Let me teach you how to R E L A X!

Natalie Langston


If you were to take one look into my phone calendar (Timepage is the best Calendar), you would know that I have a tough time making relaxing a priority. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very grateful for my career and my lifestyle, but there is a very important balance between work, play and rest that I try to keep at an equilibrium.

It’s really important for me to schedule in “relaxing time” seriously, I put it into my calendar. If I have no prior plan, something will always come up and soon enough I’m throwing on my Pajamas and face planting into bed. Where do the days go?!?

One of my favourite zen activities is yoga. If you know me, you know that I’m quite the yogi, and this is because it allows me to let go of any stress or conflicts from that day. I can slip into my black cutout tights and Adidas crop top and shut off my brain for an hour. I make a commitment to myself every time I step into the studio to focus on me, my breathing, my body and my health and to try my best not to think about work. I find this personal promise really impactful; when the stressful thoughts enter your mind you can acknowledge them and just say, okay I’m going to put this on the back-burner for later. It’s important not to be critical to your own thinking – we cannot control our subconscious! 

For times where my relaxing consists of staying in, there is nothing better then a great book, a flickering candle and a glass of my favourite wine. These evenings help me recharge after a long day leaving me feeling fresh and more connected. I ACTUALLY turn my phone off, silencing it doesn’t do the trick.. I’ll still check and watch my email inbox grow. I always have the Saje Relaxation Diffuser Blend in the diffuser in my room (I have a different diffuser in every room of my house haha) I swear these oils are so calming. Tranquility is my favourite!

I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up on the west coast, but something about the ocean makes me so calm. Whether it be the middle of summer, or the dead of (icey) wineter, you can find me running the seawall or laying down with Gary listening to our favourite music. The ocean has a good way of helping me clear my mind and sort out any inner-conflicts I might have.

Then there are the weeks that feel like they’ll NEVER end. These weeks call for drastic measures. Either an appointment at the Float House or a glorious trip to the spa! This is a rare occasion, but sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself! If you aren’t familiar with the Float House, it is a spa in Vancouver that specializes in sensory deprivation other wise known as floatation therapy. You are given your own room and floatation tank. Then, you guessed it, you go for a float. It is the perfect place to put your mind at ease with the added benefit of feeling amazing after a session. If you haven’t tried this before, I definitely recommend it! It’s quite liberating to be left alone with your thoughts and not be consumed with the feeling in your body.

Relaxation is so important for your physical and mental health (trust me, I have to remind myself all the time). All you babes who are running from job to job, or from the office to the playground, please make sure to take some time for YOU. Make “ME” time an important part of your lifestyle!

How do you relax??

xx n


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