How I Decorated Our Home for the Holidays

Natalie Langston


This year is a little different than last year, I’m not pregnant or delivering a baby. So I feel like this year I have SO much time on my hands haha… kidding.. well sort of. I feel like I have a better handle on our decor this year  as well because I’m not trying to furnish our house and I actually had a few minutes to plan out what I’d like to do instead of just throwing it all together like last year. 

I wanted this year to be extra special for Pierce and Gary to enjoy and to be really present during the holiday season and spend the time with them instead of stressing if the house looks just so. That’s why I started decorating in November. I have been meaning to get this up before now, but it’s better late than never, right?!?!

We are staying Home for the Holidays this year, other than a little getaway or two. We are actually hosting a house full of people on Christmas Eve with all of Gary’s family coming over, the last I counted we were at 14!!! So with the house decorated and everything in its place, that’s one less thing I need to worry about. So I thought it would be fun to share how we decorated for the season to help you make your home feel a little more festive and a little more comfy and cozy!!

I didn’t just decorate the living room, or the main level, I went for it and decorated Pierce’s nursery, our guest room, and even the Master Bedroom and Ensuite!! I just wanted everything to feel extra special and magical this year. It’s the first Christmas Pierce knows a little of what’s going on. I can’t wait until next year when he is talking and asks about Santa!! I mainly worked with Bed, Bath and Beyond on everything you see below. I’ll make a note of what you’re seeing from Bed, Bath and Beyond so you can re-create some of my decor tips in your own home. They are literally your one-stop shop for everything you need for Christmas from entertaining essentials to the perfect gift and as a new mom that is so crucial these days!!

Before I let you go, two quick and dirty tips that I like to use for any holiday season decor is 1. add in 2-3 festive pillows, maybe a red throw that make you feel festive and fun in any room and 2. add in some twinkly string lights in areas that need a bit more warmth and a little sparkle. They make a big difference and are super affordable from Bed, Bath and Beyond!

So any who… grab a coffee or a mimosa if you’re feeling festive and take a scroll through all of the rooms of our home in my holiday home tour!! I’ve tried to link everything that I could find for you to shop online!

Wishing you all the VERY best of the holiday season filled with SO much peace, joy and love!

Natalie xo


Entry Way

Let’s start here as this is the place where you welcome your guests into your home. I love our mini trees by the door and the side table. I wanted to really create a festive vibe when you walk in. I also included a wreath on either side of the door and a mini house scene along the entry way table that I picked up from Bed, Bath and Beyond! I included a touch of red with the warm, red Ugg throw also from Bed, Bath and Beyond alongside some pinecones.

Living Room

I put the most care and attention into the living room of course, the heart of our home and where we spend most of our time. I love that we have an open concept living area where our living room, dining room and kitchen flow nicely into one another. I chose to go with a red, gold, white and cream theme with some plaid elements thrown in. I wanted our living space to look beautiful of course but also on theme and the easiest way to do that is with some pillows and throws ranging from high to low price points. I incorporated a few from Bed, Bath and Beyond in with some from Mobilia Canada and HomeSense!

At first I decided to place our Christmas tree in the middle of our living room and dining room but if you’ve seen on my stories tonight, I decided at 4am (which is when I get the best ideas haha) to move our tree to the living room next to the fireplace. I’ll try and snap a photo and update this tomorrow, but I’m pretty happy with this move and I think, THINK it might be staying this way next year!!! I also had our stockings custom made from an Etsy designer called Burlap Babe. They unfortunately  were sent after we did our home shoot but I’ll also include a snap of them tomorrow for you to see!! In the meantime, these are Bee & Willow from Bed, Bath and Beyond!! If you need any help with some last minute tips on decorating your Christmas tree check out the blog we did here!

The mantle has a garland in our colour theme injecting in some natural elements like pinecones and cotton. I also included some gold and cream ribbon on either end to bookmark the mantle. I like to always have something around the fireplace to make it look cozy and some birch wood and flocked trees were the perfect touch. And then you can go in and add some accessories like some greenery, a Santa Clause and some items on the coffee table. I love incoropating the string lights here and whereever needs a little extra sparkle and warmth. We also put a garland up the stairs using zip ties and command hooks and added in some red berries and pinecones here as well. I love how this room came together, feeling festive, cozy and full of warmth and love. 


I didn’t do too much in the kitchen because I wanted to keep it clean in here but I always like to add a wreath above the stove that Maple Ridge Florist created for us. I added some festive red and green Christmas tea towels from Bed, Bath and Beyond and a few other items like the pinecone centrepiece.

Dining Room

For our dining room we actually did a blog on how you can create a beautiful holiday tablescape in your home here. You’ll be able to create an elevated setting to host in over the holidays that will have all of your family and friends buzzing well into the new year.

I also dressed up the bar nook we have with some burgundy stemware and some highball gold rimmed glasses. And of course the pineapple is a talking point amongst anyone that stops by.

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year and I can’t wait to share this beautiful space with everyone we love this holiday season!! 

Pierce’s Room aka The Nursery

This was one of my FAVOURITE rooms to decorate for the holidays and I can’t wait until little Pierce knows it’s Christmas. I’m sure he will be just like me and get so excited for the holidays. 

I switched out the tree in the corner for a flocked Christmas tree. I just LOVE this and thought that he might like to decorate this one himself as he gets older and make this into a yearly tradition. I added classic red colours in here and a nod to the plaid again because why not? Plaid is a trend this year you know?! ha ha

I added a garland along the crib as he isn’t sleeping in here yet so I could have a little more fun than I normally would if he weren’t co-sleeping with me. 

I love the merry pillow and the plaid tones in the throw all of which are from Bed, Bath and Beyond. These are super easy to inject some fun in this room and make it super cozy and sweet for Christmas. I also added in some toy nutcrackers from my dance days of dancing in the Nutcracker. I’ve been saving these to share with my own kids and it makes my heart so happy to be able to put these in his room now!! 

Master Bedroom

I went with warm whites, creams and a bit of blush pink to tie in with our master bedroom colour palette we already have in there. I love to add string lights above the bed that creates a nice dainty feel of warm light. Of course we had to have a flocked tree in the corner and mini trees on both nightstands. Above the bed is a white berry wreath that is so beautiful from Bed, Bath and Beyond that fits our decor perfectly. 

I went with some grey and white checkered pillows that add the perfect touch to the bedding from White Terry that is 100% organic and lusciously soft. The “I Love Us” pillow is the perfect touch to complete the look from Bed, Bath and Beyond! 

I incorporated a few other elements and the Oh Christmas Tree frame with our new family holiday photos is one of my favourite touches. I am so happy with how this room came together and how cozy you feel in here. Oh and to complete the look we added a rug to warm everything up and add a little brightness to the carpet from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

Master Ensuite

I just added a little Christmas Cheer in here. The easiest way is to change out your towels without changing too much of your decor. Bed, Bath and Beyond has some fun Christmas towels here that aren’t over the top with some that have the little red truck and red accents like we’ve done here.

Guest Room

Gary thinks it feels like a rustic chalet in here and I couldn’t agree more! I went for a very cozy, comfortable vibe in here with the burlap “let it snow” pillow and plaid accents again. I also incorporated a faux fur throw and some string lights again here. To finish the room I added a sheepskin rug and some pillows at the end of the bed to warm up the space and bring some brightness to the dark carpet. 

My Office

As you can see the colour palette is my fave with white, creams, silver and blush pinks. I added a few Christmas decor elements on the shelves and moved my desk out for the season to leave room for the tree. My office is right off the foyer so it is the first room people see when they come into our home so I LOVE to dress this room up a little for Christmas. 


And for the front porch we added some flocked trees, a sled that says Noel, a flocked wreath with some plaid in there, some lanterns and a garland around the door to tie everything together. The trees and garland actually come in a set that you can get from Bed, Bath and Beyond!! I love that Gary turns on all the lights before I get home because he knows how much I love to see them as i pull into our driveway… such a good man! 

Photography by Warin Marie Photography 

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