How I’m Celebrating the Holidays

Natalie Langston


Ok so as you know I was really trying to get sh*t done as you say and prioritize everything, so I was able to get all of the stressful stuff out of the way in November; work deadlines and partnerships, our Countdown to Christmas, our house decorated, Christmas shopping done, wrapping gifts… so that when December came I could focus on spending time with my boys and truly bring the magic of Christmas this year… Baking, singing Christmas songs, lots of dancing in our pjs, enjoy some Christmas movies, snow angels in all of this snow we just got, wintery walks to look at Christmas lights, Glow Langley, Van Dusen Festival of Lights, the list goes on… Today I’m sharing how I’m celebrating the holidays to inspire you this season!! 

Well it’s safe to say I got most of it done (I’m still wrapping Gary’s gifts haha) and I’m trying to slow down and be present with my little ones while they are young. You never know how long you have, none of us do and this year showed me that, after losing all but one of my grandparents, it was heartbreaking and surprisingly none to COVID. Anyway I feel like there is so much pressure to create Christmas magic for our kids… I truly hope that I do. The thing about childhood is I’m not quite sure what they will remember and what will stand out, when they are making one of those memories that will stay with them for years to come… you know the ones you remember so vividly it’s like it was yesterday. I’m very mindful of this and I just want them to have a calm, peaceful, loving home with both their mom and dad which is something I only had for one Christmas. More than anything I want them to have that warmth and love come Christmas morning.

This year we had all of our friends FINALLY over. Gary and I are dressed up as Elves and we insisted everyone come in something festive! Ugly Christmas sweater, costume, whatever they had wanted to rock! I made a huge batch of mulled wine and the house was lit haha. We haven’t done too much baking this year, but I really felt like I had a handle on everything else. Pierce’s first Christmas concert at preschool AWE, another first at the Christmas tree farm at Aldor Acres for a class field trip and we loved cutting down our Christmas tree. 

Another tradition is that I give all 3 of my boys a gift to open Christmas Eve and it’s usually our matching pjs. This year they are from Currently Tyed and they are such high quality, so soft, well made and the best part is they are winter berries so we can wear them long after Christmas is over. A new tradition I’m going to start now that Pierce is a bit older, I bought a beatiful vintage version of T’was the Night Before Christmas and I hope to read this aloud each Christmas Eve. 

Christmas eve will be at our Aunt’s house for crafts and appies! I can’t wait to see all my boys light up on Christmas morning. This year I will have the Kinderfeets tent set up in their playroom with twinkly lights around it, pillows and blankets below and they are both just going to DIE when they see it. I CAN’T WAIT to see their faces!!!! There will also be bikes for both and a scooter for Pierce!! I think I might even be more excited than they are for them to see it all haha. Brunch we host both of our parents and my sister, to open presents with the boys along with a gift exchange and a massive frittata bar, that will be SO delicious. Christmas dinner is always at my moms and this year is no different. I can’t wait to head over there after the boys nap and bring our yams and my gingerbread cheesecake and just have a wonderful wonderful time!! It’s the absolute BEST. 

Right after Christmas we are heading to Victoria. Gary booked us in for 4 days to do the aquarium, the bug museum, Butchart Gardens for NYE and a fancy late dinner with the littles. I might try and sneak away for a relaxing massage. I am in desperate need of some R and R. I have a hard time relaxing, shocker I know but I’m learning to slow down and be more intentional with my time. 

Know that if you ever have questions—I’m only an email away. I hope you all have a MAGICAL Christmas filled with quality time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to take time to slow down and be present! How are you spending the holidays this year? How do you decide how to split time between families and make your own traditions? I’d love to hear from you!


Images by Sarah Amaral Photography


December 23, 2022


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