How to switch up your living space (without breaking the bank)

Natalie Langston


All this pregnancy business has meant that I’ve been spending A LOT more time at home. In my line of work, I’m always on the move, hopping from city to city and popping by different events every day. Learning to slow down has been a huge adjustment for me. Thankfully I’m loving our new house, but even after six months of hanging out here a lot….I felt ready for a change in our space. When I told Gary I wanted to switch things up, I thought he was going to faint. I love all my furniture and decor, and repainting those high ceilings weren’t an option. I had an idea… What if we just move some of the furniture around and update some of the art. THAT was a plan that handyman Gary felt a little bit more comfortable with haha.

Since I’ve been spending most of my time in the kitchen and living room I wanted to focus on refreshing that area. My mantle was the victim. As a focal point of the house, I thought it was the perfect place to implement some changes. The first place I looked was Minted. And I don’t mean I took a quick glance. I mean my pregnancy brain spent an entire afternoon sifting through the hundreds of customizable options. Next time I’m going to use their new styling service which offers FREE Gallery Wall Styling and Art Recommendations. Check out this link for more details.

I wanted pieces that felt warm, inviting and were of abstract nature so that I could spend some time gazing at them as I practice mindfulness. The first piece I went for is called “warm sunlit sand” as I’m spending time inside, during a grey rainy season, this piece immediately resonated with me. The idea of pulling a tropical sandy (abstract) beach into my space was a no brainer. I layered it with this beautiful modern layered piece. I have been really attached to his idea of layers. Meeting Gary, buying our house, getting pregnant, they all feel like these beautiful magical layers being added to the life of Natalie and I love the idea that this print represents that story.

The whole refresh took just a couple of hours, we moved a few things around, put up our new pictures and the space felt so much brighter. I think it’s important to make small changes in all areas of your life when things are feeling stagnant. Thankfully updating artwork did the trick.

You can find seasonal art prints from Minted here,  for some foil-pressed art gifts just in time for the upcoming holidays click here, and to text a photo to Minted to help you with your own style click here.

How do you guys keep your space fresh without buying new furniture every month?

xx N

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography

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