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Natalie Langston


Today I’ll be sharing my gift guide for TODDLERS! Pierce is almost two (he’ll be two next month—OMG!), and he’s just starting to wrap his head around the concept of Christmas. Santa is beginning to get him excited, and he’s just as obsessed with Christmas decorations as I am. Every day when he wakes up from his nap, he brings me around the whole house to turn on alllll the Christmas lights. I can’t even tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel to know that my mini loves Christmas as much as I do!! I can’t wait to see him light up on Christmas morning for the first time and share that moment with Gary. I have some amazing ideas for Pierce that would make such great gifts for any little one, so away we go!!!

Winter Clothes

While your toddler might not be getting excited over clothes just yet, I feel like getting clothes on Christmas for the new year is a tradition I can’t pass up! Pierce will be getting these adorable distressed jeans by Little Bipsy Collection at Lagoon Baby which are soft and stretchy but look just like dad’s. I’m going to pair them with this very west coast sweatshirt from West Coast Wild Child Co and a pair of high-top boots from Little Bipsy Collection at Lagoon Baby! This is exactly what I’d dress Pierce in for a day at the playground.













I’ve also been obsessing over the winter collection by PK Beans. All the pieces have such cute detailing that makes them unique, but is still so comfy and durable for playing in! I’ll be getting this two-toned comfy pullover and these stretchy drawstring jeans for Pierce. 


Toddler Learning Tower

I love having Pierce in the kitchen with me. He’s gotten super into the idea of helping, and it’s so cute to watch him try to copy me! Along with some other kitchen-themed gifts, this year I’ll be getting him this amazing tower built by Canadian company Tiny Trends Design Co. so he can lend a helping hand!!!














Ok this one might be more for mom… but I LOVE our Bugaboo stroller! It makes taking Pierce out sooo much more manageable, especially while I’ve been trying to get out of the house for daily walks. He’s always comfy, and it’s a breeze to steer even through trails. The Bugaboo Bee 6 is one of their newer models, which if I were getting a new stroller I would ABSOLUTELY get. 


Stroller Blanket

I always bundle Pierce up in his 7AM Enfant Blanket when we leave the house on those colder days. He stays so toasty and warm, and I don’t have to worry if he’s decided to kick his gloves or shoes off into the stroller. We’ve had one for Pierce since he was born, and since you can adjust the length and width, he’s really been able to grow with it!



Now that Pierce is getting to the age where he can help dress himself, I wanted to get him this adorable winter jacket from Canadian company: Toboggan! It’s designed specifically for little ones and is super warm, durable, and gives kids tons of mobility. I’m hoping for some snow this year so we can take it out for a spin and make snow angels together!



Pierce loves Little Blue Truck, which is such a great series for kids this age. I can’t wait for him to open up his new Little Blue Truck’s Christmas book that we got from Indigo so we can read it together by the fireplace.  



I am SUPER excited about this one. Pierce loves Gary’s tools and seeing how things are built. He’s always taking things apart and trying to put them back together, so this little workbench from Indigo is going to be so fun to watch him open. And how CUTE is it going to be seeing him and Gary playing around with the tools together!?


White Play Kitchen

I’ve seriously never seen such an aesthetically pleasing play kitchen haha! This KidKraft vintage-inspired kids kitchen will be a toy that Pierce can grow into, and I’ll be decking it out with all the cutest kitchen accessories. I think this one will be the showstopper this year when he comes downstairs and sees it all set up for him!


Kitchen Accessories

I can’t even with this Vegan Play Food Set. I’ve really been making an effort to make our diet more plant-based, so hopefully this super cute kitchen set will familiarize Pierce with the kind of food we eat at home in a fun way!! Also, this felt food by Effie’s Pantry is AMAZING! It seriously looks good enough to eat (especially the Christmas cookies)!



And finally, no Christmas morning would be complete without a new pair of slippers! These slippers from Snow and Arow at Lagoon Baby are seriously the BEST. We have them in so many different colours for Pierce because they stay on his foot so well while keeping him cozy and warm. I love the plaid ones for Christmas.

While I’ve taken inspiration from what my family and I love, these would make great gifts for ANY toddler! Whether you need gift inspo for your own mini or somebody else’s, hopefully you’ve now got some great ideas in your back pocket. Next up, I’ll be sharing my Gift Guide for Him with lots of Gary’s must-haves and Gift Guide for home (aka gifts to yourself hahaha). Stay tuned for all the exciting holiday posts to come!

xx N


November 23, 2020


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