 

Dump Truck Pillow: Pottery Barn 

Pom Pom Basket – Bin (Mist): Pehr 

Custom Sign: Cannfoster Creations

Truck Art: Little Splashes of Colour

Printed and Framed: Posterjack 

Homemade Dreamcatcher: Jennifer Evelyn Dreamers 

Vintage Airplane: RH Baby and Child 

Classic Mobile (Little Lambs): Pehr 

Prayer Beads: The Cross Decor and Design 

Bashful Navy Stuffed Bunny: Jellycat

Hatch Sound Machine: Buy Buy Baby 


May 31, 2022


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