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Natalie Langston


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Your loved one means the world to you, but your world has been mayhem. If you’re like me and Christmas is your busiest time of year — you may have yet to cross “gift shopping” off your to-do list. Your tardiness doesn’t mean that your special someone should be getting a Starbucks gift card. In fact, your tardiness shouldn’t make your gift any less special at all. I have lots of ideas that will keep Christmas exciting, meaningful and thoughtful. Read-on last-minute-ers.

01 A Special Spa Day

A spa-day is a meaningful gift that helps your loved one relax and feel pampered, the best part. It can be purchased the same day!

Some of my favourite local spots are:

Pacific Rim

Wedgewood Spa

02 Hobby Lessons

Whether it be guitar lessons, dance classes or cooking lessons, this is a great idea for someone who keeps talking about trying something new.

I’ve been to a few Dirty Apron cooking classes, they were super informative and tons of fun!

03 A local Getaway

Our favourite place to get away is at the Four Seasons Hotel in Whistler. We can’t wait to take the baby there in the New Year. Even though it’s close, it feels like a world away with cozy fires, hot cocoa and smores.

04 A Subscription To Texture

The modern magazine subscription. I love reading magazines, but it gets cumbersome lugging around 5 at a time. Texture lets you access TONS of magazines for just $9.99 a month. You can purchase annually too! 🙂

 05 Support A Charity In Your Friends Name

This gift is as easy as it is meaningful. Donate to a charity that would have meaning to your friend or loved one. My friend Karen from K’Pure donated in my name to BC Women’s Hospital and I was blown away by this gift. Some brands like Obakki Foundation even have printable gift donations like a bicycle for someone in need or clean water for life for a family in your friends name.

06 Concert Tickets

This is such an easy one. This can be purchased immediately and can obviously be catered to your loved ones favourite artist (Keith Urban or Justin Timberlake wink wink Gary).

07 Always Keep Wine On Hand

Before the Holiday season, I always stock up with a few blank greeting cards and a few cases of wine. This is for the ‘OH CRAP I’m heading to dinner and have nothing in hand’ kind of nights.  I’m crazy about A Sunday In August because their labels are a beautiful art piece in themselves.

08 A Subscription To A Food Delivery Service

More and more of my friends have been using these services. Espeically new moms who can carve out 30 minutes to cook but just simply can’t get around to grocery shopping. Here are some of my favourite food delivery services.

Fresh Prep


Fitness Foods

Okay, hopefully you’ve officially exited panic mode. The trick with last minute gifting, is to make the gift feel like it was well thought out.

Any other last minute gift ideas I’m missing? God knows if anyone can use them, it’s me.

xx n

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