How to Make Healthier Choices at Starbucks

Natalie Langston


Raise your hand if you’re a self-declared Starbucks Addict!!!! I know I am. Starbucks has done an amazing job of catering to the needs of the masses. There are vegan options, dairy-free options, AND vegetarian options. In my opinion, a quality that makes Starbucks so loveable is how CUSTOMIZABLE their options are. You have a choice between at least 4 regular and nut milks. We’re able to pick the desired warmth of our beverage. Baristas will even add separate ingredients to a beverage to truly make it YOURS. Aside from beverages, Starbucks has a selection of donuts, bagels, sandwiches and lunch trays! 

With all of these healthy (and not as healthy) options, what’s a girl to do? I’ve put together a list of my go-to Starbucks choices that keep my diet – and me – happy.


1. MAKE YOUR OWN SMOOTHIE. Starbucks proudly serves Evolution Fresh green juices. When I’m craving a snack, I always select the “Sweet Greens” flavour, by Evolution Fresh. I then ask my barista to blend the green juice with some ice and a banana. The final result? A green smoothie that I can enjoy on the go, without any guilt!

2. GO DAIRY-FREE. Personally, I do my very best to avoid dairy on a regular basis. Dairy affects my skin and my digestion negatively. Luckily for me, Starbucks offers coconut, almond and soy milk. I can often be found ordering a Flat White with coconut milk. I still get my latte fix in, without the dairy!

3. VEGAN BREAKFAST. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that the Starbucks Multigrain Bagel is actually VEGAN. If you grab a packet of Starbucks Organic Avocado Spread on the side, you’re able to easily enjoy “avocado toast” while supporting your ethical lifestyle. 

4. EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES. Starbucks offers containers of freshly cut up fruit and veggies. On a day that I’m filming in the studio, I always make sure to grab a veggie container to snack on. Eating raw produce is one of the best ways to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

5. SAY GOODBYE (kind of) TO SUGAR.
One of the easiest transitions to make in your diet is to slowly ease up on your sugar and salt intake. If you’re CRAVING a Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte, HAVE IT. When you order it, just ask for “half-sweet”, you’ll satisfy your cravings while making the drink 50% healthier.

Alright fellow Starbucks lovers, go forth and drink your lattes with pride! I’m the first one to admit that it’s not always easy to avoid retail chains, but I hope these tips allow you to choose RESPONSIBLY. Remember to never deprive yourself of anything, moderation is key!

Do you guys have any healthy Starbucks tips that you’d like to share?! Leave me a comment below, I’d LOVE to hear about them. PS, I can’t be the only one who drinks my coffee with a straw. 😉

Xx, N

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June 22, 2018


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