My 3 Favourite Holiday Dresses YOU Need

Natalie Langston


If you hadn’t picked up on it yet … I LOVE the holidays. It’s my favourite time of year, and I like to have everything prepped in November (have a peek at my recent blog post on how to decorate your tree!) so that I can really lean into the season and enjoy myself. That means taking full advantage of all the parties and events – any excuse to get dolled up really! While I love being a mom more than words can express, it feels so good to spend an evening away from the little babe and feel like my independent self again – any opportunity to throw on a party dress that I feel great in and socialize! It’s so important to make time to nurture those relationships I don’t always have time for on a daily basis.

If you’ve been keeping up on Insta I’m sure you’ve seen all the updates from my media tour! I wanted to be event-ready for the trip so I packed all my fave dresses from Park & Fifth Co. These dresses are the epitome of the holidays and I have been so excited to throw them on and get out there! Today I’ll be sharing three of my favourite holiday dresses for the three occasions you’re sure to come up against this season. My advice: find a dress that flatters your figure, makes you feel glam, and let champagne take care of the rest!!

The Office Party

Whether it’s your own, your SO’s, or a girlfriend’s, the infamous office Christmas party can be difficult to dress for. You don’t want to be too over or underdressed, too boring or too out there, conservative but still fun. So much to consider! My office party pick is the Rennie Dress. It checks all the boxes! Bra friendly? You bet. Flowy enough to break it down on the dance floor? Yup! And best of all, it leaves a little room for all the appies you’ll be indulging in. Not to mention the beautiful print that brings out the shininess of the season. I just wore it for my CTV segment in Regina and got so many compliments!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner to me is all about being festive. The Kendal Dress screams holiday with its rich velvety texture and deep raspberry colour. The super flattering v shaped neckline makes for a playful plunge while still keeping it classy and sophisticated. At the end of the day, comfort usually takes the cake, so it’s important that I can spend a whole evening in something without the urge to change. Which happens more often than not these days running around with Pierce on my hip! It’s crepe lined which feels ultra-luxe against the skin, and the relaxed fitting skirt leaves jussssst the right amount of room to compensate for turkey.


No holiday dress guide would be complete without a NYE look! I love the Bowen Dress because it embodies the glamour of the season while being very chic and minimal. Not only is it perfect for NYE & other holiday events, but it’s such a versatile dress to own year-round. Throw a chunky knit over it to wear during the day, or bring it back out come summertime to wear to weddings! The bias-cut satin creates such a flattering shape on all body types and channels your inner 90s supermodel. We’ve all got a little Kate in us.

The perfect dress makes you feel like you can take on any crowd and win over any in-law, boss, new acquaintance, you name it. The power of feeling great is a magical thing! I love the dresses from Park & Fifth because they’re always feminine, flattering, and cut to make you feel your best. Purchase any of these dresses online or at one of their locations in Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary!




Photography by Warin Marie Photography

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