How to make this your best valentines day yet

Natalie Langston


I know what you’re thinking; here we go, another 50 Shades of Grey movie – oh I mean Valentine’s day. Well, I’m not going to tell you to crack the bottle of red and rent a movie, I have some ideas that will make this Valentine’s day stand out. They might even win you some brownie points with your significant other.
01 Sealed with a fish at the Vancouver aquarium

From 6-10, an adults only Valentines day affair. Pucker up for an intimate After Hours Valentine’s Day affair. From cocktails, coral sex talk, and a date with a penguin. A truly unique way for singles and doubles to feel the love. Only taking place a few times a year, these popular events sell out fast. Whether you’re wifed up, or looking for love – this is a fun and unique place to be on Valentine’s day. From cocktails, coral sex talk, and a date with a penguin. A truly unique way for singles and doubles to feel the love. Only taking place a few times a year, these popular events sell out fast.

02 Have dinner catered in

Yes, Valentine’s day is a great time for dinner out, but it’s also a good time for a special dinner ‘in’. There are a number of Vancouver catering companies that you can use to make this a special night in. Cue the candles, turn on your favourite romantic record, get out the good china and surprise your significant other with a nice dinner in the comfort of your own home. I love using Truffles Fine Foods for my parties-in.

03 Farmers Apprentice flower theme

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Valentines day? No, not chocolate, I’m talking about flowers. The Farmer’s apprentice has created an all-floral themed menu with an assortment of edible flowers. They have both a “herbivore” flower menu and an “omnivore” flower menu for the romantic evening.

04 Perform your love letter

Sometimes with busy schedules, the thought that counts the most doesn’t come in a tiny blue box, it comes from the heart. Rather than a bottle of wine and earrings, what about a box of chocolates and that song she’s been bugging you to learn on the guitar. If you’re feeling really romantic, you can write and perform your own song – but I know you’re not all built like Justin Timberlake. I love Purdy’s chocolate as a Canadian brand who use only 100% sustainable cocoa. Not only can Purdy’s customize your chocolate to cater to your loved ones, they also have chocolate CLASSES – You can learn the art of making your own truffles or chocolate bark which makes for a great date night with your significant other.

05 Spa day
Yes, Valentines day lands on a Wednesday this year – which likely means you’re working, but what’s more romantic than ditching all of your other obligations for the person you love. Skip the gym, skip the day at the office and head on up to Whistler’s Scandinave spa for a day in the pools. Can’t make it to Whistler? What about a couples massage at Spa Utopia?

So, cancel the dinner reservations at Earls and do something special. After a rainy, cold and grey January, your SO deserves to feel-the-love! I know I know, you treat every day like Valentine’s day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step it up every February 14th. If you thought I was a hopeless romantic, you haven’t met the team at Purdy’s. Not only is custom chocolate the perfect addition to any of the above Valentine’s day dates, they also have killer gift baskets.

What’s your secret to a romantic Valentines day?

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February 9, 2018


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