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Natalie Langston


Motherhood has been the most rewarding, challenging, exciting and magical time of my life; I’ve dreamed of it since I was a young girl but nothing compares to the first moment you meet and hold your little one. I’m so excited to share this experience with one of my best friends Natalia, we’ve been attached at the hip since we met in the fourth grade… I know our little ones will be the best of friends too, who knows, maybe we’ll have a Love Rosie moment here and they’ll fall in love when they’re older, wishful thinking?! I had the honor of throwing a Sip & See for Natalia and her sweet baby girl Mila; if you know me you know I LOVE hosting events and parties but they can be stressful to plan because you want everything to be perfect– I’m going to share some of my top tips for a magical, memorable Sip & See!

I can’t get over how cute these two are! And Pierce trying to hold her hand, I die!!
Personalized Welcome Chalkboard from Wedding Star to set the scene for when guests arrive


Milena Natalia

Born: April 12th @ 8:20AM

Weight: 7.1 pounds

Long piano fingers and toes

Beautiful, feisty girl with sass

Mimosa Bar
Natalia’s designated chair to open gifts in
Gift table

We picked a color theme of: white, cream, blush pink and gold – the perfect colors fit for a princess! The decorations were stunning – enough to make anyone swoon! We had the most beautiful balloon garland from Little Rose Party Company, Italian ruscus and sandstorm roses in a sandy blush color weaved their way through the balloons from Maple Ridge Florist, creating a truly magical arch. We placed this in a picture nook with Milena’s name displayed along the mirrored back wall; I LOVED this idea; it was SO CUTE! To match, we added Balloon Garlands to our Mimosa Bar Table, yes you read that right MIMOSA BAR and a featured ballon near our Captains Chair for Natalia to open her gifts in!! 

The scent of fresh florals danced around the house thanks to the beautiful arrangements from Shelli at Maple Ridge Florist, seriously they’re so captivatingly beautiful that we scattered them everywhere: front entrance, gift table, kitchen, along the fireplace, you name it we’ve placed Shelli’s flowers there! On the topic of decorations, I’ve listed some of my other favourites below:

1.       DIAPER CAKE – Come on, how adorable is that! They’re super cute, fun and easy to make, they also make a great centerpiece for a table! Steph made ours from a tutorial online, it was a big hit and you can turn it into a game—I’ll touch on that a little later!

2.        CAKE TOPPERS AND NAME SIGNS – They’re the perfect way to brighten everything up, these delicate, sophisticated touches add so much class and elegance. Lisa and Viet Vu from Vancouver Laser Cut Co were an absolute dream to work with and they’re so incredibly talented! Sending Lisa so much love and light as she’s currently in her third trimester; Pierce and Mila are so excited to meet their new friend!  

Personalized Mason Jars for Party Favours from Wedding Star
Personalized k’Pure box with products for a new mom!

3.       PERSONALIZED MASON JAR FAVOURS – It’s all in the details, personalizing a gift bag for your guests is such a special little keepsake to remember and cherish the day! Ours were simple and stunning from Wedding Star, personalized mason jars with details of Mila’s special day for all our guests to remember; filled with favours from K’pure Naturals and CND Canada. Karen from k’Pure was so generous to send over a beautiful personalized box filled with goodies for a new mom.

4.       DESSERT TABLE –  Maybe this should have been the first one, it was definitely a crowd favorite! First- we had a gorgeous cake by Amanda from Panda Cakes; Naked Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Coconut Buttercream and Raspberry Jam Filling… is your mouth watering or just mine? This glorious table also included matching cupcakes: vanilla with raspberry cream cheese and red velvet with cream cheese icing, Macarons: white chocolate ganache and strawberry jam – Ooh-be & Coco fromubeandcocobakeshop made these tasty additions and I was SO blown away by the details in these!! We also had the BEST vegan cookies from my dear friend Izabela of The Cake Mama , plant based sweets & pretty things, that we’re out of control delicious. We had some white chocolate covered strawberries, fresh fruit and some light snacks… this table had an array (okay a plethora) of treats to choose from and believe me there was no way people weren’t going back for seconds or thirds… maybe even fourths! And the best part? We had favour bags ready from Wedding Star for guests to use to take home extra treats. 

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese – Ooh-be & Coco from ubeandcocobakeshop
Vegan cookies from my dear friend Izabela of The Cake Mama
Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing – Ooh-be & Coco from ubeandcocobakeshop
White Chocolate Ganache and Strawberry Jam Macarons – Ooh-be & Coco from ubeandcocobakeshop.
White Chocolate Strawberries I ordered from Thrifty’s!! And the LOVE dish is from Wedding Star!!
Personalized Party Favour Bags from Wedding Star to take extra treats home.

When the guests are all settled in and migrated away from the treats table (for now), the activities can commence; I’m a sucker for a good game.. anyone else? Games always bring the group together for some light, laughable fun, seriously I don’t know what it is about baby games, maybe because they’re so darn cute but you can’t help but grin ear to ear when playing them! Below I’ve listed my favorite games from the Sip & See:

1.   WOULD YOU RATHER – Simple, fun little game that you can print from Etsy!

2.   DIAPER CAKE GUESSING GAME – As promised above, of course you can make this diaper cake into a game! The days of guessing how many jellybeans are in a bottle are gone, now guess how many diapers it took to make the cake! My sister made the diaper cake and we added florals from Maple Ridge Florist and even a cake topper from Jodi at Glitter Paper Scissors!! She also has other amazing party toppers, garlands & confetti that I might just need for another party coming up!!

3.   PIN THE SOOTHER ON THE BABY –  A classic game with a baby themed twist, you could even personalize it by printing a picture of your little one!

Would You Rather Cards I found on Etsy and printed at Staples

4.   GUESS THE POO – Okay, Okay, I know this one sounds kind of gross but BELIEVE ME it is fun and is guaranteed to claim a giggle or two from the room! Pick out 6 different chocolate bars then melt each of them into a different diaper (make sure you hide the answer sheet), have everyone smell the diapers and then guess which diaper belongs to which chocolate bar – you must get all 6 to win!

The cutest advice cards from Twigs & Twirls.

5. ADVICE CARDS – We also had advice cards on the table near our entry way for any guests who felt like they had advice for Natalia that they could leave them for her here. We had such a great time reading these after and laughing at all the funny drawings. These are from Melissa at Twigs & Twirls.

Ever New has some of the prettiest jumpsuits for summer. I’ve linked a similar white jumpsuit from Ever New below.

On days like this, comfort is key but let’s be real comfort needs to also be cute!  I wore a white jumpsuit from Ever New with beautiful lace detailing, which has quickly become one of my favourites; it’s a wardrobe essential. The white jumpsuit has wide legs and accentuates your waist… it’s so comfortable you almost forget you.r wearing clothes! Easy to wear, appropriate for any spring/summer event and always a conversation piece!

There was a rose gold background from Little Rose Party Company that made for the best Instagram worthy photos for guests!!
We had beautiful white disposable cameras with silver hearts from Wedding Star on the tables for guests to take photos and remember the day!

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Mila, the sweetest little bundle of joy, than a day filled with great company, tasty treats, fun games and SO MANY laughs and smiles. My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much! We hope you enjoyed our tips and favourite details as much as we did and that this gives you some ideas of what you can do whether you’re attending or hosting a Sip and See!!

Let us know if you’re planning on throwing a party this summer and if you have any questions let us know!! 

Would love to hear from you in the comments below!! 

Lots of Love,


Photography by Jenna Hill Photography

Thank you to all our partners for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.


July 15, 2019


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